Mercury emters Sagittarius today, and if you have felt stuck recently, this move may help to shift your mental patterns. Wider horizons may beckon: you may fancy a weekend in Paris, or may be thinking of booking a winter ski-ing holiday. New philosophical territories too may open up: the chance of an online Zen cafe encounter, or looking at a different strand of Buddhism than you are accustomed to. Tuesday (25th) brings a conjunction between Mercury and the Sun, so this may be the actual day to venture forth into your new mental or physical territories. There will be enthusiasm, and anticipation, and a burst of mental activity. The light from the ski slopes may be very intense, so make sure you are wearing your sun shades. The inner light from the Buddhist temple may also bring up some of your inner shadows, so give yourself spaces on your journey to attend to your process. Thursday 27th is a date that by now I hope you will have etched in your diary as the entry of Pluto into Capricorn (semi-permanently it might seem). There are plenty of blogs (as well as mine) out there on the blogosphere, so there’s no excuse for ignorance! It is a watershed, and on the world stage Pluto in Capricorn is part of the astrological dynamic behind the new Presidency in the U.S. and what will ensue, plus the worldwide economic collapse (together with the ongoing opposition between Saturn and Uranus), and not forgetting the climate problems of planet Earth. Pluto in Capricorn will need a new attitude from you – you will need to seem more grown up, while nurturing your inner child like never before. A whole new you. It’s a gargantuan opportunity, Thursday. For the entry of Pluto into Capricorn is followed by a timely step from Uranus (eat your heart out John Sargeant). Actually, it won’t be moving, it will perform a statuesque pause (stationary position) before turning direct. This will enable us to contamplate the amazing role Uranus in its retrograde motion played in the opposition with Saturn on November 4th in dismantling the long Bush Presidency, and thence to ponder on what else Uranus could achieve. Take a long deep breath, then pause, before the exhale (Uranus turning direct) which takes place on Friday. Meanwhile, as you reach that pause, make your New Moon wish – yes, Thursday also waves the magic wand of the Sagittarian New Moon. This is the global wishing season, where what you wish for yourself you also wish for everyone. What you wish for Earth you also wish for all planets: peace and harmony are possible suggestions. Friday (28th) brings a good follow-up aspect to those of Thursday: Venus sextile Uranus around commuter-time in the UK could bring lively conversations on the train – if you thought you knew your fellow-commuters already, they might surprise you with revelations this morning, or their absence might spark speculation. The early hours of Saturday (29th) could bring a wide-awake early start and more travelling possibly as Mercury conjuncts Mars. Incisive, decisive activity could take place in and out of the home. Get the mundane chores out of the way early and you’ll be free to engage in the witty repartee with a clear mind over lunch. With Mars representing the meat eaters, and Mercury representing the Vegetarians, there will be fun, but you will need a sense of humour to get it.