Winners and Losers

It has been a week of winners and losers, starting in football with Monday’s match between Manchester United and Manchester City in the Premiership. On Wednesday evening on The Apprentice teams Sterling and Phoenix went head to head  selling fake tan in Essex, and in the losing team one of them had to be fired (Azhar, Aged 33, no birth date available).  On Thursday evening Labour beat the Conservatives in the Council elections, while very late on the evening of Friday Boris Johnson won the Mayorship of London, over Ken Livingston. Yesterday Chelsea beat Liverpool in the F.A. Cup Final, and on The Voice U.K. the contestants on team Danny O’Donoghue and team Jessie J sang their hearts out. Danny’s team had a stronger showing, but they are competing against themselves, and the results show is tonight.  And last but not least, today is the second round of the French Presidential election. What astrological features accompanied the wins, and are there any patterns we can draw information from?

I always say that I haven’t got a competitive bone in my body (I have Saturn in 5th house amongst other detractions from sport), but over the last 3 years have followed the ranking of this blogsite on PostRank. PostRank as far as I can tell was taken over by Google a year ago, but this week Google pulled the
plug on the astrological bloggers’ ranking site. At close of play, this blog was number 7, having been number 4 for several days. I didn’t  originally enrol for PostRank, and there are other ranking sites which require signing up, but for now I am going back to being  a non- competitor.

Roberto Mancini vs Alex Ferguson, Managers of Manchester City and Manchester United Football Clubs respectively

Neptune is currently trine Roberto’s Venus in 9th House (bliss), and Jupiter is trine his Moon (euphoria), plus Uranus is trine his Midheaven (Career success).  Saturn is currently opposite Alex’ Mars (frustration) and Pluto is currently conjunct his Sun (chickens coming home to roost).

Ed Milliband vs David Cameron, leaders of the Labour and Conservative party, respectively

Saturn currently sextiles Ed’s natal Venus (a steady triumph) and Neptune sextiles his Sun and Saturn (giving him a spiritual lift).  Jupiter opposes Dave’s  Neptune (illusions shattered).

Boris Johnson vs Ken Livingston, Conservative and Labour contenders for London Mayorship respectively

Both are Geminis, but Boris is more popular with the added allure of Venus conjunct his Sun.  Mars is currently conjunct Boris’ Uranus – he is obviously a man who can handle that excitement! Pluto is trine Ken’s Venus – The ending of an attachment, for him.

Roberto Di Matteo vs Kenny Dalglish, Managers of Chelsea and Liverpool  Football Clubs respectively

Uranus currently sextiles Di Matteo’s Sun (victory), and Pluto currently squares Kenny’s natal Venus (defeat).

Francois Hollande vs Nicolas Sarkozy, Socialist candidate and Right-Wing candidate for Presidency of France respectively.

Both have Saturn currently squaring their natal Uranus, as they are born within a year of each other.  But in addition Hollande has Saturn sextile his Pluto (a difficult but steady state), whereas Sarkozy has Pluto squaring his Mars (danger).

As you can see, there is no conformity about the winning aspects.  More research needed.

The Aspects

In the early hours of this morning Mercury opposed Saturn.  The first four astrological features take place during sleep time this week, so happy dreaming!  Perhaps you had two memorable dreams this morning, for the Full Moon in Scorpio occurred a couple of hours later. The first aspect may have induced a dream of frustration: perhaps trying to get to a place, and never quite managing it.  The second dream may have been combative in nature, such as trying to overcome a dragon. The night may have been restless, for many people sleep very lightly on a Full Moon, let alone the Supermoon it was.  If you feel that you have got out of the wrong side of bed, it might be worth a try to go back to bed for a lie in.  Or have a strong cup of ginger tea, write the dreams in your dream book, and mull over the dreams with a companion.  If you are one of those people that never remember your dreams, then examine your mood, write the mood in your mood book, and mull it over with a companion.  What do you feel you processed during dreamtime?  You might find this a bit of a bore, but it is the sort of week where this reflection could pay dividends.  Particularly if you are living in the U.K. you can programme your dreams this week, and receive inspiration from your superconscious mind.

Alternatively, if you live in the States, you will be having lively evenings the night before, with much happening and florid emotions.

And if you live in Australia or New Zealand, you may live through interesting lunches.

On Tuesday (8th), dreamtime (U.K.), evening (U.S.) or lunchtime (Australia) you might suddenly see the other side of the fence, with Jupiter semi-sextile Uranus.  A glimpse may appear to you of the light at the other end of the tunnel, or the Sun bursting through cloud (U.S. and Australia), a shooting star (U.K.)  So the dream might be about flying through the sky on a Unicorn or Spaceship, and the reality may be about perceiving an issue from a completely different perspective.

Mercury enters Taurus on Wednesday (9th) and this will help the new vision to find a practical manifestation.  Vision and ideas give way to methodical application.  In your dream life (another early aspect in the U.K.) a more earthly activity may present itself, and inspire you to some early morning gardening if you are retired, or to pick up a plant or flowers on the way to work to brighten up the Office.  In the U.S. the evening may turn out to be more tranquil than of late, and in Australia healthy lunch options (such as an alkaline meal followed by fashionable coconut water) may be thought through.

On Thursday (10th) evening we have our first daytime aspect in the U.K. this week.  It is at the other end of the day, in the evening in fact.  Mercury sextile Neptune, rather than being about concrete activity, is about taking our dreams from earlier in the week and integrating them mentally.  Meditation may be a good way of doing this, but if you have been dreaming your way through the week you may prefer to be more active.  In that case, dance is a way of expressing this aspect, or communing with the sea.  If the dreamwork has been particularly successful however, you can channel this aspect into some powerful creative visualization.

In the States this aspect will provide inspiration for an afternoon activity.  If you are at work, you may pluck solutions out of the ethers.

In Australia you might be dreaming your last dreams of the night (early on Friday 11th), often those we remember most vividly, and they may contain inspiration or guidance.

It is interesting, to me, how the time of day we experience the aspect will affect our experiences, and vary around the globe.  However, you can often choose whether to experience an aspect more inwardly, or base an external event upon it.  Happy aspecting!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – effort needed to overcome inertia or inner fears
  • Tuesday – surprise solutions or seeing problems differently
  • Wednesday – a more practical mindset
  • Thursday – mental inspiration