Uranus square Pluto Aftermath

Life is for learning, and we certainly learned a lot last week.  How was it for you?  I found new chambers of the heart last week, new aspects of the Inner Healer, and new depths in relationships.  I have always felt that if you are following the yellow brick road, you need to keep your heart open, and that worked for me last week.  It has been a dramatic week for many, which included sudden deaths, and so it was I found myself attending a funeral.  The congregation took their lead from the widow, and the widow expressed boundless love, even after losing a wonderful companion.  She was an inspiration.

Celebrity Report

Katie Holmes, with her Jupiter at 8 degrees Leo was able to turn the square to her advantage.  It brought emancipation for her with the Uranus of the Uranus-Pluto square trining her natal Jupiter at 8 degrees Leo.  During her difficult birth experience with Suri, she had been trapped, with Pluto exactly on her Sun in Sagittarius (at the powerful Galactic Centre to boot), both in a relationship and in a religious cult.  This square has given her the opportunity to break free.  Tom Cruise has an 8 degree planet too, Pluto in Virgo.  This is trined by Pluto, so in some ways his own psychology had reached a powerful peak, and this may have been the spur or signal for Katie to act in her own interest.

Global Issues

The Middle East was mentioned in my Uranus-Pluto picture last week, but in Syria there were no new significant developments, just a further slide into more killing and no resolution of the conflict.  There were more rumbles about Iran, but no firm news.

In Finance, the European Union were cornered into making an agreement this week after months of prevarication, agreeing to iron out flaws in their bail out arrangements.  A new scandal erupted in relation to the global banking scam, centring around Barclays plc.  The RBS and Nat West Banks were continuing to grapple with the crisis caused by a computer glitch, which had occurred just before the Uranus/Pluto square.

On the Climate Change front, in the U.K., Northern Counties and the Midlands experienced flooding and tornadoes. On a personal note, a close relative was caught in a storm in Leicester, with giant hailstones, and literally had to be plucked from the maelstrom (Uranus square Pluto). She described the hailstones as being the size of £2 coins.  Elsewhere they were described as being the size of golf balls.  Storms also lashed the Eastern Coast of America, causing power outages, and hailstones were reported as being the size of 10p coins by Sky News.  I don’t know how that translates in U.S. coinage.


The surprise passing of the U.S. Healthcare bill also seems connected with the shock factor of the Uranus-Pluto square.  The Observer this morning welcomed it, dubbing it Obama’s gift that will keep on giving.  Our girl in the U.S., commenter Dia, who is herself a health worker, sees the pitfalls (the Jupiter square Neptune illusions of last week) and in the comments to last week’s blog provides some links to help you see through the complexities of the issue. Obamacare also benefited from last week’s conjunction between Jupiter and the South Node, more of which later.

If you are wondering what on earth this section is about, and have not been following the Uranus/Pluto square, read last week’s blog dedicated to this subject.

The Aspects

Tomorrow Jupiter at 4 degrees Gemini conjuncts the True South Node, and we might expect a connection with some past life karma.

Last week I wrote in the Comments box:

Extra Aspect:

On Thursday 28th Jupiter is conjunct the Mean South Node in Gemini – a chance to call karmic favours or be called to them! This will be on a more material basis, for Jupiter will be conjunct the True South Node next week, which will apply more on a spiritual basis.

If you noticed what happened last Thursday, events tomorrow may take them a step further.  Commenter Dia observed that the Obamacare bill went through in America, and Jupiter/South Node was transiting Obama’s Moon.  However it is to be noted that Neptune is also still square Jupiter at this time, and further complications are likely to ensue.

On a personal level, you may be going back into an old karmic situation, for all players to update their awareness.

Mars enters Libra on Tuesday (3rd), which is the sign of Peace, but the God of War is not sailing into peaceful waters (or Airspace) because it will encounter the Uranus/Pluto square in the first decanate of the Cardinal signs later in July.  So it is imperative now to cultivate your Inner Peaceful Warrior Archetype and hone that skill before the middle of July. You may not have an effect on the world situation, but you will have an effect on your own patch of the world.

In the early evening there is a Full Moon in Capricorn, which may accentuate awareness of responsibility and relations with authorities.  Some of this awareness you may be able to apply to situations connected with the Uranus/Pluto square, as the Moon and Sun are at 12 degrees of Capricorn and Cancer respectively, and not so far away from the 8 degree Cardinal action.  The Full Moon is likely to highlight divisions and responsibilities in society between the haves and the have nots.

On Wednesday lunchtime (4th) there may be start to be a lighter mood, and an upswing to the week, with the waning of the Moon, and a sextile between Mercury and Venus.  This aspect will be good for writers, artists and writer-artists.  It will be good for reporting your recent experiences, and discussing and negotiating harmoniously.  It is an aspect I also associate with the thriving of Café culture.  Try out a new Café which might have sprung up since the last Mercury-Venus teaming.  My old office used to try out every new local Restaurant in turn once a month – maybe your office could start such a policy for Cafes, on Wednesday.

You’ll be rewarded because at tea-time Mercury will be trine with Uranus, and perhaps efforts and discussions earlier in the day will have stimulated new ideas of the way to proceed.  You may have a preconceived idea of how a negotiation will go, and be surprised that it is likely to proceed better than expected.  I usually suggest space in your diary, but if you have a full diary on Wednesday, you’ll be on a roll rather than flat out.

