I don’t think I shall be asking David Cameron to write the Libran Guide to Relationships now.  His choice of nearest and dearest (apart from Sam Cam, of course) seems to have been a little misguided over the last two years.  The main development of the week has been the focus on the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s relationship with News Corp, and what may or may not be revealed once he is called to the Leveson enquiry, whenever.  This is a sub-plot of the main news story which has been running for decades, the Murdoch Empire, which has been unravelling over the last year or so.  Another intriguing subplot was the undoing of Vince Cable’s role in preventing News Corp from taking over BSkyB.  All these interwoven stories have been playing out, as the wide ramifications of each interconnect and spread outwards.   In no particular order, here is an astrological update on the major players:

Rupert Murdoch

He has natally, a hard-nosed Capricorn Ascendant trine all-pervading and often subversive Neptune.  Emphasizing the Neptunian flavour of his birthchart, his Sun conjuncts Mercury in Pisces.  Then showing the strength of his karmic mission, and the fact that so often he has been ahead of the game throughout the last few decades, his North Node conjuncts Uranus in Aries (the sign of Self).

What astrological factor is now changing his fortunes? Rupert Murdoch is fighting back at the moment, assisted by a few well-placed transits, but he is currently facing a long-term opposition of Neptune to his natal Neptune, which demands the unraveling of the threads of truth from untruth.  His natal Neptune is at 3 degrees Virgo, and transiting Neptune will be undertaking this task intensively over the next couple of years.

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt has Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio: he likes to get close in relationships, and some might say that he was a bit too close to various people (Adam Smith and Rupert Murdoch for starters).  Scorpios also like to be in integrity and he may well see himself as such, although before we hear his story we may be judging him for not being in integrity.  Within the field of politics, Scorpio does conjure up a scene of the intrigue in the corridors of power.  But the Scorpio path is sometimes a difficult tightrope, especially when wearing moccasins… Scorpio does not choose the easy path in life.  We the jury are still out and shall see hopefully the eventual truth of the matter.  He does not have an easy chart, with Chiron conjunct Saturn creating a whirlpool of pressure in Pisces as well.  The Guardian leader points out: “Were he an ordinary politician ruling on an ordinary business, he would immediately have stepped back from the fray. ..Instead of seizing this chance, however, Mr. Hunt clutched intently on to the problem inviting News Corp to provide undertakings in lieu of a reference to the commission.”  He acted like a true Scorpio in that respect.

David Cameron

I have touched on David Cameron’s birth chart from time to time, but the interesting feature highlighted in this time period is his love of inappropriate party going, and his relationship with Rupert Murdoch.  Librans do like to socialize, but his relationship with Rupert Murdoch shows up karmically as David Cameron’s Sun conjunct Rupert Murdoch’s South Node, a definite past life relationship, as with Rebekah Brooks who is linked with Rupert Murdoch through her Nodes – a power network originating before this lifetime.  Rebekah Brooks’ horse could also have been involved (read healer Madeleine Walker’s book “Your Pets’ Past Lives”).  I mentioned the close connection between Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch last July (“There is an exact conjunction between Rebekah Brooks’ North Node [karmic mission], which is in Aries [16 degrees] exactly conjunct Rupert Murdoch’s North Node [15 deg 56]”) but David Cameron is also well connected.

Vince Cable

Polly Toynbee has made much this week, both in the Guardian, and on Question Time (by the way, what a great multi-coloured jacket she was wearing!) about the turn of events around the sixpence of Vince Cable’s sacking for the BSkyB negotiations and the Guardian’s role in preventing this crucial expansion of the Murdoch Empire at the eleventh hour.  Vince Cable, like Barack Obama (though maybe not quite in the same league) is a politician of principle and insight who struggles to fulfil his potential within the existing political systems.  Cable was forced to take part in the coalition and try to serve within its impossible framework.  He was caught out, some think framed, by unguarded comments about the negotiations for News Corp’s bid to take over BSkyB.  He was then replaced by Jeremy Hunt.  Polly Toynbee writes about the events: “Jeremy Hunt was within days of giving Murdoch everything, because the government wished it…If Nick Davies had not exposed the hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone in the nick of time, all would have been lost.”  I wrote about Vince Cable’s birth chart in April 2009 (“He has a breadth of mental vision which is down to his Mercury sandwiched between Saturn (the old style of thought) and Uranus (the new style of thought)”).  Vince Cable is not a prominent player in the current twist of events, but his slip up had a role in Jeremy Hunt’s emergence and current role.  I think it highlights the catalytic role of his natal karmic mission (North Node conjunct Chiron natally), and that he has an unusual path in political life.

The Aspects

It’s a good start to the day and the week, for consolidating psychological gains, for the Sun trines Pluto. You can go that extra mile to test your mettle!  You’ll find, if you’re climbing a mountain, that the rope, crampons and other equipment will hold, you’ll be relieved to know ( not sure of the mobile phone reception up there though).  Efforts you have made in recent days may have cemented group relations, such as your mountain-climbing team, but there may also be some psychological issues to pick over.  Tomorrow there may be some minor discomforts, such as pulled muscles from the mountain climbing. In fact the whole of the middle of the week may be characterized by a series minor irritations. The first aspect tomorrow is a square between Mars and the Nodal Axis, bringing about some past-life war re-enactments, such as medieval jousting, or Civil War parties. Not everyone likes their re-enactments to be graphic. So they may be wars of words, or psychological battles. And not everybody likes conflict. So some may be desperately seeking peace.  Later in the day Venus semi-sextiles Jupiter and there may be a spot of socializing, such as fraternizing with the enemy, or perhaps Avon calling at your door.

On Tuesday (1st May) Mercury semi-squares Neptune. There may be a little confusion to process from the previous day’s proceedings e.g. which side were you on in the Civil War or the Napoleonic War, and can you be a conscientious objector? Did you really need the Avon products, especially the preventative over-70s anti-wrinkle cream… or were you just trying to please a friend?

Thursday (3rd) will bring another minor wrangle: Mercury semi-sextile Jupiter. A recent purchase may need to be returned, or the negotiation of a sale may be touch and go, but it’s a good day for recycling.

If the sandwich fillings of the week were not completely to your liking Friday (4th) provides a delicious end crust in the shape of Venus sextile Mercury. Communication can flow congenially and you can proceed with writing or illustrating your novel – yes that pipe dream, don’t give up on it, pick up those threads, keep it alive! This sextile is good, too, for meeting friends, such as old workmates, and for starting new dietary regimes.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – firming up psychological foundations
  • Tuesday – sorting truth from untruth
  • Thursday – be cautious in your judgement(s)
  • Friday – love and harmony in communication