Happy Winter Solstice!  And good luck to those rehearsing Christmas Pantomimes.  The event of today is the Sun’s entry into Capricorn, which happens lunchtime in the UK, early morning in the US.  Many of us are feeling drained (I have lost count of how many people complained of tiredness this week at the Customer Service desk), sleep-deprived and light-deprived, and today marks the point of reorientation to Light.  Some of us may be disorientated by the reorientation initially, and others are ready for this reverse process.  Still others are ready or not ready for Christmas, and last minute re-scheduling, negotiations and present-swapping are still in process.  And it happens every year, but this is the first year the Sun has entered Capricorn since Pluto arrived in that sign, so there is a more serious, parsimonious and thoughtful note this year.  Which is why the scriptwriters and the chorus line of the Panto will have to work harder to ignite the winter cheer.  Make an effort to provide that lightheartedness and humour though, as it provides a space where healing and miracles can more easily flourish.  The Sun reaches Pluto tomorrow (Monday 22nd), and the full significance may begin to dawn on us of Pluto’s presence in Capricorn.  A tone will definitely be set.  I shall be handing out chocolate pigs on the train, in honour of the family of pigs whose life cycles we have followed this year.  You may want to mark it in a different way, but it is a good time to set your intention, and be aware of your true intentions.  Wednesday 24th (Christmas Eve already) brings a helpful sextile between Mercury and Uranus, making Christmas travel intuitive and snappy, and providing a vibrant start to the festivities.  Christmas day itself has no aspects, not even a teeny minor one, as the planets are having a day off from making aspects even with the Moon.  A quiet Christmas can be had by those who choose it, or find themselves in silent retreat.  They may access the spirit of Christmas even more readily than those playing charades and pulling Christmas crackers.  Some choose their Christmasses, and some are swept along by the tribe vibe, but remember intention and lightheartedness are useful whatever the situation.  Boxing Day (Friday 26th) brings a sober but constructive trine between Mercury and Saturn.  Any excess on Christmas Day will bring the desire to recycle the leftovers efficiently: everything can go into a risotto, followed by an Eton mess.  Unless you are having a raw vegan Christmas, in which case consult the website of the Fresh Network http://www.fresh-network.com for ideas.  It is also a good day for planning, so if you are ahead of the game you can plan next year.  Saturday (27th) is the most astrologically active day, and may coincide with the first performance of your Panto.  It will be a first in some way, as a New Moon in Capricorn takes place.  Early in the morning (UK time) Mars enters Capricorn, giving impetus to any planning that you have been doing since Christmas Day.  Just after Noon, the New Moon arrives.  Make a wish for the year ahead, and hope that Barack’s new initiatives on climate change will bring about real change.  And only 7 minutes later, Venus conjuncts Neptune, an aspect of inspiration.  In the Panto, the good fairy waves the magic wand: there is a moment of seeing the world as it could be.