24th June 2012, 09.12 Hrs in the U.K.

Astrologers have been giving out intimations about this square for some time, and it is now almost upon us.  So I am gathering my thoughts together and hopefully something I write will be relevant or useful to what is going on in your life.  Pluto and Uranus will be at 8 degrees 24 minutes of Capricorn and Aries respectively.  This is the first pass of the square, which will recur several times between now and March 2015.  This square was prevalent during the Great Depression of the 1930s, so economically we are seeing a parallel as well as in other ways.  It is a different time though, and the purpose of the square is to shed old forms to eventually make way for new forms.  With that in mind, you may start to see new and higher ways of doing things, and new pathways.  If not now, then be open to the possibility.

Identifying the Square

First you need to identify the action of the square in your life, if it is not glaringly obvious.  Basically two different energies in two different areas of your life have been building up a storm.

Knowing your Chart

If you know which areas Pluto and Uranus are currently transiting, it is easier to make sense of how they are affecting you, and your nearest and dearest.

Not Knowing your Chart

If you do not know which areas Pluto and Uranus are currently transiting, you may be able to sense which area is being affected by Pluto energy, and which area is being affected by Uranian energy.


The area containing Pluto is the more passive but psychologically demanding area, and the area in which you will by acceptance and absorption achieve the most work over a long period of time.  (Pluto and Capricorn the sign it is transiting are both slow and deep-seated).


The area containing Uranus will be the ignition or trigger for events and the surprise factor, as well as the rebellion.  It will make more noise and be more active (Uranus and Aries the sign it is transiting are both active and volatile).

Degrees of Involvement

If you have a planet or planets at 8 degrees of a sign, you are more likely to be involved in events, and the effect of the square will be enhanced.  You may feel some benefits to the square if Uranus or Pluto are trine one of your natal planets, or at least a mixed influence.  An example of this is Aung San Suu Kyi whose natal Pluto at 8 degrees Leo is currently receiving a trine from Uranus in Aries, and is now touring and expressing her physical freedom.


Meditating on the Uranus-Pluto square is very beneficial.  Both planets can topple the existing order, and tuning in gradually through meditation helps you to understand and anticipate each twist and turn, and reveal their meanings.  You can meditate on bringing Uranus and Pluto together in harmonious ways, seeing them working together to create change in a meaningful way with minimum suffering.  Create a balance between them.


Many of you have health issues or know someone in a long-standing health situation.  Go within to find the causes, but use everything you need:  bring together conventional and the unconventional medicine if necessary.  Everything plays a part, and more than one person may be of help, or a certain person will be the right one at a particular point in time (e.g. a dentist!).  Above all, be kind to yourself.


We need to co-operate but equally we all need our individual and authentic space and integrity.  Leave space in your diary for digestion and meditation.  Many of us are getting cranked up to achieve more and more, and working half-tired and not achieving our full potential, ironically.  Some of us, conversely, are zonked out, on benefits, possibly feeling worthless, and could do with some work and money and a little activation delegated by those who are overworked.  The Uranus-Pluto square is like a mechanism to shake the system in order to ultimately produce a new order, and this applies socially as well as in other fields.

Resistance to Change

Those with mainly Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will take to change more easily.

Those with mainly Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) may feel more innately opposed to change (though Aquarians less so, being ruled by Uranus).

Apparently, you cannot put new wine in old bottles, and like many people, that is what I often try to do.

Apparently, you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs either, which is what I also try to do.

I have always been in favour of evolutionary change rather than revolutionary change, feeling that it involved less suffering.

However, this square is a test of the maxim “Where there is no resistance, there is no harm.”

Chaos and Creation

Something which may not appear to be connected directly with this square, but which in the last year and more intensively recently, is the phenomenon of people talking to me about ownership of their ideas.  In stories in some cases going years back, people have been saying their ideas were stolen or they do not how to achieve boundaries about the protection of their own creations.  The book “Energetic Boundaries” by Cindi Hale deals with this in a useful way.

I myself have had experience of this recently, and wonder if it is to do with our Creativity being challenged by the current Chaos.  So we might expect to see in this period issues about ownership of information.  Julian Assange’s twists and turns (currently he is seeking asylum with the Ecuador Embassy in London) seem to mirror the big squares in recent years, so in some way he may be playing out a collective karmic issue.  Though not directly related to the issue I have highlighted here, there is a subtle link in that he was giving out information which in many cases was personal to people.  In your own case, if it is relevant, you may want to look into copyright and patency issues at this time.

