The Queen

The stoical virtues of earth signs Taurus (her Sun Sign) and Capricorn (her Ascendant) have been very evident in the hard work the Queen has put in to making her own Jubilee year a success.  She has the South Node conjunct her Ascendant, and that is often seen in one who puts their own wishes aside for others, i.e. in this case for public service.  These qualities are reinforced in her chart by Saturn on the Midheaven (Careerpoint) defining her Career Path as one of duty and discipline.

The wealth that has accompanied this destiny is very simply portrayed by Jupiter at the beginning of her 2nd House of Finance.  Often you will find with millionaires that they have had Saturn in the 2nd House, and their means of acquiring and holding on to their millions has been a matter of keeping track of every penny.

Her Jupiter is in conjunction with Mars at the end of her 1st House, which gives her indefatigability, but also I think reflects her love of horses and corgis too.  Jupiter rules horses and Mars rules dogs.  Her Jupiter is exactly opposite her Neptune, which I think highlights the separation of religion and spirituality.  This is symbolic of her role, but also reflected in her character and personality: something she has taken on karmically with the role.  These form a T-square with her Saturn/Midheaven, so she has to compartmentalize parts of her psyche in order to play her role or roles.  This may have held her back from expressing her spirituality, but may have earned her karmic brownie points.

She has the Moon in regal Leo, and so to dominate emotionally comes naturally to her.  This is a role she doesn’t have to feign.  Her other female planet Venus trines Pluto, which as her ruling planet, gives her considerable strength and fortitude.  Venus is in Pisces, and this gives her the Vision required to carry out such an all encompassing role.  Especially when the Commonwealth was inherited by her and the size it was then, the trine gave her empathy with the Third World (Pluto in Cancer, the sign associated with the African continent).

Uranus (the capacity to support change) trines her Saturn/Midheaven, and her grandchildren have been praising her this week for her ability to adapt the monarch into the 21st Century.

She also has Chiron at the end of Aries conjunct the Sun at the beginning of Taurus, and the life role designated to her will have been a tremendous challenge to her individuality, and a test of her strength and steadfastness. The Sun/Chiron conjunction is in the 4th House of Home and Family, thus showing her to be the upholder of tradition and her genetic heritage.  I have not yet examined the charts of future contenders to see who might be carrying this baton.

For now, this Jubilee weekend Saturn transiting in her 10th House trines her Jupiter (recognition and good will) and Jupiter from her 5th House of Pageantry sextiles her Uranus (a right royal celebration), and I hope you all have a good time.

Footnote: Let me make my own un-bias clear (much like Jeremy Hunt at the Leveson this week).  On the matter of the monarchy I am neither pro- not anti-royalist (though I think I was on the side of Charles II in the 16th Century).  I am live and let live, except for issues such as Prince Charles’ carbon footprint.  I am not keen on pageantry, pomp and circumstance, nationalism and patriotism (in whatever country).

The Aspects

Tomorrow Mercury trines Saturn, a sober but productive aspect.  It is particularly good for preparing documentation, and getting down to serious tasks.  It is vital to get such activities under way early, as you will have other astrological features to attend to later.  You have to pace yourself, on such days.  Late morning (in the U.K.) there is a lunar eclipse which is a Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Your mind may be full of global issues, or at least full of issues.  Look for the highest and widest solutions, the philosophy which will encompass all things, and which may turn out to be simplicity itself.  In the evening Neptune goes stationary, prior to turning retrograde.  If you are not a fan of Neptune, this may throw you into confusion, perhaps even when you thought you were beginning to master the sorting of reality from illusion.  Sigh…as always there is more to learn, over the horizon.  Another level mastered? You are obviously ready for another shift.

As you retire for the night (morning of Tuesday 5th), your head full of complexities and puzzles, the very early hours just over the threshold of midnight, brings a new conundrum: Venus square Mars.  This may be a social or personal issue, which has its own fine lines to decipher.  Where do you cross the boundary between friendship and intimacy, what is the protocol when greeting someone (e.g. is cheek kissing acceptable?)  You may be pondering some issue in connection with a meeting later that day.  What will someone else think?  Should you say what you think?  It could be a real dilemma, and better put out that bedside lamp and ask the Universe to solve it while you are asleep.  The actual meeting might prove a little awkward, but hopefully no more than that.