Thursday (5th) brings a recurrence of Venus sextile Uranus, because Venus has turned direct and is retracing her path.  I have dubbed this the aspect for exciting meetings (and have had good feedback on it), and you could meet your future or someone influential to your future on that day.  The link to my special blog on this is:


Mid-Wimbledon Report


Venus Williams

Venus had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Sjogren’s Syndrome, and lost to Elena Vesnina of Russia. Venus has Pluto rising in Libra in her natal chart, and had been ill with a virus from August 2011 at Cincinnati, when Saturn was exactly on her Ascendant, and square to her Midheaven.  Then Saturn transited the Pluto in her first house.  She was pleased to have been at Wimbledon, and her current transits reflect this, with the intense Saturn transits behind her.

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has his Part of Fortune at 8 degrees of Libra and this formed a T-square with Uranus and Pluto.  He was beaten by the 100-ranking Lukas Rosol.  Last week it was wishful thinking of me to have interpreted the square of Saturn to Nadal’s Mars as being a minor injury.  I remember registering at the time that it could be more than that, but even with the Uranus-Pluto square, I did not envisage such an upset (the first time in 10 years that a player of his ranking hasn’t made the third round).


Roger Federer: He was looking good at the start of the tournament, as I wrote last week that with “Mars sextile his natal Uranus (tensile strength) and Venus trine his Jupiter (mellow relationships), plus Saturn sextile his Neptune (realism and clarity).”  Saturn was however conjunct his natal Pluto at that time, and some part of him may have been feeling a little downbeat.

Dare I sustain my prediction of an overall win for Federer for the (I believe) third year running? I have been wrong before…but I have a stubborn Taurean Ascendant.

By the end of the tournament, Jupiter will be trine his Saturn, so his confidence will be much reassured, and that downbeat feeling vanquished.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray produced an amazing victory last night against Bhagdatis, a Cypriot who sustained his dazzling Jupiter trine Moon smile even in the fourth set of the match, even with the crowd against him, and up against the clock (deadline 23.00 Hrs).  The match ended at a historically late hour (23.02 Hrs).  Andy displayed weak ankles, falling over a record number of times.  His natal weakness of the ankles is shown in his chart by Mars opposing his Uranus (ankles) and Mars is currently squaring that opposition, in a T-square.  But Jupiter is transiting Murray’s Mercury at this moment of time.

By the end of the tournament, he is left with the heavyweight aspects of Pluto sextile his Pluto, and Pluto conjunct his Neptune, which is not likely to distinguish him enough from the crowd at the top, though he will have shown some steel.

Novak Djokovic

The end of Wimbledon looks strong for him: Uranus conjuncts his North Node, which could bring out his brilliance, Pluto sextiles his Pluto so he is in touch with the depths of his being, and Pluto conjuncts his Neptune, so he will either be overwhelmed or find his mastery.  He was born exactly a week later than Andy Murray in the same year.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Tsonga is a tough opponent, and may well endure to the final.  Natally he has an opposition between his Mars and Saturn which runs in conjunction with his North Node and South Node axis.  Like Djokovic, Murray and Bhagdatis he was born in 1985!  A good vintage year for tennis players.

Petra Kvitova

She is a favourite to win, but at the end of Wimbledon, Uranus squares her Uranus, so she may play well but not quite reach the final.  There may be an upset along the way. I will continue to look at her chart for nuances, as she did me proud last year.

Victoria Azarenka

As reported last week, there are going to be flashes of brilliance for Azarenka at the beginning of Wimbledon with Uranus trine her natal Sun, but at the same time Uranus squares her natal Saturn and Pluto transits her natal Saturn, so the Uranus-Pluto square affects her chart strongly.  Similar conditions prevail at the end, though the Pluto influence wanes slightly, so that does not look promising.

Serena Williams

Serena is playing well, and intends to play doubles with her sister at the Olympics, but the astrological picture is one of light and shade: Jupiter is trine her Sun (personal triumph) but Saturn is conjunct her Pluto (a great stress). My feeling is that despite her Jupiter aspect she will not make the final.

Maria Sharapova

Maria, a finalist at Wimbledon last year, currently has Uranus squaring her natal Neptune (complex ongoing issues) plus Pluto conjunct her natal Neptune (more complex ongoing issues) so the aspects could show internal distractions and perhaps a loss of concentration at some point.

I haven’t identified a winner among the ladies, yet, but will work hard to do so before the final!  I am not used to this sports pundit lark, and hubby says I had better hurry up and identify a winner.

I hope to update the Wimbledon picture throughout the week, as I did last year, so tune in from time to time if it interests you.

Cancerian Season

Another friend June has written for the Zodiac Masterclass Series, the story of how she formed her family.  It’s a longer read than usual, so I suggest you print it out as holiday reading, and pack a box of tissues.  Somewhere along the story, when you’re least expecting it, you will crumble.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – karmic rewards
  • Tuesday – war and peace; to have and to have not
  • Wednesday – Café culture; invention and originality
  • Thursday – exciting meetings