…As I was saying last week, we are in the midst of three trines to Neptune providing support and upliftment. Last Wednesday you may have discovered artistic talents (Venus trine Neptune), yesterday literary talents (Mercury trine Neptune) and still to come are the unknown talents of the trine between Mars and Neptune. I dragged my hubby along yesterday to a Marianne Williamson workshop, and he was suitably impressed by her wisdom. I found her to be as ever a beacon of faith and hope in our world now. And of course we need that focus now, with it being World Peace Day in a world not at peace, and with having Sun square Pluto to contend with today. It’s apt for us all to be focussing on peace today, with an aspect which dwells on the darkness. As Marianne kept saying yesterday, you have to bring the darkness to the light. Better energies tomorrow (Monday 22nd) which starts with the promised trine between Mars and Neptune, the third trine of the set of three. If you have kept up your Sunday yoga regime and daily meditation practices, you will fully feel the flowing energies of this aspect. If not, you’ll still enjoy activities which seem effortless and enjoyable. You may discover a new talent, or be moved to act in compassion. And if you’ve enjoyed this triad of helpful aspects, you’ll be pleased to know that at the beginning of next week there’s a little reprise or encore, a little more icing on the cake to come. Meanwhile, still on Monday, it’s a mellifluous start to the working week and also to the beginning of Autumn with the Sun entering Libra, so Happy Equinox all round! Get in tune with nature, hug and heal one of those poor Horse Chestnut trees with the fungus-ridden leaves who have taken the fall for our toxic practices. And Monday evening brings an extra blessing in the shape of Venus sextile Pluto. It’s a time when you can open your heart and see connectivity everywhere. You may also have insights about the current economic downturn, and understand the principles of manifestation at a deeper level. It is a good evening (UK time) for lovers, healers and peacemakers. On to Tuesday (23rd) and you can carry through the compassionate action of yesterday, but in a more organized and verbally active way. A dynamic day, and do what you can get done that day, because on Wednesday (24th) Mercury starts to go retrograde, and even if you have got your communications clear someone else might not have. But before that, in the early hours of the morning (our communication is going backwards remember) Venus enters Scorpio. Venus in Libra was an ideal climate to bring out a new peace website, but Venus in Scorpio will challenge us to deliver. For those venturing into weekend weddings, your union will benefit from the icing on the cake aspects of early next week which take place during your honeymoon period. Last words of advice to the happy couple: make your new double-barrelled names interchangeable.