Leveson Inquiry

Who is Lord Leveson, astrologically?  Brian Leveson was asked by David Cameron on 13 July 2011 to conduct the Inquiry into the actions of the British Press, as a result of the phone-hacking scandal.  Natally he has the Sun exactly conjunct Uranus (insightful) at the beginning of Cancer.  He also has the critic’s inquiring mind in the shape of Mars closely conjunct Mercury in Gemini.  At the time of the choice, Neptune by transit was exactly trine Leveson’s Sun/Uranus conjunction, requiring his expertise in a sensitive large scale project.  The Nodal Axis (karmic accountability) was squaring David Cameron’s Uranus (need for a sudden decision).

Andy Coulson Update

It emerged in his appearance this week at the Leveson Inquiry, that Coulson was introduced to David Cameron by George Osborne.  At the time Andy Coulson was brought into the Government as Director of Communications, it was his Uranus Opposition, a mid-life crisis point.  He may not have realized it at the time.  Uranus is currently shaking up his natal Saturn at the moment, but one of the questions dominating the minds of the media at the moment, is: “How good is his memory?”  Those questioned at the Inquiry, especially this week, seem to have fading memory syndrome.  I associate the Moon (emotional memory) and Mercury (concentration) with memory in the birth chart, and he has these two planets in trine.  Usually for poor memory I prescribe a combination of ginseng (for concentration) and gingko biloba (for memory), but astrologically he would not seem to need them.

Rebekah Brooks Update

Second up for the Leveson Inquiry this week was Rebekah Brooks, former newspaper Editor and CEO of News International.  You would think that the high-powered positions, and the requirement of quick-thinking and being on top of the news would require a good memory (how could you do the job without it?), but she too appeared to be suffering from the same condition (FM syndrome) as Andy Coulson.  Rebekah Brooks was born on a New Moon conjunct Mars in Gemini, the sign of newspapers.  Uranus currently sextiles her Sun/Moon, keeping her smiling during the Leveson Inquiry, though she was under pressure from Mars at the same time squaring her Sun/Moon.  The position of her natal Mars gives her Aries traits, including the trademark red hair, and with the Moon and Mercury in the sign of Gemini there is a superficial “here today and gone tomorrow” attitude towards information and memory.  This is coupled with the Mars quality of living for the moment.  Her chart would lend itself to letting go of information in her mind, but nevertheless she would have known what was important and held on to that.  Her imagination (Moon conjunct Mars) is the type that would retain sensational highlights – a recipe for selectivity, perhaps? LOL ;-}

The Aspects

Chiron is sextile Pluto now, which is very helpful in getting at those stubborn, deep-seated healing and psychological issues from early on in the day. Root out and inspect those fears first thing.  At lunchtime, a lucky Sun-Jupiter conjunction may grant you your wishes e.g. A spell of sunshine if you are hosting a barbecue. It may also be materially lucky, being placed as it is in Taurus, the sign of money. Take heed Jessie J (kerching!) or anyone inclined to mixed or half-hearted messages on the subject. It’s a clarion call, in whatever house it falls in within your birthchart, and that may not be about the money. But wait! There’s more that this day has to offer. For in the evening Mercury trines Mars, so you may act mentally or physically in the wake of the day’s good news or fortune. If you have won the lottery, you will know what to spend it on. If not, you need to see your life in a more positive and expansive context now. If you have a healing breakthrough, you may want to write about it. If it’s a great love that you have found, you may want to radiate that out to others.

Tomorrow Mercury trines Pluto in the morning, and you can take the action and thought from the previous day and turn it into a deeper awareness, and sense deeper possibilities.  Later tomorrow Mercury is sextile with Chiron, so you have a complete set of healing tools that day: both physical and psychological. It’s a good day for Homeopaths, dear reader.  If you succeeded in healing missions on Sunday, you can take these a step further.  It is a particularly good day for Geminis and Virgoans to co-ordinate their nervous systems and take the helm of new initiatives.

On Tuesday (15th) Venus turns retrograde, and that is a signal to examine the past history of relationships.  Perhaps someone is acting oddly around you, and you need that extra insight!

Mars trines Pluto on Wednesday (16th) and this may provide the extra oomph you need to complete or continue a project.  Certainly this completes a Grand Earth Trine of Mercury-Mars-Pluto, and may provide some with the excuse to strut their stuff a little too exuberantly, but Mind-Body-Spirit need to be balanced for the best results.

The next day (Thursday, 17th) provides possibly the most challenging aspect, with Mars opposing Chiron.  Chiron the Healer may be able to handle it, but Mars (the warrior, youngster or teen) may go off the rails a little, and need to be shown the woundedness in their interaction, so that they can make more conscious choices.  Show the warrior, youngster or teen a peaceful space in the heart.   If you are undergoing a medical procedure that day, hold in your mind the highest healing outcome.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Healing, then Luck, then Action
  • Tomorrow – Deep thinking, and healing theories
  • Tuesday – Examining relationships
  • Wednesday – Energy and Action.  Good results with care.
  • Thursday – Healing required