Debates and Orations

Last week’s North Node conjunction with Mars (Warriorship) was expressed in the debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the race for the Presidency.  Jonathan Freedland writing in the Guardian, wrote that in the British political arena, as in the U.S. battle, the underdog won this week: “Ed Miliband, meanwhile, won near-universal raves for a conference performance that stunned both his audience and a press corps that had come to believe the Labour leader could not perform his way out of a paper bag.”  Although I had expressed hopes last week that Ed Miliband would make a good speech, I personally was a little disappointed with his slogan of “One Nation” which sounded to me a little hackneyed and empty, but I did sense that he is indeed finding himself more strongly, and hope that will consolidate.

David Cameron

It is David Cameron’s week, in terms of hosting a party Conference, and it is interesting that the Mayor of London Boris Johnson now has a popularity rating much higher than the Prime Minister.  What is also interesting is that Cameron’s governmental U-turns have now been counted to number as many as 30.  And the government policies are proving to be Conservative in the true sense of the word.  Or maybe Retro would be a better word, as Education Minister Gove puts forward examination procedures which hark back to his childhood, and Health Minister Jeremy Hunt has just re-iterated his penchant for putting back abortion rights, advocating the reduction of the time limit for abortions from 24 weeks to 12 weeks – a blow for women’s rights and choices.  The Mars/North Node conjunction when Ed Miliband was making his speech last week was actually working against David Cameron, in that it squared his own Mars.

All political scenarios can turn around, and though Mars means action and confrontation, it can be over quickly and its effects may not be lasting.

Presidential Contest

Jonathan Freedland observed: “Mitt Romney gave Barack Obama such a good hiding in their first TV debate, you half expected the referee to step in and end the bout on compassionate grounds.” That Mars/North Node conjunction during the U.S. Presidential debate was working for Mitt Romney, in that it was conjunct by transit his lucky natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction.  At the same time a square from the Moon to his ruling planet Uranus put Obama unexpectedly out of sorts.  However, I feel the transits for Obama at the time of the actual election next month are marginally more favourable than those for Mitt Romney.  So it is for that reason, and for the fact that I had a dream a few months ago that I was minding my grandchild and a victorious result for Obama came on the television, I remain consistent about predicting a win for Obama!

Last Word from Freedland

I enjoyed the Guardian article so much I will finish with some of Freedland’s closing words: “The president can turn things around with one good debate performance…For Cameron, it will not be so easy.”


So what’s in store for this week?  I am pleased to say it looks good to me.

Mars entered Sagittarius early today, so the combative energy of Scorpio gives way to a go-ahead and sporty energy with Mars in Sagittarius.  Energy may be channeled more constructively, in activities such as flying kites, horse-whispering, philosophical debate, and chasing moonbeams.  It reminds me I once regressed a double Sagittarian (Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius) and her regression was of winning an Archery contest in ancient Rome.  Go for the bull’s eye today.

Tomorrow is far more complicated: Mars squares Neptune and Venus opposes Chiron (rarely do we have a completely straightforward week).  Emotions will be put through the wringer in both aspects.  For Mars squaring Neptune, energy will be sensitized, so that if you expect a clear run for your own desires, you will be forced to take into account another’s pain.  Only if you come from compassion, will the exchange work.  Healing is also possible with the second aspect, Venus opposing Chiron, but again not without seeing the wounding which needs to be expressed, recognized and acknowledged.  The Arts may be cathartic for you tomorrow.

Tuesday (9th) will reward us for the emoting of the day before, with no less than three trines!  Sun trine Jupiter is the first, and one of the best trines there is to work with.  A small flutter, such as buying a £1 lottery ticket, could result in a small win, such as £10, which is a lot for your outlay.  The second trine, Mercury trine Chiron, is mentally healing.  The mind healing could come through meditation, or counseling, or creative writing: these activities can help to set the mind straight.  Thirdly, Venus trines Pluto, and art can help heal psychologically under that trine, and music can heal the troubled soul.  This third trine is the healing of the feeling nature, which is linked with the emotions.  So the first trine is buoyancy for the Soul, the second is balm for the mind, and the third brings harmony at a deep level.

On Wednesday (10th) Mercury sextiles Pluto, and that is a consolidation of mental healing.  It is an encouragement to progress forward mentally from the healing of the previous day.  For instance, if you had a mental block about paperwork, Tuesday may identify or heal the block, and Wednesday will allow you to act upon the healing, i.e. start working where you left off when you hit the block.

But Thursday’s the day…There’s a simply marvelous heavy weight helpful Trine on Thursday (11th)!  The trine is between Saturn (the material struggle) and Neptune (the spiritual heights). If you are hoping to make headway on a major project, today can bring everything together.  If Saturn going into Scorpio has revealed a challenge, this is where you get the assistance you need (earthly or heavenly).  And the nature of this trine is to bring the earthly together harmoniously with the heavenly.  For example, if you feel you have set the spiritual energies right on a project, and need the material side to work with it, you may get them to click on Thursday.  The same applies if your situation is vice-versa.  If you have been wondering how to manage Saturn in Scorpio, the answer could come to you, and be sure to make a note of it.  It’s great to be able to give good news, sometimes, as an Astrologer!

That is the last aspect of the week, and a long lasting one, so that you can continue to work with that vibe profitably until the next set of aspects arrive.


We have settled our slippers comfortably into the sign of Libra now (although reminded of life’s realities by Saturn’s entry into the waters of Scorpio), and thanks to all those (including the milkman) who helped to deliver the Libran Guide to Relationships, posted earlier today.  If relationships are a current preoccupation for you, you may find some handy hints from a Libran well qualified to represent her sign, Sue Hudson.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Go Ahead!
  • Tomorrow – It’s complicated…
  • Tuesday  – The World’s your Oyster
  • Wednesday – Evidence of Healing
  • Thursday – Lasting Gains