Sir Alan Sugar

Sir Alan always pops up around his birthday (24th March), and we have just had the first of the new series of the Apprentice.  The Guardian called the candidates “ghastly”.  His firing this week was a surprise move, and caused much debate among my circle of Apprentice enthusiasts.  Last year I read his autobiography, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was looking for my Inner Entrepreneur at the time, which was hitherto virtually non-existent.  The title is “What you See is What you Get”.  Alan is just a textbook Aries, good with figures, straight talking, calling a spade a spade.  He has both the Sun and the Moon in Aries, and his engineering and electrical technology bias are shown in his chart by Mars (his ruling planet) square Uranus.  He is also from that aspect a risk taker, but he also has a cautious practical supportive trine of Saturn to his Sun, ensuring that money doesn’t run away from him.  It is quite clear from his autobiography that his approach to life, sales and invention is one of Aries simplicity and functionality.

Another First Decanate Aries

Singer Jessie J made her debut as a panellist last night in the new singing talent show “The Voice”.  She too has Sun in the early degrees of Aries (born on 27th March).  She really shone last night, some of the contestants sang her songs, and she walked away with three of them to mentor.  She obviously is immensely popular right now, and her chart has a stunning exact trine between Venus and Mars bisected and sextiled exactly by the North Node.  This is certainly one of the secrets of her magnetism.  Jupiter is opposite her Pluto at the moment, pushing some boundaries for her.

The Aries Guide to Authenticity

For straight talking you can’t do better than Aries, so if you haven’t already done so read Deborah Wade’s own take on it, especially if you feel the need to enhance that quality for yourself:–

A One Day Week

There is only one day this week, astrologically, and that is Thursday (29th), so mark it in your diary.  There are two aspects on that day, Venus sextile Mercury, and the Sun square Pluto.  Also there is only one Fixed Star associated with this week, Algenib in Pegasus, which also aligns with us on Thursday as it happens,  so focus on getting the most out of Thursday’s crop, and meanwhile the rest of the week explore non-astrological paths of consciousness.

Venus sextile Mercury

The first aspect on Thursday (29th) occurring at 17.43 Hrs in the U.K. is a sextile of Venus to Mercury, which is conducive to diplomatic talks, and artistic and verbal expression.  This aspect is one often found in writers, and indeed Jessie J (as songwriter extraordinaire) has it very widely.  It is also good for combining more than one Art form, such as illustrating and writing a children’s story book.

Poetry Competition

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, as the founder of the Pre-Raphaelites, had a close sextile between Venus and Mercury, and exhibited his paintings, as well as writing poetry.  I have a puny semi-sextile between these two planets, and have at times in my life written poetry, but not at the moment.  If the muse should move you this week, and you would like to submit a poem for this week’s poetry competition, the winning poem (or song lyric) can be posted on my Poetry web page, which currently sports a well-known poem by Yeats, together with a mandala of mine on the theme of fir trees.

Sun square Pluto

Less fun than the Mercury-Venus sextile, and slightly later on Thursday (19.55 Hrs U.K. time) is the square between the Sun and Pluto.  This may mean that despite good efforts from the Venus-Mercury diplomats, conflict may not be averted.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth engaging in negotiation.  Opponents of intervention in Syria say we should try more negotiation…That seems daunting, but those who can try are to be commended.  It is always worth taking diplomacy as far as you can. The Sun-Pluto will remind you of the complex wrangles in your own life, and on the wider scale complex wrangles such as in the Middle East and the Eurozone. They are of course not going away, in fact they are slowly accumulating towards the Uranus-Pluto square becoming closer this summer.  So on Thursday you may be contemplating the end of something, and maybe also the beginning of something else if your Inner Phoenix is really on the ball.  The men’s team on the Apprentice decided to call themselves Phoenix, and managed to turn a disaster (messy merchandise) into a triumph, beating the much more creative women’s team.


Algenib is the Gamma star of Pegasus, and is aligned with our Sun on Thursday.  According to “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld it represents the principle of creative visualization.  This is helpful to both the aspects occurring on the day.  The mechanism of creative visualization and Algenib’s role is described helpfully in the book:

“When a visualization is created through the mental body to connect the aetheric body in the physical body, there will be a consequent flow of energy.  The energy will at first flow from the physical body to the aetheric body.  The visualization through mental body energies will then create an intertwining effect and the combination of information and energy will take place.  This energy will then flow from the aetheric body to the physical body in the specific form that  was visualized.  The ability of the mental body to modulate and work with this is an important part of the healing process.”

If you have not got a whole raft of appointments in your diary for that day, I suggest you assemble your quality notebook and fibre-tip pen/or computer file, or alternatively easel and acrylics/or I Pad well before the Venus-Mercury aspect time of 17.43 Hrs, and await the muse.  Creative visualization will help imaginative writing or painting.  Have a tea break before 19.55 Hrs and the arrival of the Sun/Pluto aspect.  If a natural antagonist does not arrive, then you can use the square to confront your own demons, or watch what is going on in the news on 24 Hrs BBC.  The Sun /Pluto aspect will also be helped to find solutions by creative visualization and the star from Pegasus.  If like me you are not good at creative visualization, start by visualizing the winged horse of Pegasus!

The Budget

As an over-60 something who has been clobbered this week by the now aptly named “Granny Tax”…I am not even going to look at George Osborne’s chart this week.

Thursday in Bullet Points:

  • Writing and broadcasting
  • Tackling difficult subjects
  • Creative visualization