We are all having to build a more flexible and expansive emotional range to grow into the extreme climate of Pluto in Capricorn combined with Jupiter in Aquarius (unless we spend our time permanently in meditation).  It is proving to be quite a bi-polar existence for many, with high highs and low lows.  I am still collecting stories of Jupiter-in-Aquarius successes, but that file is now neck-and-neck with the file of Pluto-in-Capricorn reality checks. Tomorrow’s Solar eclipse/New Moon at 6 degrees Aquarius will have a decisive air about it.  In emotional as well as political matters, there will be a sense of resolve, a feeling of “no going back, because we can’t afford to waste emotional energy on past grievances”.  Learn from the past, be in the now, look to the future.  If work is your scenario, Oval office or any other kind of office, make a new start, and perhaps find a different way of doing things.  Maybe you have been trying to let go of something, not quite daring to.  Your perceptions may change to allow you to do this.  The evening (in the U.K.) brings the chance to effect a rapprochement, a tete-a-tete in which to speak and hear soothing words.  It is a chance to lighten the atmosphere where needed.  However, if there are deeper issues involved, there may be a tendency to gloss over things.  Tuesday (27th) morning brings another interactive aspect, but with more of an edge: Mars conjunct Mercury.  Any words you have put extra glaze on the night before may be analyzed and expressed back to you in a more black-and-white way.  Words on Tuesday morning will be spoken more hastily, and may reveal deeper feelings or passions.  Just for fun, try writing a poem on Monday night entitled say “Unity”, and then try writing it on Tuesday morning.  Bet it’ll come out completely different (don’t send them to me).  On Thursday (29th) in the morning, the Sun conjuncts the North Node at 9 degrees Aquarius, which should provide a karmic focus and rewards for some.  It is a good day to ask “What am I doing here?” and hopefully to have the question answered in some way.  Karmic signals can come through people you meet, and often in odd situations which alert you to issues which might have otherwise gone unnoticed.  A stranger may ask for a favour, a journey may take an unexpected route, and instead of taking things at face value, you may see more of the things that are on heaven and earth.  Just as well, because next week, we are about to have the second pass of that Saturn-Uranus opposition.  Check your diary or blogs for early November if you need to jog your memory, so that you are ready for phase two of Change.