The Uranus-Pluto square

The tone of this week will be dominated by our efforts to get to grips with the second phase of the Uranus-Pluto square (which lasts until 2015).  This square re-occurs on Wednesday, having initially become exact on 24 June this year.  I have written a separate blog about this:



An event this week which bears examination as an example of a Uranus-Pluto type cataclysm, and which is now entering its own phase 2 with deeper complexity, is this week’s clearing of the Hillsborough victim karma.  As we approached Leicester in the car on the day of the report, there was another story of unearthing vying for attention on the radio: the unburying of Richard III (possibly) under a Leicester car park.  This story almost made a complete blog, but that is another story…

So we heard each victim of the Hillsborough disaster named in turn last Wednesday, each one with a story to tell, each one linked to other lives impacted by the event.  The chart of the human crush which took place on 15 April 1989 in the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield contains the same aspect (Saturn conjunct Neptune) which depicted the fall of the Berlin Wall, in November of the same year, but with the negative side of the conjunction operating.

On Wednesday (12th September) last week the findings in the report of the Hillsborough Independent Panel were made known to the public, absolving the Liverpool fans who had been blamed for their behaviour, and re-directing the blame to “lack of police control”.  In revealing a huge cover-up by the police authorities, there might be a huge switch in public conscience, though I am sure public sympathy will have largely failed to buy the prevailing official story of the previous 23 years.

This event has paved the way for the public who suffered in this tragedy to seek compensation and full justice for the loss of their loved ones, and although the event took place under a Saturn-Neptune pairing, this next long-drawn phase is going to be under the aegis of the Uranus-Pluto square.  Pluto’s position at this moment of time is exactly trine the Mercury (information) of the chart of the Hillsborough disaster, so the uncovering of information is suitably honoured astrologically.  Uranus is also sextile the Jupiter of the original chart, bringing about a success of sorts.  Neptune now conjuncts the North Node (karma) of the original chart, releasing greater compassion, and complexity.



Without further ado let us zip through the 9 astrological features of this week, lest you lose the will to read, all against the backdrop of the midweek recurrence of the Uranus-Pluto square.  Kicking off the week we had early this morning a New Moon at 23 degrees Virgo, so a productive day can be expected in studies, practical crafts, and health issues.

At the other end of the day we have Mercury moving into Libra from Virgo, so the focus of our minds will change from study to relationships and intra-relationship communication.  There will probably be a huge viewing audience for the new series of Downton Abbey starting on our screens this evening, and with the additional star attraction of Shirley Maclaine (who has been on her third Saturn Return this year, redefining her life).  This programme will air while Mercury is still at 29 degrees Virgo and sextile exactly the North Node at 29 degrees Scorpio, so there will be a huge cathartic mass reaction in the emotional field of the viewers just afterwards.  Sense the mental shift if you can at 11.32 pm an hour after it finishes, when Mercury goes into Libra…ah, the furrowed brows will turn to romantic dreams.  However, in our house hubby will be watching sport, if he can find it.

On Tuesday (18th) Pluto stands still preparing to turn forwards again.  It will be easier to plough that furrow of your inner landscape, if you have felt difficulty in that respect while Pluto has been retrograde (since 11th April).  You may be able to look at your own psychology afresh.

Wednesday (19th) brings the second Uranus Pluto square, the first having occurred on 24th June.  Centre yourself, while being aware of the structure of events and where they need to be supported, or where something has to go.  It is an important time for individual responsibility, and to see each person’s role in the collective experience. (For further information go to the blog devoted to this).

On the evening of Thursday (20th) two aspects to Mercury are further destabilizing:  Mercury links into the Uranus Pluto square to create a T-square.  It is what Craig Revel Horwood of Strictly Come Dancing would call “a disaster, darling!”  The mind could be prone to all sorts of paranoia (usually a province of Neptune, but Uranus Pluto can produce its own brand).  It is likely that at rehearsals Jerry Hall will decide that she cannot possibly cope with Anton du Beke’s dance style.  Look at his record in terms of the celebrity ladies…she will feel that it is just not working…despite her own graceful attributes, she cannot overcome his history on the dance competition.  His usual charm will not win her over.  There will be a Dallas-style cliffhanger.

You will have to cut your losses at bedtime and wait until next Saturday’s episode.  Maybe everything will look different in the morning.

For lo and behold! The early hours of Friday (21st) brings a sextile between Venus and Jupiter.  That is not powerful enough to combat the midweek energies, but it could bring a smile or two, the beginnings of a pick-me-up.  The human spirit survives, and human relations in particular on Friday will be harmonizing and uplifting.

That brings us to Saturday (22nd), the end of an exhausting array of aspects, with the Autumn Equinox, which means that the Sun will enter Libra, and not only our thoughts (Mercury) but our hearts and souls (Sun) will turn to a renewal of our personal relationships and Soul Contracts.

Best day to relax: Monday

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – renewal of effort on your pet projects; mental shift to relationships
  • Tuesday – a shift in psychological experience
  • Wednesday – an expansion of consciousness
  • Thursday – incomprehensible
  • Friday – sweetness and light
  • Saturday – even more emphasis on relationships