It may be worth thinking about that often when ideas are seeded from the Unmanifest worlds they are seeding around the same time in several different places, and then take root where they can.


I have identified a gap in the market, for those able and willing to take it up.  We have the wonderful work on Archetypes by Carl Jung.  We have Archetype cards by Caroline Myss.  What we could do with are Archetype models, like model soldiers, we can push around and play with in on a board representing our Psyche.

Suggested Archetypes


Inner Warrior



Inner Child


Archetypes to take a back seat





How to Play.      

1.Assemble pieces if you have a set, or in your imagination.      

2.We need Harry Hill or his model to bring them all to life and announce the start of the game.   

3. Shuffle the Archetypes around until they form a sensible working model of how life should be


Do’s and Don’ts

This is not a time to be trying to initiate something new, or purchasing anything new, unless it has presented itself as a necessity.  It is a time of trying to deal with present realities.  It is a time describable as “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold” (Yeats and Chinua Achebe).  So depending whether, to skip to Hindu terminology, you are the Shiva (Destroyer), Brahma (Creator) or Vishnu (the Preserver) you will try to deal with this in different ways and have different roles and aims.  To take an example, the NHS:  If you are a Conservative politician (maintaining you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs) you may try to destroy the NHS, if you are an NHS worker you may try to preserve, nurture and cherish the NHS, and if you are an old-style Labour politician and upholder of the original Nanny State which created it, you may do all you can to save it.

Do Exercise your Free Will

[Apologies for mixing Archetypes and Hindu Gods in one blog]

The Global Picture

The global picture of the Uranus-Pluto square looks quite stark at the moment.  As I put it in a recent blog about the intractability of three key issues (10 June):

“You may have an idea of how clashing forces in your life are squaring up.  In the world situation, it relates to the dilemmas and intractable complexity of the Euro (to bail out or not to bail out), the Syrian Question (to intervene or not to intervene) and the climate issue (climate change or climate change denial).”

These issues could reach a peak this week.


All have been affected by the 2008 credit crunch through the 2009 recession denial , the 2010 wobble and the 2011 double dip and now the acuteness of the 2012 Euro crisis, from the rich man counting out his money and thinking he hasn’t got a big enough bonus to the single parent on the breadline counting each penny, some obviously more than others.

We are on the possible brink of a huge collapse economically, with all eyes on whether or not Greece will leave the Euro, and fears of the consequences.  For the moment, they have voted to stay in.  Even President Obama has urged Europe’s financiers to act, with the global economy balancing on this situation.

Eventually, the money system may have to change altogether.


Another key cause for concern at the moment: Bashar Al Assad is intransigeant in the face of civil war and almost universal condemnation.  The world is horrified at the suffering of the Syrian people, but Russia and China refuse to sanction any outside intervention or humanitarian relief.

The Middle East in general is in turmoil.  Foreign troops are still in Afghanistan, Iraq has never recovered from the Western intervention of 2003, and Israel and America are nervous of Iran’s nuclear capability.

But the most pressing situation, the one which could erupt further at the time of the Uranus-Pluto square, is the Syrian question.  The Iran question may wait at least until the next pass of the Uranus-Pluto square in September.


The question is whether it is nobler to act to alleviate climate change, or deny that climate change exists.

James Lovelock

James Lovelock, who formulated the Gaia theory, is one of those we automatically think of in relation to the climate, has Uranus exactly square his Nodal Axis, which is symbolic of the fact that he has done a U-turn from his original position that we must save the planet.  He now takes the position that she can and will save herself, and never mind us.  According to an interview in the Guardian by Leo Hickman he is relaxed about this change of mind (as befits one who has Uranus square the Nodal Axis): “But Lovelock is relaxed about how this reversal might be perceived.  He says being allowed to change your mind and follow the evidence is one of the liberating marvels of being an independent scientist”.  He dislikes wind turbines.

Other players voicing opinions on climate change include:-

George Monbiot (pro-nuclear and pro-GM crops) and Nigel Lawson (climate change denier)

Al Gore (in favour of saving the planet), Jonathon Porritt (against nuclear reactors) and Caroline Lucas (against nuclear power and pro-wind turbines)

It is possible that Gaia may have something to say on the subject this week.

Last Word

If in doubt, and if the going gets tough, remember you are a multidimensional being and have access to spiritual help from many sources in the Universe.