After a quiet week, which astrological financial guru Raymond Merriman described as “the calm before the storm”, we have a challenging week emanating from the Uranus-Pluto square, with this time Venus becoming enmeshed.  That means relationships will be coming under the hammer, especially those already under strain.  Taureans and Librans may feel they are under stress more than most.  The T-square configuration with Venus and Uranus-Pluto is not as damaging as the Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square a few weeks ago, but it is more up close and personal, given that many of us feel that relationships are central to our happiness. However, there are saving graces, which will go some way to mitigating the difficulties.

On Wednesday (15th) Venus opposes Pluto, an aspect which occurs once a year. This aspect last occurred 9/7/11.  This requires being true to yourself: if you bend over backwards to please another, neither of you may win.  It is a difficult day for the Arts, e.g. Arts Funding, but Sports Funding may win out after the euphoria of the Olympics.

Mars will then conjunct Saturn in Libra.  Much is made of this aspect, which represents deliberate and controlled action, in a negative light, by many astrologers.  Having this in my natal chart, I don’t see it as negative but it is a frustrating aspect, well-described by Alan Oken as “driving with the brakes on”.  It is not a good day, for instance, for taking a driving test.

However, the Venus opposition with Pluto may drag it down, and may even cause people to subscribe events to Mars conjunct Saturn which may derive from Venus opposite Pluto.  If it is in connection with your love life, it’s a Venus-Pluto issue.  If it is in connection with physical life or exercise (such as injury at the gym) it is indeed down to Mars-Saturn.

Saving Grace No. 1 occurs on Thursday (16th) in the shape of Venus trine Chiron, when a balmy interlude may occur and you remember how you can heal yourself, either from the love dart or the gym injury.

This may be balanced out, or cancelled out, by Venus squaring Uranus the same day, but rest assured the week starts to improve after that.  Venus squaring Uranus completes the relationship picture of the T-square between Venus, Uranus and Pluto this week.  You might be bailing yourself out using the meditative healing space of Venus trine Chiron, and as fast as you are doing that, unexpected relationship challenges may be occurring from the square to Uranus.  You need fast answers from the Universe about the true nature of relationships, so set up a high-wire contact with your guides or your Soul or the Masters or God from the start of the day so that the answers come through without too much delay.

Friday (17th) may find you shell-shocked from the T-square, but things will start to ease and there are a couple of easier, indeed quite nice, features to look forward to that day to help you let go and start anew.

Firstly (Saving Grace of the Week No. 2) the Sun sextiles Saturn, enabling you to take the lessons which have been dealt this week, and place the first brick in a new foundation.  Take practical steps to support yourself.

Secondly (S.G. No. 3) there is a New Moon in Leo just in the nick of time to save your morale: Dust down your Inner Hedonist Archetype and paint the town gold.  Count your blessings, and if you’re a gardener let go of any molehills on the lawns of your mind.

Olympic Round-Up

Sportsman of the Week

Usain Bolt declared himself to be Sportsman of the Week, pushing past all his rivals and other contenders with the words “I’m a living legend”.  He wins the trophy for Self-Esteem, which all of us pursue, but often when it is attained it is frowned upon by others.  Be proud of your attainments.  Always believe in your Soul.

Natally, Usain has Moon conjunct Jupiter (Pisces) in a T-square with Chiron (in Gemini – the sign for sprinting) opposite Uranus in Sagittarius.

He has Mercury sextile exactly Venus, Venus trine Chiron (the early aspect for Thursday this week, you may find it useful to oberve),  and Mercury sextile Chiron, this package making for a very sorted character.

For his first win this week, Sun exactly equidistant his exact Venus-Mercury sextile.

Saturn was conjunct his South Node this week, indicating he has fulfilled his karmic brief for a karmic cycle.

In addition, Mars was exactly sextile his Uranus (enhancing his speed).

Please note this is the last in the series

Gabby Logan

Gabby’s hand jive movements to “Gold” by Spandau Ballet at the evening Olympic round-ups on our TV screens should be made compulsory exercise in schools.  She also needs to reveal how she managed to look utterly fresh each evening.

Chris Hoy’s Mother

One of the most priceless images this week, was the sight of Chris Hoy’s lovely mother trying not to watch his winning cycling performance.  Chris’s mother is represented in his chart by Moon in Capricorn, so she has been through a lot.  Most people would be able to identify with her, mothers or not.  I know people who were not able to watch Andy Murray, for instance, and they are not even related to him.  And apart from what was at stake competitively and even if you were not involved emotionally, some of the events such as BMX biking looked incredibly dangerous.

Birthday Statistics

I spotted that Gold medal winners Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Mo Farah (all different years) were all born on 23rd March.  Toddlers with such credentials may be trainable from now for the 2030 games as per David Cameron’s instructions, but not all children are built to be future sports champions.

Changes to the English Language

New verbs which have been added to the English language include “to medal”, “to podium” and “to red button” (the last one from Lord Coe himself). Lynne Truss and the Oxford English Dictionary take note for your next editions.

Special Mentions:

Andy MurrayAfter the cathartic post-Wimbledon emotion, our lad came good, refuellling our hopes for next summer’s Wimbledon.  I have written about him astrologically this summer…

Nicola Adams – Modestly Nicola said the Gold had “made her day”, understatement of the week.  She seems such a sweetie.  Boxing is traditionally the province of Taurus, but her Scorpio Sun is suitable for boxing.   She has Mars at the powerhouse of the Galactic Centre, conjunct Neptune (physical sensitivity) and sextile Saturn (control).

Tom Daley – What self-control and precision that young man has.  He was genuinely happy with his Bronze medal, and has such an authentic smile.  David Beckham described that smile as lighting up the whole stadium.  He has North Node conjunct Pluto in Scorpio (karmic mission of Diving) plus Uranus conjunct Neptune in Capricorn (the ability to execute complex instructions).  The winner of his category U.S. David Boudia, who just pipped him to the post, has his North Node (karmic mission) in Pisces (also Diving) with the support of an exact trine to Chiron (a facility for Self-Healing).  By transit too, Boudia was blessed with a winning aspect of Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter.

I’m exhausted…My father (who is in a nursing home) has been placed in front of the Olympics coverage, in his wheelchair.  He was asked: “Have you been watching the Olympics?”  He replied: “Only when they make me.”  He has great difficulty in speaking, but managed to say “I don’t know where they get the strength and energy.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – Difficult day
  • Thursday – Saving grace interlude, followed by relationship upset
  • Friday – Restoring equilibrium, and partying