Parkinson’s Disease

Louise L Hay: (Probable Cause) – “Fear and an intense desire to control everything and everyone”

I have not specialized in medical astrology in my 42 years of following the stars, but as health is crucial to the quality of our life, I have paid attention.  And now that I am retired, even though I am busier than ever, I have more research strands than hours in the day. One of those research strands, among the other neurological and related conditions, is Parkinson’s disease.  Michael J. Fox, who was diagnosed as suffering from it in 1991, has recently announced a new television series he is making devoted to the subject.  The actor Bob Hoskins recently announced his retirement due to the progress of the disease.  So this exploratory blog is the first I am writing under the category “Medical Astrology”.

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system.  The nervous system encompasses the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves involved that come off it.  I have always worked on the premise that the nervous system is represented in the birth chart by the planet Mercury, while the more subtle sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are ruled by the more highly-strung planet Uranus.  Parkinson’s is caused by a loss of brain cells which contain dopamine, in a specific area of the mid brain.  Initial symptoms include tremors, and later symptoms can include dementia.  But we have two long lived celebrities in Michael J. Fox and Muhammed Ali, who have done much to advertise the cause and its progress.

What I would look for in trying to find an astrological signature for the disease is problematic placements or aspects to Mercury or possibly Uranus, plus extreme agitation from Mars in the chart which over-activates the nerves.  Mars might also be involved as the ruler of Aries, which represents the head and the brain.  Also relevant are the transits at the time of the onset of symptoms or diagnosis, i.e. what outer planets may have been exerting pressure or stress on key points in the birth chart of the sufferer.

Muhammed Ali

For Muhammed Ali, one of the most relevant features in his birthchart might be Uranus exactly trine with his Sun.  Although this is a favourable aspect, and accounts for his brilliance, there may have been a degree of strain to his nervous system involved.  His Uranus in turn is stressed by a conjunction with Saturn.  Mars squares his natal Pluto by 1 degree, which describes the violence of his profession, but also the strain on the physical body.  It has been thought that his Parkinson’s was caused by repeated trauma to the head during his boxing career.  He also has Pluto conjunct Chiron (extreme suffering) in the 12th House of chronic conditions.  Also causing difficulty would be Saturn exactly square his Venus.  For the planet I associate with the nervous system, Mercury, there is a trine with Jupiter (he has a way with words) but a close opposition with Chiron (the wounded healer).  A connection between Mercury and Chiron often disrupts the nervous system.

At the time of his diagnosis in 1984 he was undergoing his Uranus Opposition, and Uranus may be a key planet in relation to this disease.  Also in that year Neptune was squaring his natal Neptune, an aspect which may bring confusion and illness.

Michael J. Fox

Like Ali, Michael J. Fox has North Node in Virgo, but he also has it conjunct Pluto, which indicates a strong challenge in the area of health which galvanizes him for his karmic mission.  He also has Mars exactly opposite the Ascendant, putting his physical vehicle constantly under stress (flight or fight) and Mars is conjunct Uranus, which is a very tense and potentially explosive aspect.

He was diagnosed in 1991, around the time of his Saturn Return in 12th House of chronic conditions.  Also at the time his Progressed Sun was entering his 6th House of general health. Transiting Pluto was squaring his Mars in that year.  This transit can be a catalyst for many things, but in this case may have been a factor in triggering the disease.

Bob Hoskins

Popular actor Bob Hoskins has Moon conjunct Uranus and trine Neptune, giving him the subtle emotional range to be a good actor, but also putting his emotions under stress.  Like Muhammed Ali and Michael J. Fox he has North Node in Virgo (indicating the importance of health in fulfilling his karmic mission).  Chiron (the wounded healer) conjuncts this North Node and this conjunction squares the Moon/Uranus conjunction.  That is an intense set of demands on the body, mind and soul.

When he recently announced the diagnosis and the change to his lifestyle, Saturn was squaring his Jupiter, curtailing some of his liberties.  But Neptune was trine his Sun, and spiritually he may be more at peace with himself than at other times in his life when he was in the thick of the gangster roles that made him famous.

This is a tentative look at the subject, and if you have any of the astrological symptoms, do not panic, as there is no definitive interpretation here.  If you have North Node in Virgo (which cropped up in all three birth charts) I know of other sufferers who do not have North Node in Virgo so again rest easy, and again I know of many people with North Node in Virgo who do not have Parkinson’s.

Louise L. Hay: (Affirmation) “I relax knowing that I am safe.  Life is for me and I trust the process of life.”

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At the beginning of the week, on Sunday 26th August, Mars trines Neptune, which is conducive to looking at sensitive physical conditions (such as Parkinson’s), and favours action which takes into account psychology, feeling and spirituality, not just action (or sport) for action’s sake.  Sensitive issues can be explored in a vigorous way.

The in-depth approach is supported again on Thursday (30th), when the Sun trines Pluto and psychological issues are very much on the agenda, bringing deep insights and the ability to work at a level which produces real change and transformation.  Any creative work will hold a meaningful quality and energy, again not just art for art’s sake.

Mercury also sextiles Saturn on that day, and the mind will be able to consolidate plans and you will be able to carry them out constructively, or at least think about doing so.  So if you had profound ideas earlier in the week, you can start to apply them to practical reality.  If you have realizations of what needs to be done, the planets are supportive to this today.

The Sun also opposes Chiron on Thursday, so there may be some health or healing issues or crises occurring.  Chiron reveals the problem, but like the dock leaf for the nettle, the solution may be close at hand.

A Full Moon in Pisces late lunchtime on Friday (31st)  may plaice something fishy on your plate to contemplate.  The left brain (Sun in Virgo) may have been profitably engaged at the work desk, but something is nagging at you from the subconscious or from the wider world, of possibly equal importance (opposition from Moon in Pisces).

On Saturday (1st) Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo, and all Virgoan interests benefit: paperwork, health, working conditions and community.  I am returning to the Office for a few weeks, so the emphasis in the blog may revert to paperclips and commuting, rather than the more domestic  retirement perspectives.

However, Mercury then opposes Neptune on Saturday, and what might have seemed straightforward from an intellectual point of view is clouded by all sorts of complicated emotional and psychological issues, or even spiritual ones.  Environmental toxins or even every day drugs (such as paracetomol) may be affecting our consciousness in ways we are unaware of or think we have acclimatized to, accumulating in our systems.  So it is a good time to stop using various cleaning products or unnecessary medications and see whether that space makes us feel clearer mentally and spiritually.  It will be the second weekend in a row that we will be beset by Neptunian issues, so learn what you can from last weekend and that will help you to get a grip on the ungrippable.

North Node in Scorpio

Saturday is also important for a change of sign for the Mean North Node (which changes approximately every 18 months).  The switch on that day is from Sagittarius (fairly upbeat in theory, but collectively it has not been an easy 18 months) to the more challenging sign of Scorpio, but again we might start to get the answers and the meaning we need to move forward.  Blind or superficial responses or knee jerk reactions to society’s problems may give way to more informed choices and understandings.  In your own personal life too, there may be more realistic and brave solutions: it is an interesting synchronicity that the Paralympics are now in the air, and the issues around disability will hopefully be helped by this event.  This is an important aspect, and the start of an earnest karmic tone.

The week in bullet points:

  • Sunday – sensitive action
  • Thursday – tackle in-depth issues, practical plans and attend to health
  • Friday – an emotional Full Moon
  • Saturday – start work early; emotions may disrupt work later; profound work and insights achievable even later