Those born around 19th February have, as was mentioned in a recent blog, a great deal of confusion going on at the moment.  An example of this is the President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, who has Neptune transiting her Sun at 0 degrees Pisces right now.  Astrologically her state of mind would be described as confused, although she may not think so.  It certainly seems to have a touch of Neptunian paranoia…She has gained ground politically in recent times, with Neptune and Chiron forming trines to her Neptune and Saturn in the last decanate of Libra.  As well as her Neptunian process, she also has Pluto squaring her Mars at the moment, firing up her desire to act, which is resulting in the current move to rekindle the Falkland conflict.  The original conflict in 1982 was a vehicle for Margaret Thatcher’s Inner Warrior because she was experiencing a Mars Return at the time!  This Mars Return was exactly trine the U.K. Ascendant. Cristina Kirchner followed her husband Nestor Kirchner into power as President.  During his term of office, he managed to turn the Argentinian economy round from its parlous state.  He then became Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations.  The South American States (including Brazil and Chile) are now behind Cristina in her endeavours.  Nestor Kirchner died of a heart attack in 2010 but some say his wife is an even more powerful political force.  This week she announced that she would appeal to the U.N. over the matter.  Certain points of the zodiac are particularly sensitive in connection with the Falklands conflict, though I do not have a chart for the Falklands themselves.  Karmic involvement is shown by the Sun/Mercury of the U.K. chart being conjunct the South Node of the Argentine chart.  Individual entanglements include Margaret Thatcher’s Nodal Axis square exactly the Argentine Jupiter, and certain aspects to Prince William’s chart.    People in the U.K. tend to feel passionately one way or the other on the issue of whether we should keep the Falklands: I remember arguments with friends 30 years ago on the subject, and indeed this household is currently split on the issue!  But in a poetic twist Prince William has been cast as the knight  in shining armour, flying to defend the area, and incredibly his natal Mars is exactly in the same position as Margaret Thatcher’s, and therefore in the same relationship to the U.K. chart.  However, he has more harmonious natural links with Argentina.  And at this point in time Neptune is forming a Grand Trine with his natal Jupiter trine Sun (very apt for connecting with foreign islands).  So hopefully his presence there might prove more constructive than it looks.  It would be good if President Kirchner invited him to tea and found him to be a nice boy.

Tomorrow a trine between Mercury and Saturn which occurs at tea time favours ventures which have been well planned or thought through.  So if you’re reading this today, Sunday, if you haven’t already done so get yourself a plan! And if you already have a plan, think it through.  It’s a good day for serious and realistic communication, so if you are sitting face to face in discussion, have your bullet points ready and don’t waste each other’s time. This marker of the story so far and where you’re at is especially vital and poignant in relation to events and aspects later in the week which complicate matters.  For in the early hours of Valentine’s Day Tuesday (14th) Mercury enters Pisces.  The collective mindset will change more radically than on the usual annual ingress of Mercury to that sign around this time of year, because Neptune ruler of Pisces is at that early stage of the sign.  Usually, it would indicate a change from crisp, progressive thought, to a more mystical and imaginative understanding. Instead we find ourselves going from mental flights to being plunged into depths of emotion which are then to be processed through our mental equipment, and some might have difficulty with that.  Unless you have insomnia this is likely to take place during hours of sleep and may infiltrate through dream symbolism, e.g. flying and swimming dreams…Then, unless you are an early riser, just as your consciousness is surfacing for the new day Mercury conjuncts Neptune, and intensifies the new process.  No longer are you in a transition, with access to the previous mode of thought – instead, you are fully immersed and merged in the world of the emotions and imagination.  Again, some might find this overwhelming, but stick with it.  The third feature to note on Valentine’s Day is Jupiter sextile Chiron.  This lifts the vibration to an extent.  It brings about a focus on healing, miracles and manifestation.  If you are considering Valentine gifts for a loved one, I would recommend preparing two gifts, a material one on waking and a spiritual surprise one later in the day.

Having got through the astrological schedules for Tuesday, we are faced with a square between Venus and Pluto on Wednesday (15th).  All that hard work on your relationship on Tuesday, then a depth to plumb on Wednesday (take it slowly).  The mental submergence in emotion of the previous day may leave you vulnerable or depleted for Wednesday’s challenge, unless you have managed to rehabilitate through the Jupiter-Chiron miracle-process.  So really, give yourself TLC on Wednesday, as you can’t give it to anyone else in a depleted state.  And someone may ask you for it, by teatime [Apologies for mealtime fixation on which to hang aspects].  You may feel more confused or overwhelmed than ever.  You feel you’ve done your best, but your relationship(s) and/or your finances (also Venus) don’t look or feel how you’d like them to!  They are as they are, but you need to work a little more on your own process, remembering you can only do what you can to at any given time.

Thursday (16th) brings the opportunity to look at things in new ways and see more facets of the picture.  Though Mercury is still immersed in Pisces and conjunct with Neptune, it now joins with Chiron in Pisces to look at mental health and psychological issues you may not have considered.  This may initially be challenging or even shocking, but by afternoon tea you have the confidence and mental buoyancy to deal with this new angle, through a sextile between Mercury and Jupiter.

At the end of the week on Saturday (18th) we have two helpful influences to lift us from the pressure encountered earlier in the week.  In the afternoon, Sun trines Saturn and the plans initiated at the beginning of the week can flourish – you can put your whole heart into them.  Then in the early evening Mercury sextiles Pluto and everything you’ve struggled with over the week can come together in useful and meaningful productivity – the emotional depth combining with constructive communication: while you thought you were drowning, you were learning the tools of success.

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This morning we are saying goodbye to Whitney Houston, whose health struggles are well-documented in her birthchart.  But my abiding fond memory about her is the song “I will always love you…” which was put on replay very loudly by our next door neighbor for about three months when we first came to live in Norfolk twenty years ago.  It reminds me that she is the champion Valentine balladeer.

This Week in Bullet Points:

  • Tomorrow – planning and thinking through
  • Tuesday – emotional and mental overwhelm; healing
  • Wednesday – new deluge just when you thought you were coming up for air…
  • Thursday – new healing perspectives; bright communication
  • Saturday – cementing plans; consolidating resources