What is your peace lineage? And where are we going with the cultivation of peace as a human race? These are the questions I have been asking myself in the week leading up to World Peace Day. I have always thought of myself as a pacifist, though I have heard and digested the powerful contrary arguments. Among the most persuasive is Alice Bailey’s concept of the will-to-good being beyond the will-to-peace as particularly applied to the necessity for the second World War of the 20th Century. Here in the 21st Century the human race established a climate of war early on, with the terrorism against the Twin Towers on 9/11, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our choice of war or peace is still hanging in the balance. My own peace lineage as I look at it now is that I took a vow of peace at the Siege of Montsegur back in 1243, then carried that through a couple of incarnations in the hallowed halls of Tibetan lamaseries, only to get sidetracked on a downturn of the evolutionary spiral by Napoleonic fervour on the cusp of the 18th and 19th Centuries. In this lifetime, I have carried a peaceful heart, but done little actively to promote peace, other than a few years collecting subscriptions for CND in Watford in the 1980s! So I have found the new peace website (see next blog) a welcome opportunity to state my relationship to peace, and renew my hopes for it. Astrologically, I would look for tendencies to peacefulness in a birthchart in terms of a prominent Venus (the relation of Venus to peace is the desire to unite in harmony) or a well-aspected Neptune (the relation of Neptune to peace is the desire to bring the spiritual peace of the soul into conscious awareness). Where there is an absence of peace in the world or in a personality, it’s a symptom of spiritual disconnection. In our eternal Souls, we all have peace. In our personalities, deep down we all crave peace.