(“Saturn opposite Uranus – Intro” appeared in September)

I don’t have the facilities for sound on this website, but if I was playing a song to accompany this update on Saturn’s opposition to Uranus and its dismantling of structures, it would be “Something’s gotta Give” sung by Frank Sinatra, which starts: “When an irresistable force such as you…” Please hum along as you read. The Saturn-Uranus opposition arrives on Tuesday 4th November, and the next two or three days we have left is a space for plea-bargaining with the Universe. For the Saturn side of the equation is that which we can take control of, and the Uranus part is the force beyond our control. You know what the Universe might allow you to get away with and where you are on dodgy ground. It’s not easy for any of us, this point in time. Do what you can about what is under your control, and accept that which is not. As you look at this astrological event on Tuesday, coinciding with the US Presidential Election, you may look upon it in a variety of ways. Some may think everything is totally beyond their control. Others will see where there is a fault line in their affairs, where if they were just to touch or tweak in a certain place things could fall apart (Somethin’s gotta give). Still others may be able to look at the total picture and see their own part in its creation, and even marvel at it. This event is at work on all levels, even to the Global level, as witness the contest in America and the denouement which will occur this week. Looking at some of the levels, you could start with the physical. Where might you have been going to excess, and where could you pull back? e.g. if you have been consuming too much salt, cut down and drink more water. Or where a crack or lesion may be developing – are you overloading yourself with too much emotional or physical baggage? Carry less, and allow the skeleton to heal naturally. Physical problems now can be caused by rigidity and long-standing patterns. Looking at partnerships, where you share energies with another, do you have a shared weakness which your relationship magnifies? I am thinking of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross here – they have just gone on ahead with pushing the Saturn-Uranus envelope. Still on relationship, perhaps in a shared parenting situation if you both work one of you may need to stay at home for a while either from employment cutbacks or because your child is in need of more quality attention. In a group, are you going to push the weakest link beyond his or her limits? It’s your choice whether to do that, or whether instead each component could send that person extra strength. It is also a time when a group may decide to ditch the old style of working and raise its level of light. Looking at this transit is like looking at an inevitable change and wondering how far a calculated approach can succeed and how much the forces of nature will take over. In the US Election scenario it is a hair-line decision, but the outcome will be one of both shock (Uranus) and resignation (Saturn) in equal measure throughout the nation. Frank sings on: “So, en garde, who knows what the fates might have in store? From their vast mysterious sky?” He wasn’t just a great voice, he also conveyed energies beyond himself. But in the end after wrestling with the issue, in frustration he gives up and ends the song “Aww, let’s tear it up!” I say expand your perceptions, and do the best you can.