A Guide for getting through the Olympics

  1.  If you are a fan, just watch it
  2. If your spouse isn’t a fan, get a separate telly
  3. If you are an aspect-watcher bear in mind that on the opening ceremony Chiron is on the Ascendant, which indicates either that the event is a healer (buoying up hope) or that it will produce a healing crisis (not enough security staff) or the wrong national flags may go up…  There are contradictory aspects to the chart of the U.K.: Jupiter transits its Ascendant (jolly) while Saturn squares its Moon (deflatory).  Certainly we will have the anticipation of the Jupiter transit, and the Saturn square may refer to something political.  I will have another look at the U.K. transits on the following Sunday (5th August).
  4. If you are interested in the sports personalities, I may be drawn to look at one or two charts through the contest (see Bradley Wiggins below)
  5. If you want to approach the whole thing from a positive new age ley-line perspective, here is a link you may find interesting:


Here is a small extract from the newsletter:

“The Olympic village and stadium are as well positioned and plugged into the spiritual energies of London as any sacred site.

An alignment from Parliament Hill to Barking Abbey runs directly through it. The midsummer sunrise line from St Paul’s Cathedral goes through the Olympic Village.

The May Day and August Ist sunrise alignment to St Paul’s goes through the stadium.

August 1st is the old celtic festival of Lughasahd, a fire festival celebrating the celtic god Lugh, “The Shining One” a god of light and “solar hero” archetype.

The River Lea is named after Lugh. It rises in Luton (precisely where the famous Michael line runs through the town) and , on its way down to the Thames, it surrounds the Olympic stadium like a sacred enclosure.”

He advises:


7.Alternatively, avoid most of London, if you can’t face the crowds

8.If you like watching television, but are not a fan of the Olympics, I just can’t help you, but will let you     know if I find something else to do.

Sports Personality of the Week

Bradley Wiggins

At the start of Sports Month (Leo) and on the Jupiter-Uranus sextile (a peak of excitement), Bradley Wiggins accomplished an amazing victory.  He competes again this first week of the Olympics.

From last week’s comments box:

Sport Section:

Tour de France Special

Bradley Wiggins is the “man of the moment”. What strikes me about his natal chart from the perspective of karmic astrology is that he has Uranus closely square his Nodal Axis: the sign of a man that brings together his Soul Group (when the negative tendencies of Uranus square the Nodes has been worked through), and works well at the hub of a team.


After a memorable weekend due to Sun conjunct Mercury in Leo, we continue in a positive vein with two trines on Tuesday (31st).

The first trine is between the Sun and Uranus, which is excellent for setting up forward-thinking initiatives, such as from your future visions.  This supports innovations, originality, creativity, as well as scientific initiatives.  It favours individuals with new ideas, and group activities.

The second trine is between Venus and Saturn.  This favours long-term commitments in relationships, or joint projects of a practical nature.  It may be helpful to the elderly, e.g. special outings.  Declarations and contracts which have an emotional component too, such as pre-nuptual agreements, would also come under the blessing of this trine, as would engagements of a serious or long-term nature (as distinct from a passing fancy of being married in Las Vegas).

The mood may change the next day, under pressure from Thursday’s (2nd) Full Moon in Aquarius.  This requires us to understand the balance of individual need (Sun in Leo) opposed to group interaction (Moon in Aquarius).  We need to somehow gain an overview of both, so that we can work with this without too much discomfort, and may need to be less attached to outcomes, or to one or other side of the equation.

Here we are assisted by a sextile between Jupiter and the Sun later the same day.  There may be an element of luck assisting our approach.  We may feel more confident in a venture than usual.  We may feel in a holiday mood, or in the mood for a flutter on the lottery.  We may wrench ourselves from our list of worries, and decide to be carefree for at least a day.  Leisure outings in nature would be suitable for Thursday, such as a visit to a butterfly farm.  Or take a trip to the Orkneys, this week declared to be the happiest place in Britain.

Mel C as Mary Magdalene

Not only do we have a new Jesus (“Ben”) courtesy of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but we have the interesting choice of Mary Magdalene played by Mel C in the new production, as debuted on Wednesday night during the final of Superstar, singing “I don’t know how to love him”.  We all (including Dawn French) probably have a secret hankering to play the part and give expression to our inner Mary Magdelene archetype, but Andrew has chosen Mel.  Mel C currently has three powerful trines in her chart, including Jupiter trine her natal Venus (a musical opportunity).  Some felt her performance to be low key, but I like a bit of demureness in Mary Magdalene.  Mel’s Virgo the Virgin Ascendant with Moon rising assures that she understands the profundity of her task, and fits well with the role.  Not mixing her up with the Virgin Mary or anything, but they are both aspects of His anima.

Year Ahead Updates

I went to have my eyebrows shaped this week (as I am attending a wedding shortly), at the local Beauty Profile establishment in Downham Market.  I said “How much is that?”  The beauty practitioner said “That’ll be £7.50”  I giggled and said “That’s an interesting price!”  She said “Why?”  I said “That’s an unusual amount.  It’s what I charge for a Year Ahead as an Astrologer”.  I have kept my prices level for years, and they are displayed on my Astrology page.  My current waiting list is about 2 months long, if you are contemplating taking the plunge.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – Good for friendship, groups and the elderly; creative ingenuity and loyalty
  • Thursday – Tension from opposing needs, then a holiday atmosphere