Moral Goodness

In a week where former heroes were revealed to be something they were not, I have been wondering how you can see a person’s moral worth, and whether it is revealed in the birth chart.

Barack Obama

When I was reading Barack Obama’s books on the train commute several years ago now, it took me a while to decide in my mind where he was coming from, and if he was for real.  Once I had decided, I have remained firm in my conviction that he is spiritually a man of stature.  Even so, it was not until he was elected, that I wrote a blog about him, from that place of conviction.  One of the comments on that blog (8th November 2008, if you want to follow it up) was from MLG of Australia:

“What about his Sun/Nep delusional Square??? ..his Moon/Plu Square and his tight, overconfident Merc/Jup opposition? What is wrong with telling the whole story?”

The truth is that I could not write about his chart until I had felt comfortable with that mystery, as described above.  To some extent, it depends upon a person’s point of evolution, whether they can hold a square like that between the Sun and Neptune and turn it to positive account.  And now in hindsight from his first term of government, it can be seen as forces in his life sapping his will and his ability to express his Soul’s purpose (i.e. the constant force of opposition to any of his policies politically, regardless of their value).

I did mention in the piece:

“At the same time physically, he is not superhuman (Chiron [in the first House] is the “wounded healer”) and needs to address or be aware of his own frailties, and not to allow the strains of office to get out of hand (Chiron squaring his Moon)”

That is interesting in the light of his debate with Mitt Romney, and also in the light that he is still in the throes of his Chiron Return.

Let us hope that he can overcome the fog of his natal Neptune square to the Sun, in order to achieve what he is really capable of.

Mitt Romney

Opponents of Mitt Romney continually point to the catalogue of lies which he has been seen to promote.

Lies in Astrology are a function of the negative side of Neptune, which as we have seen is not well-aspected in Barack Obama’s chart.  Neptune, is well-aspected in Mitt Romney’s chart, and it is his ruling planet from his Sun sign.

He has three personal planets in Neptune-ruled Pisces.  That Neptunian field would not be enough to give him such a reputation as a liar.

I think the duplicitous public perception may partly come from his Ascendant/North Node/Uranus in Gemini.  Neptunian duplicity is a deeper measure of truth, but Gemini can certainly seem two-faced at times (with deep apologies to all decent Geminis and Pisceans).  This is the quicksilver Mercurial desire to leave the options open and not put all the eggs in one basket, to keep two arrows for the bow.

The jury has to be out until lies are proven, even though the heart is suspicious…

Jimmy Saville

In a national jaw-dropping scandal, the late DJ Jimmy Saville’s allegations of sexual abuse are this morning said to involve 60 cases in 6 decades.  That is 1 per year, but the numbers are rising.  We cannot ignore this story, as it has dominated the papers in the U.K. for two weeks.  The abuse lay unchallenged for all that time, and occurred within institutions such as the BBC, the Prison service, and the NHS.  We do not have a birth time or Ascendant for him (the “Duchess” took that with her to the grave) but his Sun sign was Scorpio (again deep apologies to all decent Scorpios) and with the abuses taking place in Institutions, some of them cloistered in nature, there is a case for his having a Sagittarian Ascendant (apologies to Sagittarian Ascendants) with the abuse being carried out through the three planets he has in the sign of Scorpio in the 12th House of sequestered Institutions.  This news story has been like a bomb shell to our society, though most women I have spoken to have said they always felt him to be “creepy”.  How it was suppressed for so long, the scale of it, and the reasons for it, are torture to think about.  Here is someone who does have a sinister Neptune: in his chart it is exactly square to Saturn.  It is very interesting that his activities have come to light since the North Node (karmic revelation) entered Scorpio (the sign of sexuality).

Lance Armstrong

In a second jaw-dropping example of widespread suppression of possible wrongdoing, this week it was revealed that cycling champion Lance Armstrong was exposed to have masterminded a sports drug ring which also stopped people speaking out.  Now 11 of his fellow sportspersons have testified against him, and also his ex-girlfriend Sheryl Crow.  We do not have a birth time for Lance Armstrong and cannot determine his Ascendant, but can note that he is strongly Mercury ruled through Virgo, and Mercury is associated with bikes (more usually through Gemini).  He has a warrior North Node/Mars conjunction which is exact in Aquarius, which gives him lightning speed with or without the drugs.  But interestingly he has what looks like a good Neptune (an exact conjunction to Jupiter), though it is always up to the individual what they do with a good feature.  Many Astrologers would argue that it is not necessarily a good conjunction, because Jupiter would blow up the deceitfulness of the Neptune to limitless proportions.  This conjunction though would give an enormous faith in the self, and Neptune also represents drugs, so that would have given him “luck” through drugs, in this case the ability to keep the deceit going for a long time.  Another who is innocent until proven guilty.

To go back to my original question: “How can you see a person’s moral worth?” First of all, we try to be non-judgemental.  In the afterlife, it is only question of self-judgement and in relation to what we contracted to do before we came to earth in this incarnation.  But in the case of who are we going to vote for, and do we speak out if we know there is crime or injustice, life may force us to move from the fence.  In the case of the birthchart, as in the use of one’s instincts, I don’t think it is possible to tell what someone will make of their given characteristics at birth.  It is the Soul’s choice, which direction to move towards.  And sometimes some souls do decide to veer away from evolution.  In these cases, it can take lifetimes to get back to the point where they made that decision.


It is not a bad week coming up, though we start with a square and end with a square.  Today Mars squares Chiron, which may force us to look at painful issues.  It is the type of aspect which medically would be lancing a boil. You could also take that metaphorically.  It is certainly a time for speaking out about issues that concern you, and not leaving them to fester.

Tomorrow, Mars trines Uranus, which favours engineering, electrical goods, and new, bold and progressive ideas.  It may be a good time to look at male issues in terms of how the 21st Century male can upgrade his image, after Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has turned the spotlight on misogyny.

There is also a New Moon at 22 degrees Libra tomorrow, so relationships and culture can be receptive to new initiatives.  Tomorrow is a chance to begin healing on some male-female issues which have recently been brought out into the open.

On Tuesday (16th), Mercury sextiles Venus, an aspect which favours diplomacy, culture, writing and art, and all those in combination.  I have a blog devoted to this aspect under the category “Aspects” if you would like to explore the idea further, but all you need to do is listen to your own guidance and connect with your own vein of creativity.

The same day, just before midnight in the U.K., Venus squares Jupiter, so creative ideas may proliferate rather fervently, and you may need to calm down.  Also social and romantic ideas may get a little out of hand, and you may need to urge others to calm down.

That’s it for this week, so keep calm and carry on.  May peace and creativity be with you for the duration of the week.


The second of my Pre-Raphaelite series is now posted, if this group of painters is of interest to you:


The week in bullet points:

  • Today – allow the wound to emerge and release
  • Tomorrow – excitement; new prospects in relationships
  • Tuesday – café culture; love and art go wild