Freshly energised by Tim Wheater’s cosmic gong, I bravely blog this morning amidst a background of worldwide economic meltdown. Is this, I wonder, the stage being set for the coming of Maitreya? And at this precarious time in the history of capitalism will the rich get poorer and the poor get richer? Again I say unto you, read Raymond Merriman’s fiscal astrology bulletins, if you haven’t already done so. Meanwhile, though I am not an economist, I have had my own lightweight musings on the subject…You see, ever since reading Richard Branson’s autobiography “Losing my Virginity” I have come to see him as a barometer of at least British economic fortunes. He has a most interesting relationship with the Source, as revealed in his autobiog. Virgin also happens to be our internet provider, and Richard is born in the same year as us (me and my hubby, who was also dragged along to see Tim Wheater). This week, starting last Sunday evening, our email service was disrupted. So I was deluged with people also with Virgin asking me what was happening. I realized that Richard’s brand was named after his Saturn sign (Virgo) and that he himself is going through his second Saturn return this year – in fact, it was exact last Sunday night. So if Richard Branson can find his way through the spiritual challenge of his second Saturn return, it may help us all. The main culprits of this current mega-crisis are Pluto’s entry into Capricorn and Saturn’s opposition with Uranus, both of which I have preliminarily blogged, and which occur a few weeks hence. But the North Node is also still conjunct Chiron (also already blogged) and that brings into issue collective karma. Karma can be worked out on a consciousness level very often, but economically it seems it has come right down to the material plane. What collective thoughtforms are we holding that need to be overhauled? What real values will remain when the illusory values collapse? We all have our own star we must follow, and that means developing our talents from our individuality at the Soul level, and that is our true currency. That’s my preamble, and the aspects start on Tuesday (14th) this week. We often do ponder a lot just before a Full Moon, and probably more so at this time. But before the Full Moon in Aries on Tuesday, there is a beautiful trine between the Sun and Neptune, so although there is a sense of anticipation many will take a serene view of “Let’s wait and see what the Divine plan has to offer”. The Full Moon itself occurs in the evening here in the UK, and emotions will peak at this time. But with the Moon being in Aries there may also be a sense of starting afresh, and an ability to rise above the opposite polarities which a Full Moon represents. The big news on Wednesday (15th) is that Mercury turns direct again, and recent communication difficulties may be resolved. And finally, at tea-time on Saturday (18th), Venus moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, from charity begins at home towards a Dunkirk spirit. For Dunkirk, read the world. I will leave you with some words from the man of the week, Richard Branson, as quoted from a recent Guardian interview: “My general attitude to life is to enjoy every minute of every day. I never do anything with a feeling of ‘Oh God. I’ve got to do this today’ “