The heavy economic and social outlook predicted for the coming year is in line with the ongoing Saturn-Uranus opposition and Pluto’s recent entry and long-term stay in Capricorn.  We can all see where things are going on a material level.  But life is about the interplay of the material and the spiritual, and Jupiter’s entry into Aquarius on Monday will go some way to offsetting the material problems by bringing a resurgence of the human spirit and understanding.  Last year we saw the triple conjunction (Aquarius Convergence) of North Node, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, and Jupiter struggled for expression in Capricorn.  This year we see the next phase of the Aquarius Convergence, with Jupiter travelling through the more liberating sign of Aquarius and touching the North Node (karmic reward), Chiron (miraculous healing) and Neptune (spiritual renaissance) as it does so.  How aspects play out depends on a personal level on factors like consciousness and experience.  On a collective level correspondingly, collective consciousness.  The undeniable challenge of Saturn opposite Uranus this year is to be open to changes that the dismantling of outworn structures will bring.  But what I am seeing is that more and more people are finding their intuition, higher selves and divine guidance and trusting that they will receive guidance as to how they can alleviate and deal with matters which should arise in the future, and what new structures to build with the new energies.  Jupiter in Aquarius brings about a counterforce of light, a wave of people waking up to who they truly are and assisting a rise in overall consciousness which hopefully might make a difference.  If you are planning your year ahead, it may be helpful to know that Jupiter conjoins the North Node in February, bringing results for people’s efforts at spiritual growth and planetary initiatives.  Then in May/June/July Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune are conjunct which could bring very unusual circumstances, both in personal and planetary life, a potent concoction of planets which can bring forth alchemical changes.  With planets retrograding and then re-meeting, more conjunctions occur in December between Chiron and Neptune, and Jupiter and Neptune, so more chances to reap the benefits of these combinations.  If you have planets in Aquarius in your natal chart, they will be lit up by Jupiter this year, but even if you haven’t everyone will receive a helping hand from the Universe in some area of their life depending on where Jupiter is travelling in the natal chart.  If you know your Ascendant, the following signatures may help you see where the support is for you this year: Ascendant in Aquarius – in your personal growth and humanitarian projects.  Ascendant in Pisces – in your understanding of the inner world you inhabit, and bringing forth the treasures of your higher or deeper levels of self.  Ascendant in Aries – in friendship, in understanding of the roles you play with others, and in group efforts and leadership.  Ascendant in Taurus – you can plan ahead confidently in your career for this coming year, and make joyful life choices.  Ascendant in Gemini – in your understanding of life, philosophy and acting as a bridge between religions.  Ascendant in Cancer – in resourcefulness of the spirit and in application to the material and practical.  Ascendant in Leo – a blossoming of your personal relations, and reaching out to the world from the heart.  Ascendant in Virgo – in health, healing and community projects, or in Buddhist terms the dharma and the sangha.  Ascendant in Libra – in allowing your creativity, joy and imagination to come forth and in expressing your life more vividly.  Ascendant in Scorpio – in fostering the home and hearth, perhaps establishing your home as a centre of light, and in honouring the legacy of the ancestors.  Ascendant in Sagittarius – in a renaissance of your verbal or written expression, a flowering of communication and in acting as a link between people through travel.  Ascendant in Capricorn – in your inner and outer richness and understanding of the relationship between materiality and spirituality.  In wishing you all a Happy New Year, I would say try to understand the need for changes that appear in your life, and be heartened by the spiritual support which is available.  And Aquarius, this is your year!