Assad and Syria

Assad may have been protected for the moment (Jupiter transitting his North Node).  But Assef Shawkat, Assad’s brother-in-law, was killed last week as Pluto squared his Mars (a transit which often brings about violence, if it is karmically due).

For the chart of Syria itself, some progress by force is indicated for this time: Uranus trine its Pluto and Mars sextile its Pluto.  As a pacifist, I would not advocate progress by force!

Other Approaches

Sarah and I are continuing to focus on the situation in Syria in our Light Pod work (see my Light Pod page, if you would like to join in thought).

But another member of our circle, Laura, who occasionally contributes here, has had a series of visions about the future of Syria.

She recently reported:

“A small group of men (about 7-8) will emerge from within Syria itself to lead it forward into a new democracy.

The forces of equilibrium will calm the nation such that civil war will not continue and will be replaced by talk. The Syrian people will love their freedom to be able to talk openly. This will confound the US and Russia.

The present struggle is bringing a deep poison to the surface of the nation so that it can be eradicated.”

And in February, during the violence in Homs, she saw in response to her concern over the bombing of Homs:

1. The entire conflict is being monitored carefully by the Spiritual Hierarchy so that the transformation of power within Syria is along evolutionary rather than revolutionary lines.  It requires a careful balancing.  Also, the “paralysed” nature of the world response – symbolised by the huge cold high pressure over Russia and Europe (also a reference to “the Cold War”) – allows time for a new approach to be grasped and followed through.

2.  Russia would continue to have its port in Syria but as seen in 5 years’ hence, the port was being shared with NATO and that Russia was now partnering, if not already a member of NATO. Syria was at peace.

She believes that these visions reflect the growing influence of the Age of Aquarius – with its emphasis on brotherhood and sharing – on the life of humanity, which is gradually superceding the Age of Pisces with its emphasis on hierarchy and “strong leaders”. Many commentators and experts on the Middle East are viewing the situation through “Piscean” rather than “Aquarian” eyes and so assuming that the Syrian nation will fall apart without a strong man to unite the people.


In the early hours of today a big cheery aspect begins a cheery week!   Jupiter sextiles Uranus, and it doesn’t matter if you slept through it, this is a major aspect which will leave you with benefits and a major boost (even if in the form of an insightful dream).

The house in your chart where Uranus currently resides is where you are having your own Arab spring. The house Jupiter is in is where you may be experiencing improvements in communication, writing, or education (despite Michael Gove).

These two planets are working together to improve your life. Even if you have had a recent setback (Uranus turning retrograde) there may prove to be a blessing in disguise (a new upgrade of sorts perhaps?).

This aspect last occurred 4 years ago, i.e. in living blog memory.  I wrote for 21/5/08:

It’s a red-letter day in terms of achievement, surprises and possibly even miracles. If you find it so, you’ll have Jupiter sextile Uranus to thank. … you’ll  find everything clicking into place in a powerful way on Wednesday for those days were stepping stones to experiencing the full range of Jupiter-Uranus successes. Anthony Robbins, eat your heart out!”

Unfortunately, as I was not keeping such meticulous records at that time, I don’t have a record of what transpired, but I do know that I painted the Gemini Butterfly Mandala on the last Jupiter-Uranus sextile, which is pictured on my Future Lives page as it depicts future vision.  You may care to work with that in relation to today’s aspect.  This aspect is also good for working in groups or with groups.  There is also a sense of liberation with this aspect, because both planets express liberation.

Moving on slightly, at 10.01 a.m. in the U.K.  the Sun enters its home stage of Leo, as if to reinforce the upbeat mood.  There might be a burst of sunlight over the U.K. as the Atlantic jet stream edges slightly north. It has been raining as long as we can remember (since April). We may start to behave as though it is summer, and not some non-descript season. Of course in some parched areas of the U.S. they have been having a drought (as we did earlier in the year) and may be hoping otherwise.

Leo Guide to Leadership

The sign of Leo isn’t just about sunshine and having a good time.  One of the qualities of the sign Leo characterwise is the ability to take on power, and experiment with its right usage.  We have today the next in the series of the Zodiac Masterclass, and it’s entitled “The Leo Guide to Leadership”.  If power is something you are working on in this incarnation, do read this article for handy hints, if not for this lifetime maybe for the next.  Here’s the link:

Aspects contd.

The third gift of the day (we are still talking about Sunday 22nd), around Elevenses in the U.K., is Mercury sextile Mars, a brisk aspect conducive to getting things done, and getting things thought about and communicated.  Take your coffee on the go, and multi-task.

On Tuesday (24th) Jupiter squares Chiron and it might be the only fly in the week’s ointment.  A big project you might have successfully set up on Sunday may demonstrate a flaw in its development.  For instance if you started a painting, you may need to halt your work while you ponder a problem in its execution.  Any health crises will be along the lines of overstretching, e.g. tearing a hamstring.  Take note athletes in practice.

In the early evening of the same day Mercury sextiles Jupiter (more good news, possibly alleviating the news about the hamstring earlier). Good aspects just keep on coming. This aspect is excellent for sales and transatlantic communications. It is good for positive thinking (much to the chagrin perhaps of the fashionable anti-positive thinking movement) and philosophical ideas, for learning and all levels of education from primary to postgraduate.

On Wednesday (25th) Mercury makes another fortunate aspect, this time with Uranus (our mental equipment is working well this week by the way, although tempered by the fact that that Mercury is still retrograde).  Geminis and Virgos may benefit from this trend, even if they were hit for six by last Sunday’s retrograde turn.  We last met the aspect of Mercury trine Uranus on the day it was announced that the scientific discovery of the “God particle” had been made. There may be further or related discoveries in the news, and in our own lives we may make discoveries, which may be more pertinent to our own lives, and maybe more trustworthy.

At the end of the week, on Saturday (28th) the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 6 degrees Leo, which favours intelligent use of leisure, celebrations, such as weddings, children and creativity – Oh yes, and sport!  This may be my last reference to the Olympics – savour it (I may eat my words though).  If it is your birthday or you have 6 degrees Leo rising, you will have an intense experience of yourself.

Part 2 of the Computer Saga

I am glad to have found that my initial reporting of the computer saga produced some merriment in various quarters.  At the time I was too shell shocked to write Part 2, and anxious about the result.  So here is the less funny denouement:

The printer travelled to my brother-in-law’s house (because the computer appeared to freeze quite often while printing), together with the other components of my computer equipment.  It was placed in the hallway, and in fact did not need to be part of the investigation as it happened.  My brother-in-law completed the overhaul of the computer to his satisfaction, and was just finishing this task, when he picked up the printer and carried it into his living room and placed it on an antique chair.  (You may be beginning to sense what happened next…)…He was wearing a new and fresh pair of cream trousers…(Have you got the picture yet…?)…when he realized that there was black ink on the chair, then noticed a trail on the new cream Berber carpet tracing his route, and also on the smart trousers.

So it was that these horrors were revealed to us when we arrived to collect the perfectly mended computer.  In my brother-in-law’s considerable experience of mending computers nothing like this had ever happened before.

We were in suspended disbelief last Sunday, but at the start of the week the Insurance representative called and confirmed that this is a common occurrence with inkjet printers, and the damage to the carpet and antique chair will be compensated.  My brother-in-law would like to make it known that inkjet printers should always be carried straight and level so that the tray catches the ink.  Evidently, my hubby may have tilted it when carrying it to the car.  I now have a laser printer, which apparently would not leak in this way.

I am still trying to work out the spiritual and symbolic meanings of the event, with a little help from my friends.

Future Life Progression and Astrology

An unexpectedly strange phenomena has occurred in my working practice.  Normally, I would expect to work with someone’s astrological chart prior to doing a session of Future Life Progression with them.  Recently though, it was the reverse, i.e. that someone had Future Life Progression, then asked for an astrological reading for the year ahead.  So it was like looking at the year ahead through a different lens, one that already knew what the future would be for the client.

If you are interested in a mandalic depiction of today’s Jupiter-Uranus sextile, do have a look at my Future Lives page, where you can find the mandala I painted on the last Jupiter-Uranus sextile, which in the future of the past formed the vision of my Future Life work.  Many of my mandalas have destinies which I did not foresee when I painted them.

In my Future Life Progression work, I am working on a sequel to the South Node Archetype article I wrote last year.  The future article I see as producing 12 Future Life Archetypes for the North Node, from my understanding and experience of working on the future with clients.  That may sound like a stretch, but it is something I see for myself.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – A hooray! A salute to the Sun! A go-ahead day!
  • Tuesday – A hitch, but later good news
  • Wednesday – brilliant ideas, mental adventures and discoveries
  • Saturday – intense thought and creativity