Prince Philip

As it is his 91st birthday today, and as I looked at the chart of his wife last week, I thought it only fair and balanced to look at his chart this week.  There are a couple of breathtaking features in common between the Duke of Edinburgh’s chart and his wife’s binding them despite being opposites in many ways.  He has the Sun in Gemini, and so all that he processes is through his intellect and the mental plane.  He is known for his witty, acerbic comments, which sometimes hit the mark (Sagittarius Archer ascending) and sometimes emerge as gaffes (Sagittarius rising again).  Sagittarius is very different from Elizabeth’s Capricorn rising.  But he knows his own mind (Moon closely sextile to the Sun), and he undoubtedly came into this world to play a specific role.  One of his main roles is as a spiritual bodyguard to the Queen.  He has a warrior’s chart (Sun conjunct Mars trine his North Node) and karmic mission.  Mars conjunct the Sun in Gemini indicate a more verbal than physical style of warriorship.  The stunning similarities with the Queen’s chart are his Moon in Leo (born to rule) and his Saturn exactly conjunct the Midheaven just as she has (defining his Career Path as one of duty and discipline, and showing just how close his path has been to hers).  Also worthy of mention is his sextile between Mercury and Jupiter (a much travelled life).  Uranus is square to his natal Pluto (bladder) at the moment, which gave rise to the stress of last weekend on the Thames Pageant, being denied proper human loo break rights for senior citizens. So it is good to see that he has been able to return home from hospital in time for another celebration.  Happy Birthday, Prince Philip!

The Aspects

Jupiter in Gemini

The week could begin tomorrow with a surge of optimism, as Jupiter changes sign at 17.22 Hrs (U.K. time) from Taurus to Gemini.  A change is as good as a rest, at this point.  However, it may come with a certain realism about finance.  Today is a good time to review investments, at the end of Jupiter’s sojourn through Taurus, and even cut your losses.

Raymond Merriman on his financial astrological blog says of this last week of Jupiter in Taurus:

“Both the Federal Reserve and ECB (European Central Bank) pleaded with politicians to start doing their share of supporting a growth-oriented economy with sensible fiscal policies and not to rely so heavily upon them to continue with monetary stimulus policies.”

A change of tack may be due…

We are moving on, philosophically.  New ideas will be coming in, though not necessarily of the economic variety just yet, and new ways of thinking.  My Gemini hubby, who’s had a lifelong interest in philosophy, has had a book ever since I’ve known him, entitled “Thinking about Thinking”.  That’s what we’ll be doing this week.  We’ll be thinking deeply about the processes of our thoughts, and receiving insights.  Communication will also be stimulated, both in your personal life and in the Communications Industry.  Publishing too may have a revival, and initiatives in Education. During Jupiter’s last transit of Gemini in mid-2000 there was a sense of a new start: we had been reprieved from Millennium apocalypse fever.  Now we are tussling with the End of the Mayan Calendar, but even those who had proclaimed 2012 as “End of Times” are soft-pedalling now and seeing it as a change of consciousness.  If you are a Gemini you can look forward to growth this year, with a special surge when Jupiter transits your actual natal Sun.

Other Aspects

19 minutes after Jupiter enters Gemini (in the U.K.) Mercury squares Uranus, so the whole tea-time period could be experienced as a “sea-change”, e.g. you may decide to go vegetarian.  Mercury square Uranus brings a change of thought, or a surprise which affects you on the mental level.  Imagine my surprise this week when opening the vegetarian cabinet at my local supermarket I found that Linda McCartney had produced some “fish free” king prawns!  It is this sort of change which could greet you at tea-time tomorrow.  I haven’t had a prawn curry for over 25 years…Make sure you read the instructions on the packet though, for in the early hours of Tuesday (12th) Mercury also opposes Pluto and changes/surprises could be unpalatable or indigestible, under a T-square of Mercury-Uranus-Pluto.  It is an important time to grasp certain issues in your life, though, because it will relate to and prepare for the actual square of Uranus and Pluto later this month (the first pass is 24th June).  You may have an idea of how clashing forces in your life are squaring up.  In the world situation, it relates to the dilemmas and intractable complexity of the Euro (to bail out or not to bail out), the Syrian Question (to intervene or not to intervene) and the climate issue (climate change or climate change denial).

Mercury goes on to trine Chiron on Tuesday, affording some healing and protection to the nervous system after the jangling of the T-square.  We will recognize the need for rest and space in our diaries, and may recoup a little.

Wednesday (13th) brings another trine, between Saturn and the Sun this time, at lunchtime.  This assists the stabilization of thoughts, ideas, plans and creativity, and helps you work with the promises of Jupiter in Gemini more easily.

On Saturday (16th) Venus squares Chiron, and problems arise and solutions are sought in affairs of the heart, and in the realms of art and music.  If crises arise, know you can turn them around and find extra meaning, for Chiron helps us to think outside the box.  Opening at the Hayward Gallery this week, on the entry of Jupiter into Gemini, is an Invisible Art Exhibition of blank canvasses and plinths, many by famous artists, such as conceptual artist Yoko Ono (who also has a retrospective at the Serpentine Gallery).  Some might find the exhibits relaxing, some might find them irritating, and some might find them bizarre.  But it will get people thinking about thinking.

Transit of Venus Aftermath

I watched the Horizon programme about the Transit of Venus, which was not what I was expecting to see (and others had yet other ideas).  A biologist on the programme was explaining how the research may lead to us finding out if there is life on other planets, and we were also shown a reconstruction of Captain Cook’s travels in the 17th Century to ascertain the exact positioning of the event, which led to being able to size up the solar system.  In our imaginations about it, we each go on a different tangent.

Thanks for all those who sent in your reports of your experiences during the Transit of Venus. I will put them all in a file. Then I will transfer it to the Akashic records, so that if I am an Astrologer in the next century, I will retrieve the research when Venus next transits!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – A new outlook; some uncomfortable ideas
  • Tuesday – Mental stress, then some mental healing
  • Wednesday – Some stabilization
  • Saturday – the heart needs healing; some uncomfortable art