After a couple of heavy weeks planetarywise, I will try to trip lightly through this coming week, as it does look less weighty. It starts on Sunday 26th with a trine between Mercury and Chiron, which is good for addressing diet and health regimes, and making the connection between mental beliefs and physical health. Tip of the week: instead of your annual flu jab, why not memorize Louise L. Hay’s affirmation for influenza, which is “I am beyond group beliefs and the calendar. I am free from all congestion and influence.” It works for me… At Sunday lunch (UK time) though you may be bombarded by too many questions or too much information with Mercury squaring Jupiter. So you may be lunching with your food guru and he or she may give you too much to digest. I advise lunching alone if possible, and being your own food guru. Monday (27th) is a turnaround of Sunday, because Jupiter has a helpful sextile with Mars, while Chiron has an awkward square with Mars. You will end up more mentally and physically nimble however, after the combination of the aspects for these two days: Jupiter sextile Mars boosts your energy levels, and balances your adrenals, protecting you from burn-out at the gym. But at the same time Chiron squaring Mars could make you incident-prone. If you encounter an incident (on the way to or from the gym) something is being shown to you in a graphic way about your use of energy, specifically your healing energy. For instance, if you’re a spiritual healer, sensing, fine-tuning or aligning energy. With all this mental and physical activity, you may hardly have time to work on your New Moon wishes in advance. Your New Moon projections will have to be spontaneous and based on who you are in the moment, rather than the more premeditated and cogitated versions of self. This New Moon occurs in the last hour of Tuesday 28th (UK time) at 5 degrees Scorpio. If it is your birthday, you may find the energies exceptionally invigorating and your year ahead may be characterized by new ventures, new ways of being, or recapturing the passion(s) of youth. It is close in time to a trine between Mercury and Neptune, which occurs at daybreak on Wednesday (29th) and some part of you may be dancing with the blissful combination of these two events. Channelling is also blessed with this aspect, as well as trance-dancing. Time to buy those sparkly dancing shoes you’ve had your eye on. Lightness and subtlety are the name of the game now. Good practice for Halloween on Friday (31st) when the thinning of the veils between heaven and earth may bring co-operation and messages between the two. Mars sextiles Saturn too on that day, so practical action, earthing and grounding also work well. Much can be accomplished this week and especially on Friday, which is rounded off by a trine between Mars and Uranus, electrical energy with a positive application which can bring certain types of healing, and mechanical repairs. You may also solve I.T. problems under this influence. And then we’re back round to Saturday which with no aspects to watch, just leaves X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing.