It gives me great pleasure to announce a fanfare for the opening of the week (Sunday 5th) to the tune of Venus sextile Jupiter. All you socialites out there, the lovely Librans and the vegetarian Sagittarians amongst you, will be in your element. It’s party time! Monday (6th) will be an interesting day, with a challenging but not unpleasing start to the working week which can be turned into fun-filled assignments and krypton-factor style puzzles. This day will benefit Clowns, Academics and Travellers (Sun square Jupiter, Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury square Jupiter) but in a way which stretches them and their audiences, tutors and travelling companions. Interesting… Tuesday (7th) is not as interesting but more settled and sedate with Venus sextile Saturn, long-term commitments at the forefront of our minds, balanced talks about finances, savings and investments. Dealing without the wheeling. Loving the one you’re with. If you need to know more about the financial astrology of the time, consult Raymond Merriman’s weekly blog analysis. Friday (10th) could be your favourite day this week, with Venus trine Uranus – some of the outlandish antics of Monday could be paying off, and the loyalty of Tuesday also bringing dividends. coming together in a useful social or financial package. It would support unusual artistic or musical events, too. Just a note of caution: stay grounded and look at your ideals through plain glass, because illusion is the predominant influence on Saturday 11th. The gift of the square of Neptune to Venus will reveal which elements of the week were pie in the sky, or overblown ideas, bringing us closer to truth and the correction of our perceptions. You may look back at this week as a jamboree bag, which contained fond moments from Venus, some worthwhile wisdom from Saturn, plus a surprise from Uranus. The mystery prize is from Sun trine Chiron, healing but not necessarily in the form you’d expect.