This week all the action is almost over before it begins, which will suit those who favour stillness…The Full Moon in Cancer happened in the early hours of this morning.  The Cancerian Full Moon is one of the most emotional and fullest of emotional experiences throughout the year, and the last few days have seen emotional tension on the rise.  Today you may be wondering “what was it all about?” but feeling relieved and released.  Much of the emotion may have been about family dynamics, or centred around the plight of children around the world, who are caught up in family rivalries or international tensions.  Re-winding the aspects to the beginning of last week, how was the start of Jupiter in Aquarius for you?  I noticed a pattern of focus on relationships which needed freeing, and children (perhaps Crystal children?) who were displaying astonishing powers of telepathy.  Back to today: Mercury goes retrograde this afternoon (in the UK) and it can spell communication mayhem between now and the beginning of February.  There is nothing you can do about large communication networks (except to send them light and healing) but you can get clear on your own personal communications, providing your mobile phone and email are working.  If you can’t see your own communication miasms clearly, then have a dispassionate look at the dynamics between other people which will show you what goes on.  You may then be able to apply the wisdom to your own dilemmas.  Mercury retrograde can cause havoc yes, but it can also give us a chance to look honestly and clearly at what we bring to our communications (e.g. assumptions, and jumping to conclusions).  Don’t abdicate responsibility for your communications under the mantra of “Mercury retrograde”.  At tea-time the winter Sun trines Saturn, which is a wry smile peeking through the clouds.  It is the Light saying “my rays are still here if you care to look”.  There is strength and support to be found in this aspect, but also realism.  It is a chance to take stock, and look at the balance and stability in your affairs.  And with these three astrological features today, you have the basis for the week: emotional release, communication awareness and reality check.  In the absence of other major aspects, there are a couple of semi-sextiles knocking around this week which otherwise might not have got a mention: Jupiter semi-sextiles Pluto, so power-struggles can be going on in one corner, and Chiron semi-sextiles Uranus in another corner bringing quirky health crises.  The first semi-sextile highlights the establishing of the tone for the New Order as Jupiter and Pluto have both recently changed signs and link up to co-ordinate their purposes and stake out their contrasts.  The second highlights the re-wiring of the nervous system for the changes which need to come in (especially under the Saturn-Uranus opposition which links in), adding to the complications of retrograde Mercury.  Toddlers may babble as they re-tune their language, and the elderly may also find it a strain to concentrate.  Calm spaces are needed for their re-adjustments, so meditators of the world unite!