Early in the hours of this morning, while you were sleeping, Mercury was sextile Neptune.  Hopefully you were given dream guidance, but even if you were not, your higher mind would have been communing with other planes of reality and gathering information for you to bring into consciousness to help you today or throughout this week.  Something today may remind you of a snatch of a dream you might have forgotten, or suddenly connect you with the symbolic signficance of something which has been puzzling you.  Today is the last day that Venus is in Capricorn and traditional loyalties such as care of the elderly need attention.  But late tonight (in terms of UK timing) Venus enters Aquarius, and social forces become more dynamic, networking is stimulated, and the Christmas social round gets into gear: drinks and nibbles with the neighbours etc.  The calendar for December becomes choc full.  Wednesday 10th at midday brings up a square of the Sun to Uranus, part of ongoing patterns created by the planets currently applying to the Uranus-Saturn opposition.  All part of the continued dismantling and rebuilding on this construction site which is our current reality.  Sun square Uranus is a disruptive element, a spanner in the works.  If you are earnestly constructing something (e.g. a relationship), leave a whole day to deal with this loophole or process its implications.  It’s the sort of day you wait all day for the gas man and then two arrive.  Catch up with yourself on Thursday (11th), do what you intended to do on Wednesday.  Friday (12th) on the other hand, seems exciting enough if that is what you want, but could also be chaotic.  The building site could become like Picadilly Circus.  First of all Mars squares Uranus, and you may want to do something one way, but someone else will want to do it another way, and the Universe may override you both.  Then Mercury leaves “always look on the bright side” Sagittarius and enters Capricorn, so you could get a handle mentally on what is really going on, even if you are not mastering the energetics of the situation.  The afternoon brings a Full Moon in Gemini, which is opposing the Sun and squaring the Saturn-Uranus opposition, showing up a Grand Cross.  Not for faint hearts, I feel.  But many Astrologers are looking at it more brightly, and a positive outlook is to be encouraged and fostered.  It will be a long day, Friday, for in the evening Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and you could probably write a book about what you have learned that day.  Certainly, there’ll’ve’been much food for thought.  The early hours of Saturday (13th), having been kept up all night with insomnia, brings Saturn square the Sun (tiredness and sluggishness).  Don’t plan a full programme for Saturday unless you can guarantee you will have the stamina for it without artificial stimulants.  You may want to sleepalot.  The main benificent aspect of the day (Sun sextile Neptune) favours a midday meditation or you may even feel like going back to bed in the afternoon for a siesta.  If you are committed to a social engagement, it could have a dreamlike quality about it: for instance you may be meeting with kindred spirits and slip into a world of your own.  Something creative could emerge from this meeting of minds, e.g. a script for a new play or musical, or an advance idea for next year’s panto.  Otherwise, it’s a good moment to put the Star or Angel on top of the Christmas tree and make a wish.  Focus on your highest aspirations for the planet now, while Neptune at the end of the week, as at the start of the week, is wielding its magic.