As with last week, all the main aspects are bunched up at the end of the week. In the run up, why not pave the way for these aspects by clearing mental clutter, releasing fears, meditating and practising your cosmic ordering? Some of you will be starting new regimes by next weekend and you need to start well. The main one to work with for Friday 16th is the trine between Jupiter and Saturn which doesn’t come round often, but offers the chance to balance something in your life. In fact, over Friday night and Saturday morning looks quite intense, because there follow in quick succession a sextile between Mercury and Pluto (intense discussion late Friday night) and in the early hours of Saturday Venus trine Pluto (a realignment of relationships) and Mercury sextile Venus (more talking about it). If you sleep through it, just trust that your Higher Self will work with it all! Through the weekend Mars is conjunct Chiron which provides the ouch factor (you stub your toe, then discover a new way of dealing with stubbed toes) and promotes changes in group dynamics. On Saturday evening (17th) Venus enters Taurus and a slightly calmer mood may descend, though the pressure is still on to get things right. That’s because early next week is still a crucial time for re-shaping areas of your life. Part 2 next week.