Mercury is conjunct the North Node today, time to use your mind intelligently to ascertain your life purpose and also see how it fits into the bigger picture.  One of the themes to ponder this year is the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius in the summer months.  If you were following the process of last year’s conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and the North Node then it may well fall in the same house of your natal chart, and may also be a progression on those events.  It is a good time now to start tuning into what this new theme will mean for you, and shaping your dreams.  Astrologers will be writing more about this in the coming weeks, but if you work with both your mind and imagination together the potential nebulousness of Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron is less likely to get out of hand.  To give a simple example at this planning stage, if you are creating a grand design of any sort, think ahead about loopholes so that you don’t go over budget.  And work with your higher vision to see the clarity of the whole design.  Tuesday (24th) is a good day for honing your thought on a wide variety of issues: philosophy, communication and international relations.  There may be some positive upbeat news, though not necessarily of a profound or long-lasting nature.  But it is enough to keep up the spirits and keep us focussed on what people are positively trying to achieve.  In the early hours of Wednesday (25th) in the U.K. it’s the Piscean New Moon, a Moon of dreams and wishes, but try to cut down on the attachment and illusion and that will make for a more effective day with more realistic outcomes over the coming month.  While you are at it you could cut down on the cals and carbs for the day…a pure diet of raw fruit smoothies and raw cold soup such as gazpacho cold help: well, that’s my aim.  Take inspiration from Karen Knowler (raw food coach) or the Fresh Network websites.  Or if you can’t be bothered to prepare the items yourself you could visit Chad Sarno’s raw food restaurant in London’s East End or Quintessence in East Village if you are in New York.   Peace is another possible virtue of the Piscean New Moon, another vibe which needs nurturing.  The ipeace website is dedicated to dreams of peace and is bursting with people who have ideas of how to achieve it, many of them working in active and practical ways on behalf of peace.  If you are visiting my own website after a long break, be prepared to be underwhelmed by the tweaking it has recently undergone, and try to spot the difference.  On Thursday (26th), just past midnight in the U.K., Mercury sextiles Venus.  This is wonderful for communication, especially as Mercury has now come out of its shadow and caught up with its position when it originally went retrograde.  An unfettered Mercury is now able to express itself fully in art, love, music and diplomacy.  Venus in her turn welcomes a bit of honest communication, and may even be able to take a little constructive criticism.  By the end of February therefore, and to sum up, there’s a little more harmony and understanding (can’t get that Aquarius tune out of my head…).  As you can see, Mercury fares well this week, and I add my heartfelt good wishes to Mercury-ruled and brave (natal Mars trine Jupiter) Jade Goody on the occasion of her wedding today.