Aung San Suu Kyi

David Cameron’s memorable encounter this last week was with Aung San Suu Kyi.  Fresh from cementing his special relationship with Barack Obama recently, he has been basking in Burma in the reflected light of the iconic Suu Kyi.

What is it in her chart which points to the strength of character she has come to be known for?  Her North Node (karmic mission) is conjunct Saturn in Cancer, giving her resilience, forbearance and patience and a deep commitment and sense of responsibility towards her native land.  This conjunction is sextile Venus which adds love and grace to the way she has conducted herself in a personal history which mirrors to some extent Nelson Mandela’s.  Another important feature of her chart is an excruciating exact square of Chiron from Virgo to her Sun in Gemini, entailing a formidable mental battle in her life.

Her relationship with the chart of Burma is very telling, with significant symbolism of her incarceration under house arrest:  Burma’s Sun opposes her Saturn, and Burma’s Neptune squares her Saturn.

At the beginning of April, she was successful in parliamentary elections with Pluto transiting her South Node, a karmic transformation.  David Cameron’s Pluto is conjunct Suu Kyi’s Jupiter, a dynamic connection, and her Mercury is conjunct Cameron’s Midheaven which certainly means they could do business together.  Neptune is currently trine this conjunction point of David Cameron’s Midheaven/Suu Kyi’s Mercury, so the meeting may prove of mutual benefit: Inspiration and kudos for Cameron, and the lessening of sanctions for Aung San Suu Kyi.


It was all systems go yesterday with Mars going forwards (several people I knew found a new impetus), but you may meet an obstacle today with Sun opposite Saturn.  There is a sense of having to knuckle down to something you would rather avoid, for instance.  You may be O.K. until teatime, but somewhere over the goat’s cheese tartlets with a rocket garnish you may realize that you cannot push forward in your plans without sorting out respite care for Great Aunt Ethel (or nearest equivalent issue for you). The issue, symbolized by Saturn in Libra, may be one of relationship, such as your own interests (Sun in Aries) being at a stand-off with another’s. This may be the focus of today.

Late tomorrow (16th) Mercury enters Aries and another step forward may be taken, and restrictions may be lifted. Suddenly, the mental fog clears and logical solutions present themselves. It’s a good day for teaching, accounting and practical ideas.

If you benefit from this surge of mental energy, you may want to tackle the subject of time travel as in Bronwen Rees’ guest blog entitled “Towards a Scientific Meaning of Past and Future Life Work”.  Here is the link:

On Thursday (19th) the Sun enters Taurus, having spent the last month in Aries. By now, you should have a foothold in the new season, feeling the benefit of some accumulated vitamin D. With that new springlike energy, you can start ploughing into creative, artistic and musical projects. You feel more secure, mellow and relaxed (positively Caribbean) and such things should start to flow. This again occurs at teatime, so you may get inventive with your garnish.  Getting your creative juices to flow may crystallize in a new project later in the week.

The week continues to warm up, towards a New Moon on Saturday (21st) occurring at 1 degree Taurus . First thing in the morning,  get out of the right side of bed and seize the day! If you have been working on a creative or financial project, the New Moon will add its blessing. Whatever you choose to do will absorb and reward you throughout the day, and may provide an inspirational story to dine out on throughout the coming month!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Knuckle down
  • Monday – Renewed mental energy
  • Thursday – Renew creative interests
  • Saturday – New creative avenues