Mars is chasing Venus for a sextile all this week…fittingly in the run-up to St. Valentine’s Day: “What mad pursuit? What struggle to escape?” to quote Keats.  That’s the sub-plot for this week.  There are two main plots: One is the penumbral lunar eclipse, and the other is the conjunction of the Sun and Neptune.  Are you reflecting today on the impact of last week’s opposition between Saturn and Uranus?  Some will have experienced a window of opportunity for change, and others will have had the way cleared for a breakthrough.  Some will have been shown the way to go, and others will have been shown clearly what was not the way forward.  Meanwhile, as you recover from any tensions of last week, you may be meeting the upcoming currents of the Full Moon tomorrow (Monday 9th) which is an eclipse of sorts and therefore slightly more potent than the usual Full Moon in Leo.  It’s the kind of day you could meet your destiny full-on.  The chart for this event is fascinating by virtue of the Sun conjoining Chiron and Neptune, and the North Node making an alliance with Jupiter.  These events around the eclipse add a flavour of mystery and wonder, magic and healing, and karmic prizes.  They are the sort of aspects which leave some wondering at what they might have noticed, and others insisting that nothing has happened at all.  That might be a good summary of the week, actually, because on Thursday 12th the Sun is exactly conjunct Neptune and there will be a good deal going on behind the scenes (such as Mars chasing Venus) and on the brink of being revealed, or divined by those who have see-through glasses.  The world of politics may throw up lack of integrity, but may also reveal spiritual leadership (a conjunction could have positive or negative effects).  Environmentally and weatherwise, there may be flooding or clearing up needed resulting from the excesses of the weather last week: snow in the U.K. and bushfires in Australia.  Saturday 14th (St. Valentine’s Day) is characterized by the entry of Mercury into Aquarius, not a traditionally romantic gesture from the heavens.  If there is a balcony scene, then the words which would have been uttered by Mercury leaving Capricorn would not be so original and inventive as the poem of Mercury in Aquarius will be.  Meanwhile, does the fair youth catch up with the maiden loth, as on John Keats’ Grecian Urn?  Not by St. Valentine’s Day…You’ll have to tune in next week to find out what happens in the mad pursuit.