A new US President necessitates a new blog. I haven’t written any analyses of his chart yet, because I have been hedging my bets. So please forgive and excuse anything you may have read ad nauseum in other astrological blogs about the man. Sun in Leo in his chart represents his power and charisma and the influence of the dreams of his father. Different birthtimes were mooted over the last year for him, and Astrologers settled eventually for 7.24 pm (4/8/61, Honolulu). This gives him an Ascendant of 18 degrees Aquarius, the focus of much of the triple conjunction earlier this year between North Node, Neptune and Chiron. He managed to spin those particular plates with aplomb, while they were on his Ascendant. With that placing, the Sun appears in his 6th house of Service. If you read his autobiography, there is a lot of emphasis from a young age on service in the Community, very much a 6th house emphasis. The change-driven Aquarian influence is reinforced by Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) conjunct his North Node (karmic mission) in his 7th house of personal relationships. This is how he comes to embody the phrase “Be the change you want to see in the World”, a baton handed from Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King and taken up by Barack Obama. The appearance of this conjunction in his 7th house shows that he strives in every relationship to embody this and bring the other person to that understanding. Look at his easy way with the reporters at his first Press Conference yesterday. The Nodal conjunction and axis form a Grand Cross with his Midheaven (Career Point) and I.C. (Roots), which in Esoteric Astrology may show that the emphasis in his spiritual development may be on the Fixed Cross of Discipleship. This is only intended to be a very basic introduction to his chart, so the other aspect of note I want to bring out is his Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in 12th house. It can be a mature and steadying aspect, in the right hands. Operating from the 12th house, it shows how he is bringing forth strong and primal energies from his higher consciousness linked with his subconscious, almost indefatigably it would seem. This conjunction also receives a trine from his Mars adding physical energy and showing steady application. He works out regularly at the gym, and applies his energies with great determination in his life and work. The date of his inauguration shows the highlighting of his Jupiter (philosophy, good will and hope) by the Sun and Mercury in conjunction with that planet, but at the same time Pluto opposes his Venus (showing the cost in terms of the expense to his personal life – the move to the White House is not likely to be easy for his family). He is under pressure to accomplish a great deal in a short time, some of which he may be able to do with Chiron in his first house natally, showing the Healer Archetype to be strong in his personality. He may be able to achieve some small but surprising and inspired short cuts to the problems of the world initially, which will keep the flame of hope flickering enough while all the other problems and issues clamour for attention. At the same time physically, he is not superhuman (Chiron is the “wounded healer”) and needs to address or be aware of his own frailties, and not to allow the strains of office to get out of hand (Chiron squaring his Moon). The job of a Uranus/North Node karmic mission is to break the mould, and he has already achieved something which represents a reorientation for the American mind, and the human race. This achievement was helped by the personal warmth and connectedness to his female lineage shown by his Grand Trine between Neptune, Venus and Chiron, plus the Moon in his 4th House. Future aspects of his work will require different dimensions of his character to be brought into being – words will not be enough – and he needs worldwide good will to achieve the next stage. His election was the manifestation of Saturn opposing Uranus. The rest will be his and humanity’s initiation of Pluto into Capricorn.