Disco Giants

Donna Summer

In the week or so coming up to the glorious mediocrity that is Eurovision, we lost two disco giants, capable of inducing nostalgia in many hearts: Robin Gibb and Donna Summer.  Their musicality is portrayed very differently in their charts.  Donna in life and in personality tended to swing between two extremes, the full blown licentious emotional self-expression (Sun conjunct Jupiter in the 5th House) and the puritanical (Saturn conjunct the Ascendant in Virgo).  She had several planets in the 5th House of Disco and Hedonism.

Robin Gibb

Robin Gibb’s exuberance was firmly rooted in his family connections, especially with his twin Maurice and his older brother Barry.  This is shown by the Moon conjunct Jupiter in his 4th House of Home and Family (he was ever grateful for these connections, apart from a short spell finding himself after some sibling rivalry).  Venus (Song) was exactly conjunct his I.C.  (Security and Roots) in the 4th House, so that his song writing was to a great extent inspired by the family connection.  He was, as Paul Gambaccini intimated, a musical genius, and this Venus/I.C. conjunction was blessed by an exact sextile with his North Node (karmic reward).  He was able to take advantage of this karmic grace in his career, with the exact trine of the North Node to his Midheaven (Careerpoint).


The musical nostalgia we resurrected for our U.K. Eurovision entry did not make an impression on the judges this year, giving us penultimate place in the vote.  This is because the acts that did well this year impressed by their visual performance (Sweden, who won, and the Russian Grannies notably).  Engelbert Humperdinck sang well and his song was no worse than average, but there were no hi-jinks or spectacular Kate Bush style gyrations from him.

If you followed the adventures in this blog of the phobic four who went off to Duesseldorf for last year’s extravaganza, you might wish to know that we decided at the time not to follow on to Azerbaijan this year, just as well considering the political climate.  We had one on the way, for little Roxanne signalled her pleasure from the womb, at Jedward’s performance.  So we did gather again from the comfortable atmosphere of Cambridge, but then there were five. We did wave our flags again for Jedward (the Irish entry) but though their performance was up to its usual standard, the song was not as catchy as last year’s. And we did sample some amazing flavoured ciders, such as strawberry (to be recommended), so a good time was again had by all.  Just a footnote: the Eurovision cure for the phobias did work.

Engelbert did have a reasonable transitting sextile of Saturn to his natal Jupiter to make the event happen for him, but though an accolade at his age (76, about the same age perhaps as the Russian Grannies) the performance did not distinguish him in that setting. Although I carried out my threat to walk out of the room at his performance, my feelings gave way to compassion when country after country refused to give him any points.  Maybe it was my own 17-year old angst which was at fault, for his 1967 hit “Release Me” was a painful expression of his progressed Sun reaching his Chiron (Wounded Healer) in the 5th House of Self-Expression.  The prevailing transit to the U.K. chart was not looking bad yesterday: Pluto sextile the U.K. natal Jupiter. Maybe that will translate into other benefits for the U.K. around this time.  The winning country Sweden (who may just about be able to afford to stage the 2013 Eurovision) have a powerful transit of Pluto sextile the natal Saturn at this time.  And their winning performer Loreen Talhoui, who fulfilled the brief of visual performance, hi-jinks (expressing the song lyric Euphoria) and spectacular Kate Bush style gyrations, was actually under the constraints of a transitting Saturn to her Sun in Libra, so it was a very studied performance, and  consistently touted beforehand as a favourite.  Ah well…the mysteries of Eurovision are now behind us for another year.

The Aspects

All eyes are again on Mercury this week, starting with a transit of Mercury conjunct the South Node this weekend, causing us to revisit old events and patterns: in my case, as mentioned above, I was reunited with the crowd I went with to the Eurovision Song Contest last year in Duesseldorf. Mercury is also conjunct the Sun, providing a focal point of consciousness and intellectual energy in whatever natal House the conjunction falls. Late in the day Mercury sextiles Uranus and a bright idea may come to you, possibly as a result of revisiting old events, and constellating your consciousness. The power to change circumstances or thinking is coming from the house which contains transitting Uranus.

Tomorrow the Sun sextiles Uranus bringing co-operating between the same combination of Houses, but instead of ideas (Mercury) creativity (Sun) will be born. However, later on Mercury squares Chiron, and mental strain could be in evidence, or health issues challenging, so pace yourself – don’t overreach yourself, but do honour your creativity, inventiveness and originality.

By Wednesday (30th) health issues may continue to be a pre-occupation. You may solve one area of healing (e.g. The mental component) only to find there is a deeper level ( that of the Soul) to explore, with the Sun square Chiron.  The Soul of course does not need healing, your connection to it just needs strengthening.

In the early hours of Thursday (31st) Mercury squares Mars and you may be woken with a physical discomfort e.g. slight tummy troubles, headache or inflammation. Alternatively you may experience a conflict type of dream, in an effort to resolve a healing crisis.

The good news is that there is every chance of health or conflict resolution by the end of the week, due to Friday’s (1st June) conjunction between Mercury and Venus: a dialogue of reason and the heart. Writers, negotiators and peacemakers come into their own. Cafe culture thrives: with decaff and gluten free options available in most establishments these days there is no reason to fret or experience guilt these days.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – re-visiting the past; crystallizing consciousness; mental leaps
  • Tomorrow – brilliant ideas and creativity, then mental strain
  • Wednesday – health pre-occupations
  • Thursday – health and safety issues
  • Friday – cafes, and notebooks at the ready