Several aspects vie for attention this week, so I won’t dwell on the spectacular stories which are coming to me of breakthroughs currently happening to people with planets in early Aquarius, nor the dissatisfied Aquarians beating a path to my Customer Service Desk asking why they haven’t had their breakthrough yet.  Even non-Aquarians have been claiming a share of the cake, regardless of whether they have any planets in Aquarius at all, never mind the early degrees.  And they may well get a share, but I have noticed that those who have succeeded, have given up and released something which may not have been in their best interests, in order to create space and free up resources and psychic energy for something new to come in.  Jupiter in Aquarius is a lot about liberation.  Tonight’s conjunction of Mercury and Jupiter at 3 degrees Aquarius is a shining light of consciousness being beamed in one area of your life.  Take note that some helpful information may come to you today, either from an exterior or interior source.  Moving swiftly on, the Sun enters Aquarius tomorrow (Monday 19th): More light on Aquarius and Aquarians.  If you notice any Aquarians having spectacular breakthroughs at the moment, particularly those born between 20th and 24th January, try to work out the secrets of their success, or better still ask them outright what they did.  They are very quick at picking up messages from the Universe and acting on them.  But seize the moment, because they move at lightning speed and don’t hang around.  Listen intently too, for they may speak quickly, in alien tongues, or even expect you to decode their message telepathically.  On Tuesday (20th) the Sun conjoins Mercury, meeting up at 0 degrees Aquarius from opposite directions.   This is a good influence for clearing the mind of clutter, and streamlining your thinking.  Almost forgot to mention that Obama is getting inaugurated that day – Sun conjunct Mercury at the beginning of Aquarius favours a new focus, and fine words to match!  Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn on Wednesday (21st) and unfinished business comes under the microscope and can be researched.  This Mercury retrograde period encourages us to look at where our communication or thinking is foggy, and sometimes offers us another chance to revise earlier work and re-work old ground.  Thursday (22nd) brings a sextile between Mars and Uranus, a dynamic new broom sweeping clean, or rather a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner.  Excitement and anticipation are in the air, and If you are re-vamping areas of your life hoping to cash in on the bounty of Jupiter in Aquarius, now is the time to do so.  Clear your clutter, as much as it takes to clear toxins and debris, but also be aware of where you are putting those toxins and debris in the environment – recycling rules as much as ever.  Remember, the underlying reality that Pluto is in Capricorn… By the early hours of Friday morning (23rd) in UK time Venus conjuncts Uranus at 20 degrees Pisces, so you will feel a sense of aesthetic satisfaction about your efforts the night before, and socially there could be some interesting interaction (partying through the night, or bleary-eyed over the breakfast table).  The bonanza day in terms of aspects is Saturday (24th), with no less than 4 aspects occurring early morning (or during the night in the U.S.).  First a conjunction of the Sun and Jupiter at 4 degrees Aquarius ~ everyone gets to taste a slice of the Jupiter in Aquarius cake, as promised.  Then Mars trines Saturn, offering the opportunity to put practical plans into action.  Venus then opposes Saturn, bringing nostalgia and even a hint of regret into the mix, and the finishing touch is a sparkly bubbly champagne of Venus sextile Mars.  A twinkle in the eye, bravely blinking back the tears of the Venus opposite Saturn aspect, but gratefully scooping up the awards of the other three aspects.  Question is: Are you going to rehearse your acceptance speech, or will you be spontaneous?