Fixed Star of the Week – Izar

The fixed star of the week, which aligns with our Sun today, is Izar, the Epsilon star in the constellation of Bootes.

It is therefore a helpful influence in setting a tone for the coming week.

According to “Starlight Elixirs” by Fred Rubenfeld and Michael Smulkis, its consciousness is connected with how we utilize energy from other realms and bring it into our practical reality and physical body.  The effectiveness of this process is akin to a yogi living on prana, in that minerals can be balanced and metabolized (the specific example given being potassium and sodium) regardless of or in spite of foods being taken in (e.g. bananas and salt) or not taken in.

Here is a quotation from”Living on Light” by Michael Werner and Thomas Stockli:

“When you receive your nourishment from light, an energy or a force, or whatever you like to call it, flows into you; it is simply present when you need it. How much comes in depends on how much you use; this is like a law of nature.”

There may be certain personalities we know who make us think “Where do they get their energy from?”  if they do not eat the quantities we deem healthy.  Or “How do they manage, physically?” if they do not eat what we would consider the right foods.

In her book “The Only Diet there Is” rebirther Sondra Ray states that it is not the food we eat, it is what we believe about the food we eat, which is the crux of the matter.

Much of our energy is derived from non-physical sources, such as the inspiration we draw from the words or actions of others, religious and spiritual sources, or cosmic sources in meditation.  So it is a good time to consider our own processes in that respect, and make the most of all our energy sources, including good food.

Here are the concluding comments about Izar from my fixed star bible mentioned earlier:

“Some of these issues of balance itself, understanding give and take, water and its ability to transfer vibration, these things are naturally a part of this balancing process with potassium and sodium.  There is a direct influence on such secondary effects as uptake of oxygen and utilization of prana, and the uptake of water in the utilization of vibration.  A deeper nurturing can take place with a deeper attunement to God-like forces which are inherently balancing. It is as if the physical aspects attune one to these higher aspects rather than the reverse.”


The Sun enters Scorpio on Tuesday (23rd) in the U.K., just after midnight.  This means lunchtime in Australia, and tea-time on 22nd in the U.S.  We shall be laying down our Diplomat Archetype hats, and donning our Inner Warrior helmets at that time, or alternatively preparing Halloween costumes.  We shall be wondering what to do with the pumpkins, and photographing our colourful acers or Virginia creepers.  The deadline for the annual self-assessment tax return looms, and teachers crawl towards half-term, hoping they arrive intact.  Poets strive to emulate the classic Keats line “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, and (a personal marker for this time of year) it is time to go through all the catalogues which have recently come through the door for possible Christmas presents. A friend has a personal marker for this time of year to prepare to re-balance herself for the imminent change of the clock.

Whether you are a fan of the season, or not, these are the kinds of things which come to mind with the Sun entering Scorpio.  If, like me, you have clung onto a vestige of summer (still occasionally wearing summer skirts), it is a time to let go and surrender to the fact that summer is not coming back, and to gird one’s loins and bravely face all that the Scorpio season has to offer. Scorpio does not go in for soft options, it takes up challenges.  There is a definite line drawn and new mind set for this time of year.  Looming up for me, is a tooth extraction.

The same day that the Sun enters Scorpio, Neptune greets the Sun with a trine, which helps us to see the spiritual component of any stark choices or prospects.  It can help lift the perspective, and connect with the energy of the heart, and the inner guidance.  The effect of this trine coming immediately after the ingress of the Sun to Scorpio can present a re-birth.

Thursday (25th) brings us back to realities, with the Sun reaching Saturn in Scorpio.  There may be blocks you just can’t get past by your usual methods.  There may be news items you just can’t get your head around with your usual thinking.  You may expand your consciousness as far as possible, but material or practical concerns may still be challenging.  It is an important time to observe your process, and examine your beliefs.  Take the  obstacle into account, and go for the best option.

Mercury also conjuncts the North Node on Thursday.  This may help you to align mentally with the best option from a collective perspective.  For example, the tipping point for your decision may come from a scientific evaluation of what is best, or an ethical social ideal.  If this blends with your own personal preference or feeling, then that is the best option.  If not, then negotiate for your own need, as self-sacrifice and martyrdom may not be in your best interest.

Later the same day, Mercury sextiles Venus again.  We had this aspect last week, on Tuesday, and you may recall how that day was for you.  It has recurred because Mercury surged forward then dropped back to the pace of Venus.  It is a good day for writing and discussion.  Catch up with your journal: there may be detailed stories from the last few days which will be missed if they are not set down for future reference.  If you have some spare time, and know an elderly person whose stories need to be set down, take a notebook and have them recount their life stories, and write them down.

Saturday (27th) brings a welcome trine between the Sun and Chiron.  If you found the trine between the Sun and Neptune spiritually uplifting on Tuesday, then you will be able to make use of Saturday’s healing vibrations.  It is a good aspect for resolution, problem-solving and mental and physical healing to round up the week.  The trine being in the water element means that the vehicle for healing will come through emotional release, so tears (whether those of sadness and nostalgia, or joy and laughter) can bring rainbows.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – utilizing energy sources
  • Tuesday – getting to grips with the season; lift your viewpoint
  • Thursday – back to reality; aligning karma with rational thought; communicate
  • Saturday – healing