Our first aspect this week occurs tomorrow morning.  It’s that Mercury Retrograde again, so use today for catching up with communication.  Technically it’s not an aspect, it’s a planet turning round, and it’s a well known phenomena even to those who have minimal knowledge of Astrology.  I have long yearned to rehabilitate its reputation, as I think the negativity attached to it actually contributes to poor results.  Joyce Mason (The Radical Virgo) has written a splendid blog trying to rouse us to a new outlook on the subject, entitled “Down with Mercury Wrecko! Up with Mercury Respecto!”.  If you have any negative thoughts about Mercury Retrograde, click here to read her article:


Two pillars of the fabric of our society ruled by Mercury are currently under attack by a government that seeks to save money but may end up destroying them, which will probably end up costing more.  One is the National Health Service, and the other is the rail service, both dear to my heart (in that order).

National Health Service Bill

I haven’t written about the National Health Service since before the Coalition came to power, and at that time I did not dream that any government could seek to dismantle it in the way that our Coalition seems to be doing, although credit to some Lib Dems for trying to oppose the changes.  I innocently blogged in September 2009 that the N.H.S. was “a national treasure on which we have relied, and often taken for granted”, little knowing what would happen when the Coalition came to power.

More recently I was horrified to hear Rick Santorum, a Republican candidate in the U.S. heats for an opposition leader use scathing words about our N.H.S.

I am currently reading the third book by a young doctor named Max Pemberton who also writes a regular column in the Daily Telegraph.  He is a talented and compassionate writer, and wrote on the defence of the N.H.S. on 26 February:

“There are few pieces of legislation that have caused such debate, furore and confusion as the Health and Social Care Bill. Since I started writing about it more than a year ago, I have received many letters and emails about it. Readers are concerned – but also deeply confused. They are not alone. Fellow medics, managers and nurses have cornered me in the hospital canteen and quizzed me about it. I have even been invited by members of the House of Lords to meet and explain it to them.

… My only concerns are that access to health care is affordable for all and that it is equitable. For me, it is a fundamental part of living in a fair, just society that all members are free from the fear of destitution should illness befall them. When a cohort of people live in the shadow of the fear of sickness, society is impoverished and weakened. The reason I support the NHS is because countless pieces of international research have shown it to be the fairest and cheapest way of providing health care…”

To read the whole article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/9106880/Read-this-and-prepare-to-fight-for-your-NHS.html

Rail Changes

While the government plans a high-speed railway at exorbitant cost which will benefit relatively few people, rail ticket prices continue to rise and the services do not improve despite promises.  Now it has been announced this week that the government seeks to close ticket offices, and remove the safety net of station guards.  Commuters face even higher charges for peak time travel, and the allure of rail travel is to be dented even further.  Contrast this nightmare unfolding with a charming film series being shown on television about the London Underground and the current project of reconstruction, entitled “The Tube”.  The series has covered many different aspects of life and work on this network, all entertainingly and fascinatingly presented.  Some of the issues covered have been serious (such as fatalities on the line) and some more lighthearted (if you can call the things that binge-drinkers get up to on a Friday night lighthearted), but all the staff interviewed have been natural and nice.  I have found it riveting, as a regular user of this service.

Tomorrow’s retrograde Mercury may make it easier for the government to de-rail the N.H.S. and make unhealthy changes to the rail service during the retrograde period, which lasts until 4th April.

After Monday, it’s a good news week (!) – I can hear the dissenters now, and the patter of feet to the Customer Service desk…Tuesday (13th) morning brings the most important aspect we have had for a long time: Jupiter trine Pluto.  I have blogged separately about it, and covered the unsavoury outcomes of the Jupiter-Pluto square of July 2010, and the hopes for the trine, which I have dubbed “Hope plus Courage”.  Read it, and work with it, and hopefully allow its gifts into your life.   It’s not often an Astrologer gets to give out good news, and as always it’s not even all good news (the Health bill could go through – an example of power being used to a destructive end unfortunately) but just better news than usual, so allow your positive imagination free rein.  It is a good day to get together in groups for meditation, or to work constructively on a personal or wider project.

We are in for a treat Wednesday (14th) morning, with three trines and a conjunction that link into the Jupiter-Pluto trine, and also create a Grand Trine. In order, they are:- Venus trine Pluto, Venus conjunct Jupiter, Venus trine Mars, and Mars trine Jupiter:

Venus trine Pluto – Feelings and relationships are fully functioning, though at the same time in the throes of change.

Venus conjunct Jupiter – There are social connections bringing pure pleasure, even celebration.

Venus trine Mars – Sensuality and enjoyment of the Arts are favoured.  If the young lass who tripped up in her proposal on Leap Day wants to try again, the stars are with her.

Mars trine Jupiter – All energy is available to you for personal and wider projects.  A day of implementation.

An extra trine occurs on Thursday (15th) in the shape of Mars trine Pluto, so efforts to act in constructive ways are favoured, but keep an eye on subconscious patterns which may act as the Inner Saboteur, or the weak link in a group chain which may have destructive subconscious patterns.  Though a trine is favourable, when Pluto is involved (as it is with the Jupiter-Pluto trine) you need to be super-aware of unconscious drives which may be countering what you are trying to achieve.

Having said that, these are the best set of weekly aspects we have had for a long time, or are likely to have for some time, so make hay!

Customer Service Desk opening hours: 10 am – 4 pm, Monday to Friday

The Week in Bullet Points:

  • Monday – Communications starting to unravel
  • Tuesday – Excitement, and achievement
  • Wednesday – Social Whirl, very positive morning
  • Thursday – A deepening of your work and activity, but be cautious