The Green Party

With David Cameron sidelining Justine Greening and paving the way for a third runway at Heathrow, with the Lib Dems being almost a spent force, and the Labour Party not yet having their act together, eyes may now rest upon the Green Party and particularly focus upon their new leader Natalie Bennett.  In London, the Green Party is now the third largest party, and they are attracting more youth than the Lib Dems.

Caroline Lucas, who has done much to raise the profile of the Green party and green issues, recently decided to step down as the chairperson of the party, concentrate on her role as M.P. in Brighton, and allow new blood to step forward.  Her replacement Natalie Bennett, Australian born with a scientific background, has a very strong chart, and not an entirely easy one, but presumably that has made her stronger.  Her easier path comes from two good trines:  Sun exactly trine Jupiter (immense good will) and Venus in Capricorn (lover of the Earth) trine her North Node (karmic mission).  She has notable squares too, but the other dominating feature of her chart is a double opposition between Pluto/Uranus (exact conjunction) in Virgo (the Rebel on behalf of the Earth) and Saturn/Chiron in Pisces (a sensitivity to suffering).  This double opposition, composed itself of challenging planets, will have forged her character under difficult circumstances.  Her political coming of age may be due to a recent Nodal reversal by transit, highlighting her South Node in Sagittarius (esoterically ruled by the Earth).

Zoe Williams, writing in the Guardian, says: “One [criticism] is that she is too emollient, doesn’t focus enough on attacking the coalition, concentrates instead on talking about her own policies”.  That sounds to me like a virtue.  She has a distinctly non-aggressive Mars (in Pisces, and unaspected save for a loose conjunction with Saturn which tempers it even further).  Could that be a new vision of politics, not attacking your opponents…?


Today’s aspect, Mercury square Jupiter, is perfect for long distance travel, and reinforces the slightly daring aspects of the last few days, he who dares (without necessarily the winning).  It’s a mental exercise in risk-taking, seeing how far you can push yourself in terms of faith and positive thinking.  It is also good for thinking outside the box, in terms of pushing the boundaries of your ideas, not necessarily realistic ones, but connecting with your wider imagination so as to allow a greater vision to come in.  So if you have some crazy vision at this time, that you know could not possibly work, it may be paving the way for the right vision to come in through breaking the mould of your outworn paths.  For example, dare to dream that sustainability and climate change might be higher on the agenda in politics.

Tomorrow the Sun is conjunct Mercury at 18 degrees Virgo.  That favours concentration of the mind, especially in practical and earthy matters.  Communication and the written word receive a boost, so publishing and broadcasting ventures are assisted by this conjunction.  If you have done your research, you will do well in getting it across. In the workplace, you will be getting into your stride, for this work-orientated season, and may see how your work links with service and a sense of greater purpose, especially if you have a birthday around now.  In gains made now, you’ll be in a position to appreciate that attending to the minutiae eventually pays off, just as when recycling or conserving energy every little bit helps.

Venus trines Uranus in the fire signs of Leo and Aries on Thursday 13th.  This has all the dynamic social benefits of Venus sextile Uranus (see my blog on this aspect under the Aspect category) but on a larger scale.  It is more powerful and group-orientated, while Venus sextile Uranus is concentrated on a more personal scale.  With Venus in Leo, everything is bigger and bolder, and possibly competitive, though the accent is on the greater humanitarian good (the higher side of Uranus).  In the world of fashion, there may be originality and inventiveness, and it is a good day to launch initiatives in the Arts in general, as well as social community schemes.  Whatever is born or done at this time will have love at its heart, whether it be love for one’s subject or creation, love of an ideal, or love for humanity.  If you are contemplating a big purchase now’s the time, as intuition and monetary sense can combine.  This fire trine steps out of the comfort zone of the Virgoan prevailing climate, to add a dash of panache among the practicalities of the day.  Like sprinkling a little chilli on a pea soup…

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – mind-broadening but be mindful
  • Tomorrow – mental focus and quiet progress
  • Thursday – a bright splash on the canvas