The Special Relationship

President Obama and David Cameron “chose” the momentous Jupiter-Pluto trine to see if they could get their Special Relationship going, both in need of raising the quality of their profile at the moment, though not everybody found the energy of this huge trine so comfortable or manageable.  They had several issues to discuss, the Guardian assessing that the economy was top of their list, but Afghanistan was also high up there.

Is there a Special Relationship between the U.S. and the U.K.?  The historical link is undeniably unique, and the Astrological link between their charts is quite compellingly in favour of its existence.  The U.S. Uranus is exactly conjunct the U.K. Ascendant, which is symbolic of the breakaway nature of their original relationship history, as is the exact square between their Uranuses.  There are a couple of good sextiles in their synastry (astrological comparison), plus the U.K. Mars is conjunct exactly the U.S. Moon, so there is an emotional connection.

Can Obama and Cameron forge a relationship in the best tradition?  They may not have long, if Obama were to lose the November election (I hasten to reiterate my hope that he will obtain a second term).  It certainly was well staged, with David Cameron munching a hot dog with ketchup alongside Obama at the baseball game – an iconic image.  The male bonding is reflected in their synastry by David Cameron’s Mars being exactly conjunct Barack Obama’s North Node which is O.K. as long as Cameron keeps his Mars in check…Cameron’s chart receives a good link from Obama’s Jupiter, plus their Saturns are in sextile (promoting some sensible and co-operative behaviour e.g. in Libya, unlike some previous special relationships) but their Jupiters are in exact opposition (and some wild behaviours – more ketchup please!).  That may reflect their different politics – Barack Obama having his Jupiterian enthusiasm in cool and liberal Aquarius, opposite David Cameron’s more hedonistic and luxury loving Leo Jupiter.  One usually looks to Saturn for politics, but the opposition between their Jupiters may be more telling.  It is a reasonable match but not heart-stopping like some previous special relationships.

Not all serving Presidents/Prime Minister combinations are special.  For example, Gordon Brown was not accorded the same welcome as Cameron’s recent reception on the Jupiter-Pluto trine.

But notably, at least two relationships were!  Thatcher and Reagan were memorably portrayed as a “Gone with the Wind” style romance on a poster.  This week we touchingly saw doodles of Reagan’s from the Ottawa meeting, which Margaret Thatcher had handbagged.  Their karmic link is shown by Reagan’s South Node/Jupiter conjunct Thatcher’s Ascendant/Saturn (softening the dourness of her personality) opposite her Descendant and his North Node/Moon.  That does indicate a close connection, and they have several points of contact.  In their time, they are mainly credited with the achievement of having thawed out the Cold War.  But an aspect which is often overlooked in synastry is the aspect between the Parts of Fortune, and theirs are exactly opposite each other, which can signify a completion of happiness.  According to the Martin Schulman theory of Parts of Fortunes, this would mean that her Part of Impersonal Consciousness would be conjunct his Part of Fortune, and vice versa.

The other special relationship was that between Messrs. Bush (GW) and Blair, who are portrayed as having prayed together.  They gave us Afghanistan and Iraq.

Here is something I wrote earlier, in a blog of 5th July 2009 on their interaction regarding war:

“When he [George W. Bush] came to power, this karma was re-activated, setting the stage for the Second Gulf War of 2003.  He enlisted the help of the sympathetic U.K. Prime Minister of the time, Tony Blair, through the magnetic attraction of Tony’s Pluto being exactly conjunct with George’s Venus.  The extra karmic and compulsive element was provided by Tony’s Pluto sextile George’s North Node.    In the chart of the Second Gulf War (20 March 2003) Pluto was exactly conjunct George Bush Junior’s South Node.  It was therefore an obsession that George could not ignore, to go to war.  Operation Shock and Awe was instigated, the successor to Operation Desert Storm designed to finish off what his father had started.”

Only time will tell how David Cameron and Barack Obama’s relationship will proceed, and whether Obama really will learn cricket.  But Barack Obama has transiting Neptune trine his natal Venus, which would make him sensitive in his attentions to foreign dignitaries at this time.

Hot Aspects

Today’s aspect we met only recently: Mercury conjunct Uranus. It has come up again because Mercury turned retrograde soon afterwards. So we have another opportunity to re-visit sparky/sparkly communication, surprise phonecalls, unusual journeys (not foreign travel) and original ideas. As Mercury is retrograde, communications at the same time may have an element of disruption. Tomorrow is a good day for exploring warrior past lives, with retrograde Mars square the nodal axis, e.g through civil war re-enactments, if that is your cup of tea…group activities need to be well -organized in terms of avoiding the strife getting out of hand or health and safety loopholes. If you are living purely in the now you may find it difficult to remain in your usual flow and keep coming up against obstacles, or find yourself getting irritable. Keep your Ekhart Tolle book available near you if this happens. Tuesday (20th) is the Spring Equinox, as the Sun enters Aries. If the weather is not co-operating by producing suitably spring like conditions (I may be able to predict a riot, but am not so good at predicting weather), you will need to nudge yourself into the requisite mood, by picking daffodils or visiting new born lambs.  If you are gathering with others for earth healing or other purposes, to establish intent and a plan for working in the new season, you should be able to sense and work with this renewal of energy from 5.14 a.m. onwards (U.K. time).  Wednesday (21st) brings a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury in Aries: new thoughtforms and projects get the green light in line with the momentum of the Spring Equinox, providing a good start to your Spring initiatives, whether you’re a gardener sowing seeds, or an office worker taking stock of stationery.  New life may also spring forth in communication, but all that head energy may be starting to give you a headache, literally.  You may have been overdoing things or working too hard, and may need to take some pressure off yourself.  Factor in some relaxation, give yourself some space, and cut yourself some slack if this is the case.  There is also a minor aspect of a semi-sextile between the Sun and Neptune later that day, which may remind you to make sensitive adjustments to your bold plans – pausing for a slight dent in the momentum!  Thursday (22nd) brings a New Moon in Aries, continuing on with the momentum again.  No tea breaks up to then – it will still be full steam ahead, but you should have the energy to match.  The energy will turn the next day, so if you are bent on achieving something, use the first half of the week to get it done, and in your diary schedule in some me time for Friday (23rd) when Mercury retrogrades back into dreamy Pisces, and you may wonder where all that  oomph disappeared.  Here at last is a natural tea break, and proper time to ponder this week.  Communications may be less direct, and may need some gentle coaxing.   If you have a big day on Saturday, Friday may be a dress rehearsal, at least in your mind.  Finally, on Saturday (24th) the Sun conjuncts Uranus, re-igniting the spark, e.g. in your own enthusiasms, in local issues, or in Syria.  You’ve had the rest day, and now it’s time to show them what you’ve got, especially if you’re an Aries or a Leo. Maybe you have an audition for a talent show, or a job interview. It’s time to showcase your panache, pzazz and va va voom, for tomorrow there may be a completely different aspect!

I am hoping to post the latest in the Zodiac Masterclass series on the Spring Equinox, or soon after, if you would like to renew your Inner Aries.

The Week in Bullet Points:

  • Today – sparky minds, again
  • Tomorrow – organizing inner warriors
  • Tuesday – welcome the Spring
  • Wednesday – bright new mental focus; minor adjustments
  • Thursday – more enthusiasm and new projects
  • Friday – dissipation of mental energy
  • Saturday – re-igniting the spark