Pluto the long-stay planet is parking itself in Capricorn from Thursday 27 November. Here’s a guide to the psychological slant for each sign:

Aries – The pace of Pluto in Capricorn won’t suit the energies of Aries, which likes a quick fix. Try to keep your creative fire flowing in ideas and new projects, and hope others will pick them up. If you are a Life Coach for an Aries, advise them they will need to develop patience over the next 15 years. Gradually they will learn to follow through.

Taurus – You’ll be in tune and sometimes supported by the energies of Pluto in Capricorn, and have the long fuse which Aries lacks. If people have seen you as their rock in the past, you will be seen as a mountain in the future. This may cause inner conflict if you are not fond of the limelight, but you need to acclimatise to the prospect of your 15 years of fame.

Gemini – The heavy landscape of Pluto in Capricorn is not a natural climate for the Gemini butterfly. Keep your lightness of being – we need you to stay on the mental plane as a communicator of information (the old style oral tradition). We also need the charms of your other animal totem to provide the monkey-mind mischief humour you’re so good at. You will keep us on our toes.

Cancer – Your instincts and understanding of Pluto in Capricorn energy put you in a pole position with any dramas that are going on. You are used to life being an emotional roller-coaster, and process it in your own unique way. But make sure that you are not the fall guy, because at the end of the day you are your own person, and it’s not necessarily your drama. Just lend what assistance you can.

Leo – Pluto in Capricorn is not a hedonist’s paradise, but you may take pride in your natural leadership being sought out as well as your opinions, wisdom and warmth being acknowledged. No one will take away your crown as King of the Jungle, but you will perform your role with more Shakespearean gravitas.

Virgo – The sojourn of Saturn through your sign is helping you prepare for Pluto through Capricorn, and if you wonder if it’s possible for you to be even more organized, you’ll see that you can be (without tipping over into obsessive compulsive disorder). But it will be with a deeper sense of knowing what belongs where.

Libra – The soft glow of harmony that you like to create in your life will be challenged by the harsher lighting of Pluto in Capricorn, but that may serve to sharpen and refine your diplomatic skills further. If you are an interior designer rather than (or as well as) a diplomat, it will develop your colour palette range beyond your current spectrum.

Scorpio – As Pluto is your ruling planet, your perceptions may become even more acute to the realities of life – in some respects you may regard yourself as being on the coal face, but it will enable you to understand and make sense of your life to a greater extent, and also to live out your life purpose.

Sagittarius – Dear Sag, can it be time to abandon the rose-tinted specs, for say purple? Recent events have highlighted the bizarre, almost macabre threads of life you have hitherto ignored. But if there’s a colour between purple and pink, hey you’ll find it!

Capricorn – With much of the action taking place in your sign, you may be tempted to take the egocentric view of life (everyone’s line of least resistance) as you pioneer your way into the New World Order. You’ll gradually notice the other populace however, and ease into the leadership role you were born for. Keep the vision!

Aquarius – Aquarius may just leap-frog over the whole Pluto in Capricorn thing, so attuned are they to the Golden Age of Aquarius. Most likely sign to rise above it, and Jupiter in their sign next year brings lift-off.

Pisces – Your deep sensitivity will feel each seismic shift of the human race during this period, but at the same time you’ll be strengthened by your awareness of the developing interconnectivity, and inspired by the emerging qualities of the human heart. If you feel you are losing the plot, move to the ocean, and adopt a whale.

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