You’ll need your Ascendant for this! To recap: Pluto goes into Capricorn tomorrow, for a 15-year stint. It’s a new phase of life for many of us, and a deeper focus in the house which Pluto has been occupying in your chart, and may occupy for a few years yet.

Ascendant in ARIES: To the extent to which you see yourself as a Philosopher you must now walk your talk. You may have been playing a joyrider, and need to become a legitimate driver.

Ascendant in TAURUS: The shift in your life concerns the use of your life force and the resources which have been attached to your relationships. In your desire to be supportive, try not to allow yourself to be manipulated.

Ascendant in GEMINI: As a twin, relationship will become a serious focus for you. If unattached, you could become involved in a major commitment.

Ascendant in CANCER: The change occurs within your area of health and working conditions, and takes you from a more casual attitude to that of more assiduous attention.

Ascendant in LEO: Whereas your creativity has been fuelled by your joy, added to that will be a seriousness of purpose. Give up the day job to pursue your creativity, letting it support you though that may seem risky in the economic climate.

Ascendant in VIRGO: In matters of home and family, you may have been complacent or too cosy. Now’s the time to make the important long-term move you’ve known for some time is on the cards and in your destiny.

Ascendant in LIBRA: Looking back your communications may seem semi-serious, tongue-in-cheek, hedging your bets. But now your communication will be for real, and your words reflect a deeper knowing.

Ascendant in SCORPIO: Finance, always crucial to a Scorpio Ascendant, will become a more gargantuan preoccupation. You will see more graphically how you manifest and demanifest, how you control money or it controls you.

Ascendant in SAGITTARIUS: Pluto in Capricorn taking place in your 1st House may literally see you growing up overnight. This is not to lose the fun-loving side of your personality, but to add qualities and responsibilities.

Ascendant in CAPRICORN: If it seems you’ve been battling to understand your own psyche in recent years, this process will come to maturity. You’ll find new landscapes within yourself, not instead of but complementary to those you’ve been accustomed to.

Ascendant in AQUARIUS: This is literally the time of your life. Pluto enters Capricorn in your natural house, that of the wider group. Your role in society now mushrooms, reflecting a major life purpose in Networking. Some have leadership thrust upon them.

Ascendant in PISCES: You have been clearing the ground for yourself, some of you for years, to free yourself for a role in what you instinctively sensed would be a New World Order. Your role may be simply one of exuding silent wisdom, but your impact nevertheless becomes more profound.