The Aspects

On Sunday 20th May the Sun enters Gemini at 15.15 Hrs in the U.K.  You may have been communing with the Pleiades on Saturday 19th, but a new mental focus will come about on the Sunday.  I am planning for the latest in the Zodiac Masterclass series “Revolving Doors, or the Gemini Guide to Communication and Teaching” to magically appear at that time, written by a special Geminian and accompanied by a mandala painted by another special Geminian: a double act.  The New Moon in Gemini follows in the evening, and is an eclipse.  The New Moon in Gemini last year was also an eclipse, and the mandala was painted on that day, so there is something of a resonance.  Eclipses are especially important for people who have planets near that degree (0 degrees Gemini), and can be turning points, or can just be tricky to negotiate.  The trick that you, if you are affected, may need to negotiate, may be a turnaround in your thinking.  For example, you may start out irritable about something, until you understand the cosmic significance of what is being asked of you.  Geminis particularly, could find themselves having to make an important decision.  If all goes to plan for me, the Geminian Masterclass article could eclipse this Aspectarian.

Tuesday (22nd) is good for business and sales, travel and learning.  Your mind will be elastic and safely stretched today, even if it is not normally…(see my section on Phone Apps to test out how stretchy it is at the moment).

Wednesday (23rd) however, is a different kettle of fish, with the Sun squaring Neptune.  If you have been travelling the day before, try and make it to dry land by Wednesday, for you could feel at sea with this aspect.  You may feel foggy or confused, and need special x-ray specs to see through the illusions of the day.  Not a day to tackle a task which needs precision and attention to detail – best save that job for tomorrow.

Mercury goes into Gemini on Thursday (24th) and the spiritual fog and mental dullness may subside and give way to clearer thinking, and better communications and travel, but this may only be a brief interlude, unless you have achieved enduring clarity on the Gemini New Moon.

For on Friday (25th) Mercury squares Neptune, so you will need to use your mind to negotiate another swathe of fogginess.  The spiritual lessons of Wednesday may enable the mental lessons of Friday, again if painstaking attention has been paid.  The mind needs to be a tool honed to perceive whether or not something is an illusion, even though the “mind is the slayer of the real” (Helena Blavastsky) and some spiritual teachers advocate “having no head” etc.  We need all our faculties: if some truth resonates with your heart, your mind, your soul and your body, then trust it.

Smart Phone Apps

Some people are obsessed with their Apps, and those I do have I enjoy.  But my i Phone is too antiquated to receive some of the new Apps. Here’s a wish list:

The Mandala Meditation App

I have had a glimpse of this App, and would have one if I could…It is a moving mandala meditation, named Luminescence and produced by Meditation Oasis featuring Barry Stevens’ mandalas.  Click on the link above to find out more.

If you have an i Pad you can obtain the following version:

The Spiritual i Phone Apps

  1.  Past Life Pets
  2.  Future Life Pets
  3.  Past Life Lovers

These Apps have been created by Anne Jirsch, pioneer of Future Life Progression, to enable you to discover your past and future life links with pets, and past links with lovers.  Irresistible!

For more information, have a look at Anne’s website:

Book Recommendations

The winning of Britain’s Got Talent by Ashleigh and mongrel Pudsey last weekend just proved how deep a bond can be between a pet and his or her owner.  If you recognize this phenomenon you may want to read a book by healer Madeleine Walker entitled “Your Pets’ Past Lives and How they can Heal You” It is profound and heartwarming.  As a result of reading it, and training with Anne Jirsch, I am now intending to offer Past and Future Life sessions in relation to pets, in addition to my existing services.  I mentioned this casually to a friend, who thought I was going to regress the pets themselves, which caused a bit of mirth.  So just to clarify: if you have a deep bond with a pet which you would like to trace in the past, or look forward to in the future, you would have a chance to experience that in regression or progression.

The second book, which I read this week, and highly recommend, is “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani.  It is about one woman’s near death experience.  If you wonder what is different about Anita’s experience which you might not have read about in other books on the subject, it is that after all her bodily organs shutting down after 4 years of decline from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she had a near death experience and realized what the psychological causes of her illness had been.  She then decided to come back, and she brought back the healed consciousness patterns. Within days her body had healed itself, and the surgeons were confounded that all the tests showed there was no trace of the cancer.  This is a book of universal significance, for the central issue was that in her life she had not been able to be herself.  Her story is amazing, and her subsequent philosophies expounded after the event ring so true.  The moral of the tale is that we all need to live that level of authenticity, now.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – Communication, Communication, Communication!
  • Tuesday  – Mind-broadening
  • Wednesday – Spiritual fog or confusion
  • Thursday – Mental recuperation
  • Friday – Mental fog or confusion