It is while you are falling asleep the next night (early hours of Wednesday 6th) that the answer to yesterday’s conundrum may fall into place, and you will find in your mind and heart that all is unity, and love is at the heart of the question.  For the Sun conjuncts Venus at this time.  Yes, this is the Transit of Venus, or the occultation of Venus, the rare and long-awaited event.  It occurs at 15 degrees of Gemini, so if you know what House that falls in within your birth chart, it will give you some idea of its application.  It may give you the chance to solve an emotional or artistic riddle, though it may throw up even more questions.  Either way, it will be some sort of watershed, as the Universe surely doesn’t waste its time and energy on such displays to no avail.

I am still reeling from Engelbert’s penultimate placement at the Eurovision Song Contest last week.  My insight that his great hit “Release Me” represented his Chironic wound (as his progressed Sun at that time was conjunct his Chiron) then led to an insight that the same issue was recurring in a song title with a similar theme “Love will set you Free” in his struggle to find the right note.  His natal Chiron is close to the degree of the Transit of Venus, in Gemini (which needs freedom to breathe), and the current position of Chiron is Pisces (which represents inner freedom).  The current world wound is the struggle to find the freedom of the Soul within the imprisonment of society’s forms.

On Thursday (7th) Mercury enters Cancer, so whereas you may have been feeling super-logical and goal-orientated in your mental processes earlier in the week, you will suddenly go soft focus and take a side-step, like the crab.  You might approach a mental problem from a side angle, for instance.  Or you may take into account feelings into a logical argument, which will be more realistic if the issue is not black and white.  You may turn your attention to a home project which has been in your mind for some time, but can now start to plan and implement.

Again, as you are falling asleep or tossing and turning in the early hours of Friday (8th) you will be feeling restless, but this time it is more connected with the energy influx of Sun square Mars.  You may be experiencing anger, or the need to stand up for yourself, and be trying to resolve this within your sleep time so as not to act it out too literally in the day time (by confronting someone without having thought through your own responsibility in the matter).  It may be a good idea to check home safety before retiring, such as closing windows and extinguishing lights.  Reduce stimulation generally that day, and calm down energies.  This will ensure that over-stimulation does not cause events to spiral out of hand.

Mercury trines Neptune in the early hours of Saturday (9th) morning (Aah, those Summer Nights…) and if you are still awake, it will be a much more pleasant experience.  You might try your hand at Lucid Dreaming, which will be easy under this aspect.  Any vision which arises in dream or half-awake state, can be engineered and crafted and re-moulded to your liking.  If you are doing a spot of Future Life Progression on yourself at 1.49 a.m. when this aspect occurs, you might experience your Optimum Future!  You can project your ideal days onto the forthcoming weekend, and see how effective that is.  If you are having a late night, you may be dancing to the early hours, for Mercury and Neptune could produce some fancy footwork.  If you are just plain awake and itching to do something, give yourself a pedicure and use some peppermint balm to soothe those extremes of your anatomy. And if you are a fantasy writer, use a notepad to record your ideas in advance of the day.  Leisure and luxury could be prominent features of Saturday’s activities.

Transit of Venus

The Transit of Venus that occurs on Wednesday morning highlights changes of perception about Money and Love.  Please see Asia Haleem’s blog on a historical slant to this astronomical phenomenon entitled Venus and the Bears

Another friend who has input this week, and who has been tracking the Universal story with her own inner process, is Laura (of the Interview Series no. 3)  In relation to the current financial crisis, rising panic and austerity, she states this morning:

“The crises are really about the nature of mankind’s beliefs about life and its purpose to which money has become enslaved and consequently reduced to merely supporting these limiting, limited and cruel beliefs. They are, in reality, crises of liberation from enslavement.”

With the internet, we don’t need to make any effort to find out when there is an astronomical phenomenon in this day and age.  Last word goes to Peter Aughton describing in his book “Transit of Venus” how the efforts of Jeremiah Horrocks (“Father of British Astronomy”) were rewarded in the 17th Century:

“When he returned to his room and his telescope, he was overjoyed to see a large, dark, round spot already full entered upon the image of the Sun.  It was without doubt the transit he had been waiting for, the marvellous reward for all his hours of observation.  He did not want to be accused of seeing no more than a sunspot, even though it would have put him in the company of Kepler.  He would go to great lengths in his treatise to explain that Venus appeared on the Sun’s disc as a perfectly circular dark spot.  He was overjoyed with the spectacle.  It was an event which he knew had never been seen before in the history of astronomy…”

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – practical considerations, then global emotions, then a spiritual U-turn
  • Tuesday – social faux pas
  • Wednesday – changes of perception in love and money
  • Thursday – a mental step sideways
  • Friday – energetic conflict
  • Saturday – finding the right note