To make the most of tomorrow’s aspects you will need to gather the following ingredients: a notebook, a cafe, and like-minded friends. It has all the atmosphere of writers, philosophers and poets meeting in cafes on west banks to thrash out their angst. Select your equipment and venue in anticipation…The conjunction of Mercury and Venus at 18 degrees Libra actually occurs in the early hours of tomorrow Monday 15th (UK time), so if you are looking at cafe culture in a different part of the globe, please adjust accordingly. Later in the morning comes a Full Moon in Pisces opposing the Sun in Virgo. This may be felt as an emotional pull over two areas of your life. It’s important to notice what this brings up because it may highlight the two areas involved for you in November’s forthcoming opposition between Saturn and Uranus (see previous blog). A trine between Mars and Chiron ensures a healing thread at this time, and a constructive purpose. The rest of the week focusses on trines to Neptune, which can be sublime but for some it may mean going through illusion first before coming into clarity. The first trine occurs on Wednesday 17th at lunchtime, and involves Venus. If there is a romantic reunion planned for that day, your heart will be warmed while your head may be in the clouds. On Saturday 20th Mercury trines Neptune, and if you found your head was in the clouds on Wednesday, you’ll be seeing the clearer light above the clouds by then. If you were inspired artistically on Wednesday, you may be able to analyse the source of your inspiration on Saturday. Saturday’s trine is in the middle of a series of three trines, for next week Mars will trine Neptune. The accumulated effect could be quite stunning, especially in artistic realms and perhaps also in terms of group efforts. So create a buzz in your local cafe this week!