The Strange Case of Julian Assange, International Man of Mystery

Originally from Australia, they seek him in the U.S., they seek him in Sweden, while he is holed up in the U.K. and Ecuador hopes to rescue him.  Currently a man of Neptunian mystery transits, with the North Node transiting his Neptune and Neptune squaring his Saturn.

He has friends in high places, and many followers who believe in his ideology of freedom of information, an extreme stance which in some cases reveals information which has been withheld in order to protect.  It is difficult to judge the rights and wrongs of the matter, but he is an intriguing character.

He is a Sunsign Cancerian, and physically you can see that in the characteristic sensitive skin.  The relationship with his mother has been important in his life and work, another Cancerian characteristic.

He started as a hacker-activist, then founded Wikileaks in 2006.  The timing of his undercover (Sun in 8th House, Ascendant and Moon in Scorpio) operation, the expose of U.S. military files, was under the global and dramatic aspect of Jupiter square Pluto in July 2010.  I wrote: “ Jupiter in Aries (the individual, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks) square (versus) Pluto ( the Institution: United States, Defence) with Pluto also representing the uncovering of information.” Whatever has driven Assange, it is something bigger than himself, and the consequences seem set to rumble on.

For the world, the Jupiter/Pluto link seems key to his activities.  By the Jupiter-Pluto trine in March this year, it was observed on the blog that, by then facing the extradition to Sweden: “At the first leak (Jupiter square Pluto) Uranus was trine Julian’s natal Neptune supportive to his surprise move.  As Jupiter trine Pluto Assange faces two hard squares: Neptune square his natal Saturn, and Pluto squares his natal Uranus, compounding the effect of the prevailing Uranus/Pluto square which all of us are now dealing with.”

There is no doubt he is an intelligent man (good in Chess, I expect), and one of the intriguing questions is why he picked Ecuador, and it happens that they are willing to help.  Today, he is expected to give a speech from the doorstep or balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy about the current diplomatic row between the U.K. and Ecuador.  If he steps actually outside, the British may seize him.

He has North Node conjunct Mars in Aquarius (karmic mission as Internet Warrior). A rebel by nature anyway (Sun square Uranus) he is working his way towards his Uranus Opposition, which comes exact next April, and soon after that Uranus squares his natal Sun.  We can expect more of the unexpected.

His relationship with the charts of the U.K. and Ecuador both show power struggles with Pluto involved (the U.K. started as a cosy option, and if he did manage to get to Ecuador it may not be as cosy as he thought).  His chart comparison with Sweden does show struggle and complexity.  Strangely, if the stars are to be believed, he would be most at home in the U.S., the country he probably most wants to avoid.  I don’t have a programme for Astrocartography, but that might reveal more about the international man of mystery and his connection with various parts of the globe.


What a scorcher!  Both the record high temperatures here and the aspect point to intense heat: Sun sextile Mars.  Temperatures yesterday reached 32 degrees C, and may be rising, but are likely to return to normal August levels in the middle of the week.  It’s a macho aspect too, and sport is still high on the agenda (especially football, which is ruled by Mars).  The Sun actually sextiles Mars tomorrow (Monday 20th) so it is likely to be an active day, but some people will be wilting and lolling about unable to process the energy.

Late last night there was a trine between Mercury and Uranus, which may be still hovering around today, bringing unusual conversations and debates, and innovative discoveries and announcements.  If you have been stuck on documentation lately, you may be able to zip through it today.

The Sun enters Virgo on Wednesday (22nd), so make the most of any remaining Leo sunshine on Tuesday.  There will be an end of holiday feeling about it.  Or the end of an era.  Wednesday is a mini-rebirth, with heads down workwise from the Sun’s entry to Virgo (a good day to plan your working schedules for at least the next year), and then Mercury sextile Jupiter (favouring business and sales, and communication and philosophical thought).

On Thursday (23rd) the Sun squares the Mean Nodal Axis, and you may need to co-ordinate your working diaries and schedules with others: there needs to be a group co-operation to prevent karmic snarl-up.  Teachers for instance could get hot under the collar about next term’s timetable.

Mars also enters Scorpio that day, so some may be spoiling for a fight.  Others will be in spotless integrity, but may still be fighting their corner or standing up for themselves.  The person who compiled the school timetable would be advised to take a late summer holiday break in the Maldives or some such far away destination.

On Friday (24th) confusion reigns with the Sun opposing Neptune.  Where is the timetabler when you need him, and the alterations made in his or her absence have made things even more chaotic.  Does anyone have a copy of the original draft, or even last year’s easier model? (it gets more complicated every year).  You can’t get the staff…

…Oh dear, there we have the end of the week, on a cliffhanger.  I will have to look ahead to see if things resolve by next Sunday….Thank goodness! Mars will be trine Neptune, helping to sort out some of the mess, very encouraging.  Seems like you will get hold of the staff eventually, and there may even be a scramble for jobs.  Saturday won’t be an easy time for decision making. See how the week pans out before interviewing.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – scorching
  • Wednesday – more focused, plus brisk sales
  • Thursday – karmic co-operation, followed by a new determination
  • Friday – confusion and mystery