The Aspects

First up on Sunday morning we have a mellow trine between the Sun and Neptune enabling us to take advantage of the night’s guidance.  We will be primed spiritually, preparing us on some level for Uranus square Pluto, though it is relatively not as powerful an aspect as Uranus square Pluto.  It will help us to set our psychological tone.

At 9.12 a.m. (UK time) on Sunday the first square between Uranus and Pluto (Change vs More Change) becomes exact, and perceptions and courses of action may be required.  I have prepared a separate blog for this event, so if you want to know more, read the full blog at

The monumental square between Uranus and Pluto is followed on Monday (25th) by another only slightly less monumental square between giants: Jupiter and Neptune (it’s very unusual to have two such events in one week).  This I equate with a struggle of understanding between religion (Jupiter) and spirituality (Neptune). Thus you may see wrangles between different sections of the clergy intensified over  issues of current contention  such as homosexuality and gay marriage.  The aspect brings confusion on such matters.

I remember very well the last occasion that Jupiter was square to Neptune in January 2006. It was a big time for me. I was launching this website (the blog came a year later).  Eternal gratitude goes to Felicity Cook (the hostess with the mostest) who very kindly offered to host an Astrology & Past Lives workshop for me in Cambridge.   I was intrigued to see that Jupiter would be squaring Neptune.  I looked upon it as an opportunity to work with religion and spirituality together.  In preparation I created a set of past life cards for each sign of the zodiac – the Jupiter-Neptune square unleashed a lot of creativity in me.  Ideas proliferated (as they did in the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of 2009) and like an overgroaning buffet table I prepared too much material for the workshop.  Both Jupiter (expansion) and Neptune (nebulosity) are proliferators, and so one of the things I learned not to do under this square is to overcomplicate things, but that ideas could be synthesized.

Jupiter and Neptune together can also bring spiritual meetings and magical experiences.  I was fortunate to meet, among other wonderful people, at that first Astrology & Past Lives workshop, Sinhagupta (who recently wrote a guest blog “Towards a Scientific Meaning of Past and Future Life Work” available under the category Future Life).  She had been billed as a Buddhist, a Psychotherapist, and an Astrologer, and I was fully prepared for the possibility that I might have to hand the whole workshop over to her! …But instead, when I shook hands with her I immediately felt the connection that we had trained together on aspects of the Buddhist path in Lhasa a few centuries ago, and this knowledge supported me through my task.

Also in that group was our very own Sarah Berry, who talked openly, maybe for the first time, about her channelling, with her guide Hendry.  Neptune rules channelling, and Jupiter provides openings.

Other issues which may be highlighted in a challenging way that day are legal issues (Jupiter) and oil (Neptune).  Which is why we need a remake of the series Dallas…

At 8 a.m. (four minutes after the Jupiter-Neptune square),  Saturn turns direct, enabling us to ground any changes we feel to be sound.

Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday (26th) and we will be communicating and debating with more confidence and creativity that day.

The next day Wednesday (27th) Venus makes progress, turning direct.  Relationship issues will start to make headway again.

You can’t afford to rest on your laurels for more than a day though for on Friday afternoon (29th) Pluto opposes the Sun in Cancer making emotional issues difficult.  Situations in connection with home and family may force decisions, possibly as a result of directives from authorities.

Thirty five minutes later, at 15.37 hrs, there is light relief (or black humour) as Mercury and Jupiter team up in a double act to quicken business deals, broaden the mind through travel, or simply produce some cheap laughs such as slapstick humour (a Miranda Hart DVD will do nicely).

We need that restorative interlude, for another surprise twist in the proceedings occurs in the evening courtesy (or discourtesy) of Uranus squaring the sun, highlighting again perhaps some of the life material  which surfaced on Sunday, or an innovation required on an ongoing project.

Saturday (30th) ends the week with a beneficent trine between the Sun and Chiron, bringing out the healing potential from the week’s proceedings and enabling us to catch up with ourselves.  As a Water sign trine, it will also enable us to shed a little emotion.

Pre-Wimbledon Report

Wimbledon runs this year between 25 June – 8 July.  I hope to watch some Wimbledon next week, and will blog as and when.  Last year, after an appalling record of trying to track and predict, I finally redeemed myself (see below, under Sharapova).  Though the draws as I go to press have not yet been announced, I will kick off with a few, and then update my Wimbledon Watch throughout the tournament.

Here are a few tasters:

Novak Djokovic: At the start of Wimbledon Mars squares his Uranus, so he will need to keep his temper under control in order not to upset his applecart.

Rafael Nadal: At the start of Wimbledon 2012 Saturn squares his Mars, so it is possible that some awkwardness may result in injury, though maybe not serious in nature (something that if he rests for a day or so it may pass).

Roger Federer: He is looking good at the start of the tournament, with Mars sextile his natal Uranus (tensile strength) and Venus trine his Jupiter (mellow relationships), plus Saturn sextile his Neptune (realism and clarity).  Saturn is however conjunct his natal Pluto at that time, and some part of him may be feeling a little downbeat.

Dare I predict an overall win for Federer for the (I believe) third year running? I have been wrong before…

Sharapova: From my 2011 blog: “I redeemed my Wimbledon blogging reputation slightly yesterday at the Ladies Singles Final, by remarking that Sharapova’s aspects were not too good, and that Kvitova (who won) would be inspired.  Sue Barker, on interviewing Sharapova afterwards, stated:  ‘You came across a player who was inspired today’.”

At the start of Wimbledon 2012 Sharapova has Uranus square her Neptune (confusion), and like Djokovic Pluto sextiles her Pluto, and Pluto conjuncts her Neptune, which does not seem very promising.

Azarenka: There are going to be flashes of brilliance for Azarenka at the beginning of Wimbledon with Uranus trine her natal Sun, but at the same time Uranus squares her natal Saturn and Pluto transits her natal Saturn, so the Uranus-Pluto square affects her chart strongly.  She will be spirited at the start, but may not be able to overcome conditions which are not to her liking.

Kvitova: At the start of Wimbledon, Saturn squares her Saturn, but Pluto sextiles her Mercury (acute concentration).  From her natal chart we know she has good powers of concentration generally, so that is enhanced.  Jupiter also trines her Venus at this time (gracefulness) and North Node sextiles her Venus (karma in harmony).  Not bad.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – Spiritual reminders; Conflicting forces
  • Monday – Spirituality and Religion: a regrouping; Grounding
  • Tuesday – Debate and creative thought
  • Wednesday – Green light on Relationships
  • Friday – Psychological challenges; business deals; surprises
  • Saturday – A Healing balance