The French Presidential Election

The French Presidential Election gets under way today, and though it is also the London Marathon today that’s not so easy to analyze astrologically.  Here is an overview of the four main contenders:

Sarkozy – Right-Wing President

With Moon conjunct Mars in Aries, he is emotionally flamboyant and showy (Mr “Bling”).  His Ascendant is in late Virgo (and incidentally both those signs tend to give shortness of stature, but he has a tall Sun Sign representing his inner self, Aquarius).  Natally he has the entrepreneurial Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Cancer at the end of his Career House.  He is idealistic about finance, with Neptune in 2nd House and Saturn conjunct Part of Fortune in the same House.

On 1st/2nd June Uranus transits his Moon in 7th House which represents his relationship with the public, so that is set to change, but there may also be changes in his relationship with his elegant wife Carla Bruno at that time, and/or home changes.  In a year’s time Uranus transits his natal Mars in the 7th House which could be a challenging time for him.

But the main transit today for him is a square from transiting Pluto to his natal Mars, which he could experience as a shock result.  He also needs to look after his physical vehicle, as it could be pelted with eggs or tomatoes.  The unprecedented sprees of violence recently in France have shaken him more than he would like to say.

Hollande – Socialist Candidate

With Capricorn Moon sandwiched between the North Node and Chiron, plus a section of his chart completely blank, he is aware at some level of how his destiny is shaped by forces such as karma and the need for healing, and I would imagine that there have been times which it has been very much circumscribed with lines drawn out of his control, which he has accepted and worked with.  Interestingly, like Sarkozy, he also has Saturn conjunct the Part of Fortune in Scorpio, but in his 5th House of creativity and children, rather than the financial House as in the case of Sarkozy.  This would give him a sardonic sense of humour and attitude to life. He also has the entrepreneurial Jupiter-Uranus conjunction but much more loosely than Sarkozy, and that is in the financial sector of his chart so he is able to generate an upbeat and individual approach to finance which may translate to his public work.

At this time, he has a square from transiting Jupiter to his Sun, which is much more upbeat than Sarkozy’s transiting picture, but can bring over-confidence, e.g. he can win, but the job may be more difficult than he has imagined.  However, he has the sort of chart of someone who would grimly set about such a thankless task conscientiously.

There is a fear abroad, especially in Germany, about the effect his premiership might have on the Eurozone, and the upset to Angela Merkel’s established path with Sarkosy (Merkozy).

Melenchon – Left Party

Like Hollande, he is a Sunsign Leo with a wide conjunction of Pluto to his Sun.  That gives them enough gravitas, without it swamping their Leo exuberance.  He has had a strong showing in the campaign.  Luckily, we have birth times for these French politicians, unlike for most of our English counterparts.  In England unlike in many other coutnries, we do not have our birth times printed on the birth certificate, which can cause all sorts of problems for Astrologers.  Like Sarkozy, he has 26 degrees Virgo rising, Virgo being a sign I associate with France and its expression.  But he has Saturn rising, representing a more extreme political stance.  He has Mercury/Venus conjunct in his 12th House in Virgo, so he is very much a thinker, and at some point in his life would express that conjunction by hiding away in seclusion writing an intense work, a classic even.  With Mars, Pluto and the Sun in his 11th House of Groups, he would be passionate about what can be achieved by social unions, but the European Union is something which brings out the combative side of these planetary placings.  Transiting Saturn sextiles his Sun at this time, bringing him a dignified and satisfying result, but not likely the main prize.

Marine Le Pen – National Front

Astonishingly, we have another Leo in this competition!  The National Front is a relatively spent force in Britain (though its relation UKIP isn’t), but in France Marine Le Pen who was handed the baton by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, is still going strong.  Certainly, she has had to tone down her politics a little, as in the recent race-linked violence at a French synagogue.  Her father created and founded the party out of a hard-line but deeply patriotic mindset of Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Cancer.  There are congenial personal astrological bonds between father and daughter, but the baton was passed on through some tight karma: her Mars conjunct his Moon,  her Saturn conjunct his Mars, and her Nodal Axis square his Mercury.  The Guardian wrote last year that she has inherited his bigotry and intolerance, but she still has a great following in France.  She has a wide anarchic conjunction between Uranus and Pluto, and in her own way wants to overturn the existing order.  With South Node conjunct the Ascendant in Libra it is likely that at certain times in her life she will have to give way to others, for karmic reasons.  The Guardian also commented “Some political analysts have noted that her real aim is to bring the party into coalition with the mainstream right and close to the centre of power”.  Pluto is currently trine her Jupiter, so it is a strong time for her.

