Venus sextile Uranus is the only aspect this week, and it occurs tomorrow.  After the shenanigans of last night’s Venus-Mars square, you may find that tomorrow afternoon, love, relationships and the arts will take an unexpectedly better turn.

Tomorrow (9th), Easter Monday, you may bump into someone and have a great encounter.  I have long been interested in how people’s lives intersect and what brings them to meeting.  Venus sextile Uranus is not the only aspect under which such a meeting can take place however, and something of that nature can also take place a few days either side of the aspect, so be aware of such a possibility throughout the week.

I have noted over the years that some of my best friends (you don’t know who you are) have been first encountered under the aspect of Venus sextile Uranus.  Often the transiting Venus or the Uranus have significantly linked in with my chart or that of my friend.  It is an aspect which can occur approximately twice a year, and it may be your turn to link with this extraordinary aspect.  Venus will be at 5 degrees Gemini, and Mars at 5 degrees Aries, so if you have a planet which links in with either of those, it may be your lucky day in this respect.  The engineering behind these encounters is often assisted by a Jupiter or North Node aspect here and there.  The aspect occurs at 16.51 Hrs (UK time).

The meeting between Henry Morton Stanley and David Livingstone is one of the most memorable historical encounters of all time, and took place under a Venus-Uranus sextile.  It has all the hallmarks of this astrological event:  good will, fortuitousness and an element of the unexpected.  It took place in an exotic location – reportedly in a tropical forest near Lake Tanganyika, and produced a famous saying: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume”.  Stanley actually has Venus conjunct Uranus in his natal chart, which symbolizes the meeting for which he has gained fame.  The Sun/Mercury of the encounter chart were trine his Venus/Uranus conjunction and activating it.  Like Stanley, David Livingstone also had Venus in Pisces (a placing I associate with missionaries), but conjunct Chiron not Uranus.  This indicated a psychological wounding of sorts (being lost to society) to which Stanley’s Inner Rescuer responded.  The fact that Livingstone was an explorer is indicated in his chart by the wide-ranging energy of Jupiter trine Uranus.  Jupiter was trine his Sun when they met, and he also experienced a Mars Return (a significant meeting with another male).  He was also experiencing a Jupiter Return, and Uranus was close to his natal Jupiter.

Any such meeting may be a reunion from someone in the past, or actually getting to know someone who has been an acquaintance.

As it is a Bank Holiday, Easter Monday, there may be fewer opportunities for such encounters.  So perhaps knowing they may take place, will give them a helping hand.  If you have such a meeting, make note of the time, place and any potential famous sayings for my records.  The sad thing (for an Astrologer) is that often these gems go unrecorded…

Here are some possible meeting places:

A family barbecue – meeting a long lost relative

A D.I.Y. store – meeting a fellow enthusiast

Church – meeting your fellow parishioners

Meditation – meeting yourself

Cyberspace – meeting a real or virtual person

A Meadow – close encounter of an Andromedan

Planets Turning

On Tuesday (10th) Pluto turns retrograde towards a meeting with Uranus in their forthcoming clash in the summer, making it a prime time to look at your psychological issues.  Such issues are traditionally thought of as being part of the past, but many people work in the Now, or on the eternal plane, or even with Future Life energy (which can have a very positive vibe).  Decide on your focus now (if you have a choice) and your modus operandi.  If you know what house in your chart Pluto is currently operating in, this will help your work.

As a famous example, take Tom Jones, who is a current panellist on the new talent show The Voice.  Pluto is currently in his 12th House of the Unconscious, and he has been making headway choosing 8 female singers for his team.  He will now need to examine exactly why he did that.

Unlocking some of your psychological issues may release more energy, which contributes to a new momentum.  For on Saturday (14th) Mars is stationary prior to turning direct, in the early hours of the morning.  Mars isn’t such a big player as Pluto, but also represents drive and energy, so in the space of a few days you may find yourself switching the main focus of your energies, activities and passions, in a definite reorientation.  Mars will be going direct, so your personal energies could be flowing better.  Again, if you know what house in your chart is operating in, this will help to make the most of the aspect.

Continuing with the example of Tom Jones, Mars is currently in his 8th House of Sexuality.  Mars turning direct in this House is likely to raise the testosterone level to the hilt, which may impinge on his health.  I am hoping that he does not overdo it this week, and will be looking to see how glazed his eyes look next week.

And if you do have your own When Harry Met Sally moment, let us know!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – Special meetings
  • Tuesday – Pull back psychologically, and examine your record
  • Saturday – Full steam ahead again