By the third week of going back to work, Sharon was becoming well and truly absorbed back into the rat race, in the nicest possible way.

She walked into the waiting room at the Station on the day of the T-square, and Marjorie (an 80 year old who every day swam, then commuted to London to do half a day’s work) said “Have you noticed how everybody is rushing?”

Sharon had known Marjorie for years before she retired, and always marveled at her regime.

“Yes I have” Sharon replied.

Marjorie elaborated: “I have been forcefully brushed past by commuters and nearly knocked over by schoolchildren in their rush to get to work and school”

Sharon sympathized “Mmm…hmm”

“Only I have noticed you don’t rush” Marjorie went on.

Sharon laughed, “I am the slowest person I know”.

“Really?!” said Marjorie

“Oh yes, people have been known to cross the road to avoid walking with me, and my hubby William always walks 10 paces ahead!”

It seems that in the real world everything needs to be done immediately, mused Sharon.  This anxiety had manifested for her as a knot in the stomach consisting of this collective angst.  With her Taurean Ascendant, it was even difficult for the Uranus-Pluto square to shift the immovable object, and she was looking forward to three days of returning to her own pace.