Later today Vladimir Putin is likely to cement his position at the helm of Russia. He was President for two terms, 8 years between 2000 and 2008. For constitutional reasons he was not allowed a third consecutive term. His protege Medvedev took over as President for 4 years and Putin became Prime Minister.   A reversal of roles is now the expected outcome of today’s election.  In his natal chart Putin has the power-hungry aspect of Jupiter square Pluto.  His natal Mars (Inner Warrior) is at the galactic centre, magnifying his power and emphasizing warriorship.  His South Node is in Leo, indicating that he would be accustomed to power in past lives.  Jupiter trine Pluto this month may benefit his efforts to acquire power. Currently, transiting Neptune is squaring his natal Moon, bringing emotional illusion e.g. about the level of support he has from people.  Putin is often referred to as Medvedev’s mentor. Medvedev is a Virgoan, and that is the sign of service,  though we do not know how willing he is to serve Putin at this time. He may have other plans…Pluto is currently trine his Mercury, heightening his mental power at this time, and he would have a psychological grasp of his current situation. There is very interesting synastry (astrological comparison) between them, based on a pattern of Putin’s planets leading Medvedev’s by one sign, showing a symbiotic teacher-pupil relationship, and the capacity for close collaboration. The ability to collaborate is borne out by a trine between Putin’s Uranus and Medvedev’s Neptune, but although they have collaborated in the past there has to be the continued will to do so.  They may have drawn up a Soul Contract before incarnation, but may renegotiate it in their next lifetime, and reverse their power roles.  Venus opposing Saturn today will produce a sense of flatness or even disappointment for politicians trying to win hearts.

But generally, you will need to be realistic about relationships today. Where you might have expected romance, you may need to settle for friendship.  Where you might have expected excitement, you may need to settle for loyalty. Where you may have been hoping for spiritual growth within a relationship, you may need to settle for the limits of what the other person or persons can give you, remembering it is always an exchange.  It may seem you are the giver (the Venusian) or the receiver (the Saturnian), but it is good to look at how the relationship is perceived by the other party, and the whole package. The resultant feelings comes back to expectations.  Monday should be easier, especially for Venus types (Taureans and Librans), who may have found Venus going through Aries (since 8th February) quite tough.  Venus entering Taurus on Monday is cosy, in her element and in her comfort zone… Her power of attraction is heightened, whether in romance, or material wealth.  She will feel well looked after and pampered.  Bring on the Taurean foods of mushrooms and wild rice (according to Sabra Ricci’s book, reviewed last week!).  Mercury also conjuncts Uranus tomorrow.  Sparky mental contacts can be made and flashes of genius displayed.  Make a note of any ideas that come to you as the cosmos will be working hard to give you the ideas you need. For Aquarians, there may be a need to attend to the detail of health matters.  For Mercurial types (Geminis and Virgos) you may need to make changes, for example  in the way you think, but you may also be very inventive.  Again, it’s worth recording any whacky impressions you receive.  Some ideas may seem way out, coming from the future.  A gentle sextile between Venus and Neptune graces Tuesday (6th) at lunch time in the UK.  Where you had to be circumspect in relationships on Sunday, you can afford to dream a little on Tuesday.  It’s also a good day to write poetry, or paint in a fantasy style.  On Thursday (8th) the Moon is full in Virgo, and opposing the Sun in Pisces. There’s an element of balancing fantasy (how much is useful?) and reality (how much time can you spare off from housework?).  The tedium of routine may get you down and you may dream of holidays on desert islands. With Jupiter and Pluto working towards a trine mid-month you may need a pet project if you are not yet involved in one, to soak up those constructive vibes.  Whatever it is, whether it’s planning a holiday in the sun, a local environmental project, or a plan for world peace, it’s a good time to be musing…up to the big day of 13th March. I will be blogging Jupiter trine Pluto next week – that’s my project.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – measure your expectations
  • Tomorrow – cosy feelings and sparky minds
  • Tuesday – poetic and dreamy
  • Thursday – balance between practicality and fantasy