The Aspects

This morning you can bask in the spiritual ambience of Sun sextile Neptune.  Reminds me of a Frazier re-run I watched this week, where Frazier and Niles joined a health spa and enjoyed it until they saw there was a Gold door for more exclusive patrons, and they enjoyed that until they saw there was a Platinum door…But really it is a day for sensing mystical realities and letting your imagination roam free, or spiritual climbing in meditation.  Just don’t go through the Platinum door…!

The Sun sextile Neptune also brings dreams, and I dreamt last night of the Consultant Psychiatrist who headed the Psychiatric Unit I worked at in the 1970s.  The reason I mention it is that I realized on waking, that he was uncannily like Frazier Crane…!

At tea-time the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, giving you an extra fillip of good humour, prior to the evening which brings surprise communication via Mercury conjunct Uranus. Taken together with the morning’s aspect this could bring some exciting telepathy or innovative ideas, and may follow on from the morning meditation or mystical attunement.  There may be surprise information resulting from the Marathon, or the French Presidential Election.

However, in your personal affairs you need to be grounded because not all communication may be kindly.  When Frazier and Niles went through the Platinum door they were so excited and at first were blinded by the light, and praising the glory of their vision.  Then they realized it was just the back yard of the health spa…(I wasn’t intending to give away the ending in case you were watching it, but it seems relevant).  So consider all possibilities before weighing up any whacky ideas.  You may have struck gold, or even platinum, but you do need to think ideas through thoroughly.

One reason you need to proceed with caution even if you have brilliant ideas today, is that the Mercury contact with Uranus is linked with the square of Uranus with Pluto in the summer, so all ideas will be tested, and will need to incorporate all angles of vision and sensitivity to be workable.  For instance if a government is thinking of taxing the rich, or taxing the poor, they need to see that one impinges on the other and the whole structure needs to be served, taking into account divine law and karmic law, and justice.

There is all the more reason to keep your feet on the ground because then the excitement builds on through the early part of the week, until Tuesday (24th) with a Sun trine Mars.  For most people this will be a chance to get things done (e.g decluttering), act on their enthusiasms, pursue active projects, and express their male energy.  However some people who are already suffused with anger or anti-social sentiments, may express this positive aspect in a negative or anti-social way.  The exuberance may spill over into petty crime or violence, and possibly even spiral out of control, as for instance in the summer riots.  So make sure that you are one with your own energy, and that your energy is aligned with your own constructive sense of purpose.  And be aware of others, especially in groups.  If you are experienced in working with energy or groups, you can help realign others or the group if needed.  If not, then just centre and align yourself, and make life a meditation in movement, for this is an aspect of movement, and stagnation may not be an option but lack of control a possibility.

On Wednesday (25th) lack of control could result in a problem, as we are faced with a square between Mercury and Pluto.  Perhaps there was too much action yesterday, and not enough thought, because it is thought and communication which are in trouble on this day.  Perhaps in action, much was assumed about the intent and thoughts of others, and this could cause friction.  Or in action, you might have carried on without sensing the incoming impact of the Mercury-Pluto square which needs more caution, particularly in health and safety.  Somewhere between Tuesday and Wednesday, you need to stop and think.  Look at possible loopholes and safety angles, simmer down from the Mars/Sun high, and also be in touch with your own depth psychology, e.g. what your Inner Saboteur might be up to.  Proceed with caution on Wednesday, don’t overstretch yourself, especially if you are over 60 (remember that you might not be able to do everything you used to!).  The link between Mercury and Pluto may bring up a fuller picture for you about the summer square.

Thursday (26th) may still be a little dodgy, but it may also swing your way with the minor aspect of Sun semi-sextile Uranus, which holds little surprises, and could make a difference to the overall tone of a week, which will be anything but boring.

Saturday (28th) brings some form of healing, with the Sun sextile Chiron.  This may be a long-standing matter of bringing to a whole disparate areas of your life, such as through a family gathering.

The Past and Future Life Society

I attended a gathering yesterday of the Past and Future Life Society.  The atmosphere was buzzing with ideas and future possibilities.  It was good to re-connect with the whole Future Life movement, and realize the infinite possibilities of application of this wonderful work.  I would like to dedicate more time to exploring this. Sinhagupta’s recent article “Towards a Scientific Meaning of Past and Future Life Work” is available for pondering the mechanism of this, and I have posted it under the categories “Karma”, “Future Life” and “Guest Post”, in case you want to read, re-read or add to the debate.

The Taurean Guide to the Inner Artist

And it is Spring, season of clarity and budding fruitfulness.  Take out your easel to the meadow or riverbank, or click on the latest in the Zodiac Masterclass Series and discover your Inner Artist:

The week in bullet points:

Today – a day of dreams and surprises

Tuesday – dynamism

Wednesday – thoughtlessness could prevail, so make sure you are on the ball

Thursday – a hint and a twist of ingenuity

Saturday – for healing