The approach that Barack Obama outlined to the world’s problems could be adopted by our own Gordon Brown, here in the U.K.  That could come about if Gordon were to raise his game in alignment with the principles expressed by the new U.S. President in his inauguration speech: “On this day, we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord.”

This inauguration and new era seems like the answer to prayers that a new breed of politicians could emerge who are responding to energies from the spiritual realms, and to the needs of humanity and the planet.

If other politicians were to align themselves and support Obama, it would not only be a new America, but a new world.

Can Gordon surrender to a higher way of working?  He is Piscean (a sign capable of surrender to spiritual influence), and his Moon (subconscious tendency) is exactly conjunct with Obama’s Sun (conscious use of power).  It is a conjunction that successful marriages are made of.  They have Mars exactly opposed to each other, which on a personality level would mean a clash of wills, but on a higher evolutionary path can transform to a blending of will to a higher purpose.

Will Gordon take this opportunity?  There are signs that he may be thinking along those lines.  The inauguration chart shows Sun and Mercury trine with his natal Saturn, which may be highlighting an opportunity to re-think some of his resistance to the new.  But more significantly, Uranus (architect of change, and Obama’s Ascendant ruler) was exactly conjunct Gordon Brown’s North Node (karmic mission, soul contract), making him ripe for change, and for the recognition that a new way of giving service is open to him.  Its position in his 12th House reinforces the karmic nature of this choice.

Let us hope that Gordon, and other world leaders, can help raise the level of political consciousness and practice.